TRAILHIT For Android [Game Review] Amazing Geo-Caching Style Adventure Game

Uploaded by TheSmokingAndroid on 08.02.2012

Welcome back everybody, today we're going to look at a brand-new totally unique geo-caching
type of game.
What's up everybody, were going to be reviewing trailhit return of the light.
If you love geo-caching then you're going to love TrailHit. it uses geo-caching but
you won't find yourself trudging around in the bushes.
The difference between TrailHit and other geo-caching games is that it comes with an
extremely elaborate back story. In short the story goes like this, a long
time ago there was a super smart human civilization who constructed a device to harmonize the
minds of all the creatures on the planet. This device created peace earth. But of course
there were aliens that were not happy with the progress that the humans achieved. The
aliens wanted control of the device and to kill the group who constructed it known as
the great 18 group. The group found out about this and secretly
constructed a new device called The Great Device. The Great Device was designed to protect
itself, but it was never engaged. The aliens succeeded in killing off every
group member and destroyed the first device. Luckily the aliens don't know about the great
device and the only way to stop them is to activate it.
And to find the device we gotta hit the trails.
Okay so here's how the game works. In order to find the great device you have to find
16 scrolls in total. Each scroll has 36 missing pieces. You find the missing pieces by going
into the trails. On the map you'll see where the boxes containing the pieces are located
. Each box contains an item, sometimes it's a missing piece of the scroll, sometimes its
gold and sometimes it's a useless item, in which case it will dissapear.
Now you don't always have to be outside to play this game. You'll notice on the main
screen there is an icon that says shadowy trails.
This option is for when you're inside. I must say it's a lot more tricky to find the boxes
this way. Going into shadowy trails you'll notice your view of the map is minimal. Here's
a trick to finding the boxes, move the red cursor in the shape of a square about 10 to
15 paces around. I noticed that once I found a box, as long as I moved 10 to 15 paces forming
the shape of a square eventually I would see the distance meter start to increase. Once
you find 50 boxes in a row the distance between boxes is drastically reduced, this way you
don't have to tap the screen so often.
Once all 36 pieces of a respective scroll are collected it will activate. You can view
your scroll completion progress in the scroll wheel screen. In here you will find the icons
for all 16 scrolls. As you complete the scrolls the scroll wheel will fill up. Once all 16
scrolls are activated the scroll wheel will activate itself. Once the scroll wheel is
activated you will then be able to look for the great device, and the only way to find
it is by hitting the trails again.
There are however other ways to aquire scrolls and pieces for scrolls. You'll notice on the
main screen there's a trail market. In here you can buy pieces of the scrolls that you
don't have. You can buy these pieces with the gold you find in the boxes on the trails.
You can also sell duplicate pieces that you may have picked up along the way.
Going back to the main screen you will also see the merchant icon. In here you can purchase
individual or all of the scrolls that you don't have for your scroll book. You can purchase
these scrolls with the crystals you find in boxes. Oh and if you need more gold you can
purchase gold in here with crystals.
Oh by the way if you're wondering what the mystery icon is about, don't ask because I
have absolutely no clue. I actually can't wait to finish the game to find out what it
Once you find the great device you have to move close to it in order to activate it.
As you move closer, it will ask you for an opening code. The code is a combination of
riddles which are hidden in each scroll. Now as I go along and start to complete the scrolls,
I can't help thinking that the scrolls are starting to look like a QR code once completed.
Anyways, once you enter the code, that's it you win, you've stoped the evil entities and
saved Earth.
So would I recommend this game, yes. This is unlike any game I have reviewed before.
Not only does it get you off your butt but it's addictive and entertaining as well. And
if it's too wet or cold outside, you've gotta love the shadowy trails option to play indoors.
The game is free in the android market and I will post a market link in the description
below. So if you're not already doing so, grab your
phone and download this game right away and go have some fun. But do me a favor and pay
attention to where you're going, I don't want to hear stories about how you found yourself
lost in the woods.
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