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Episode 18
What are you thinking?
An old love?
How about me?
I don't feel like playing love with you
My tie...
Thank you
Well, this is really suits you
Time's up
Hurry, Hurry up!
Hey, big bro!
Put some soy bean paste
to the second mudfish and the seventh mudfish
Soy bean paste?
If they smell it
they are get crazy to get it
If so... You mean you want to make up this race?
Come on, bro... Do you think it will make us a fortune?
One big shot...
Hey, old man!
Run, run!
The runaway distance that I've been traced by police...
Maybe, it's about thousands of miles
I should have learned to marathon.. Huh?
I can compete with you in runaway
Anyway, what are we going to do?
Let's think about it
Hyun-Ja might have some money
Whatever I want to start something,
I got nothing...
I heard Hyun-Ja is doing moneylending and involved in this
This is the last time that I am warning you
If you hang around Hyun-Ja again
That is your last day of your life!
Chairman Choi, I have a something for you,
I already appreciate you enough
I couldn't ask you any more
This is more than one you can expect
Pretty soon
To make Jeju Island into international free city
a special law will be legislated and announced
The total development construction cost will be
over 30 billion won
If Sea World Group can lead...
that development project
Needless to say, it's the last and big chance for us
My daughter, Jung-Min is working on the development plan
of international free city with experts
So, it will be a huge benefit for chairman Choi and president Choi
Pretty soon
To make Jeju Island into international free city
a special law will be legislated and announced
The total development construction cost will be
over 30 billion won
We will gamble here
Do you know how much for the stakes on this?
25 million dollars 30 billion won
This gamble is worth betting one's life
Please let me have your daughter be my daughter-in-law
I'll treat her as my daughter
She is so stubborn
She won't listen to me!
If she likes him
She will like him no matter how I stop her
Then... She is just like you, isn't she?
Everybody said so
How about him?
Well... he is my boy he is the same as me
That's good
Once a man....
Should be ambitious like yours
Don't you think so?
Please stay on my side to the last
Same here, we are in the same boat, aren't we?
These days, it's so hard for me to be in politics
I need your help for surviving
No problem
I promise I'll pay back for your help
If I make a fortune...
I'll buy some land and build a house
What's for?
What are you going to do with a house? Living..
Would you live with me if I offer you one of room?
If you don't want to, that's fine.
It's impossible for you to build a house through your whole life
How come?
How can you make money?
Cause you're still immature at your age and fighting most of your time
Hey, man!
You must be tired for staying all nights in everyday
It's almost done
Sister, I saw him!
Who? Your boyfriend...
The man who played soccer with us
Did he mean In-Ha?
You might saw a wrong person
Byum-June must have seen a wrong person, didn't he?
I think so
That hurts Angela's mind
It shouldn't be bother your mind any more
Even you heard about him
I thought so
But it didn't work as I decided
Few days ago,
I was so impatient
after hearing about In-Ha
from his co-worker in the U.S.
So what happen to him?
He became a pro-gambler in Las Vegas
So, I asked my friend to find him
when I was in the U.S.
I couldn't find him
When I heard about In-Ha's death
I couldn't believe that
So I started to find him in person
I did everything
what I could do in 2 months...
But the only information that I got is the fact
His death
I didn't see his death with my own eyes...
Think simple
He is alive...
Why doesn't he contact you?
He must know
that you are waiting for him...
Angela, remove his memory
from your life
Even he is alive
I have no confidence of loving him any more
His miserable destiny....
tied with me
Because of me...
he had to be in jail such a long time
He had to smuggle himself into the U.S.
All bad things happened because of me
must bring him bad luck
I'm definitely sure
That doesn't make sense...
From now on...
Let's stop talking about him
Hey, hey!
What's wrong?
Wait just a second!
Are you OK?
Don't be kidding me... You, something wrong
I'm fine
Did you see Soo-Yeon?
I just saw her
From a long distance
How come?
Why did you hesitate?
You've been changed
You don't need to be a bodyguard for the Mafia
You are a successful pro-gambler
You are enough qualified
No. I'm not
I'm such a unlucky man
What can I do with Soo-Yeon
What a shame
I couldn't see Soo-Yeon
Bro, eat quickly!
Thank you
Do you remember?
When we got to the U.S. for the first time,
We got swindled by Jenny and worked at the fish market
We ate Hamburger tediously
I was really sick of eating bread
But I'm fine with it now
This is funny. Don't you agree?
For me, I still don't like it
You don't?
Then, shall we hire a housemaid?
No. What the...
How about Jenny... Let Jenny live here?
Jenny is a good cook. Especially her Kimchi stew
Why are you laughing?
Why don't you marry Jenny?
I want... But things aren't going my way
Job finished
We can start to construct early of next week
Good Job!
Construction? What is that?
Nothing special, care for coffee?
No thanks,
Have a cup of coffee
Here is an email from the JP Morning Co.
They will visit Korea for investment consulting on the early of next week
Well, let's rock'n roll!
First of all, take a look at the development area!
Free trade zone based on Jeju port and Jeju city
and oceanic tour resort based on Sungsan Illchulbong will be developed
Seogwipo will be a beautiful tour port
This area is a folk village
And the next area is the Jungmun complex
This will be expanded
Also this area and Mt. Songak will be
A total resort for a long-staying tourists
Have you been to Mt. Songak?
No, not yet...
You can see a Mara-do when the weather is clear
There was a good restaurant that is famous for a bass sushi
I don't know whether they are still running
I remember the talkative owner!
Bass sushi... that is a state-of-art
I'm sorry. Everybody get to start!
There will be tax reduction benefits for an foreign investor
In cases for over $20 million investment for tourist hotel biz or
over $30 million investment for operating biz of freight terminal harbor facilities
100% of cooperation tax, income tax and local tax exempted for 7 yrs
In case of national and public land, its reduced
fee for the lease and use will be applied for 50 yrs
Non-visa for foreigners, which is allowed to enter and depart Korea freely
It can be extended up to 5 yrs of sojourn period for the experts
Did you say "operational management team of international free city"?
Its offical name isn't decided yet
Jeju provincial government will designate its organization
Few professors and me will participate in as a guest advisory
If that project plan can be accomplished
My primary goal will be done faster than I expected
What is it?
I'll make Jeju Island into Las Vegas of Asia
There is gossip on...
between Min, Soo-Yeon and president Choi, Jung-Won
Their relationship seems to be a quite intimate
Even hotel employers knew that story
- Need more investigation? - No, no...
That's fine...
You need to go to Seoul
What is that for?
I got to buy a house
Excuse me...
Well... Did you send me a flowerpot?
Did you have lunch? Director
I had it with Alex Co.
That flowerpot... Don't you know yet who sent it?
Maybe, from the shadow of an old lover
How's going on the Honeymoon event? Hyun-Ju
Kang, Sun-Young is working on that at the event hall
How about the PR materials of the volcano show? Jung-Woo
It's on processing
That should be done by tomorrow's morning
We die
Let's kick off!
Try to write down your love about your bride
No handwriting is fine...
Try to express your heart in streamlined arrow or something
Do your best to deliver your heart to the bride
About your Mom...
She passed away when you're young
She died of pancreas cancer when I was 14
After that I got a stepmother
We didn't live together
I really dislike her. Maybe I'm too immature
My father couldn't get over my stubbornness
You knew how I lived my life so far?
You must be lonely
No time to feel it
I got lots of interests in many areas since I was a kid
Did you major in civil engineering abroad?
I studied architecture at the college
I wanted to be an architect
You're different from an ordinary woman
For me, I spent all my life to support my husband and son
I felt sorry for myself, what did I do for myself...
I think that it is harder
To be frank with you...
I'm afraid I won't be a good housewife after marriage
It's easier for me being a working woman
In Korea, the wealthy own a hotel
and their housewife operate the hotel management
Don't you want to run hotel management in person? not qualified for that
I think, if I got a chance, hotel management will be interesting
I have someone in my mind
What? You...
What is he saying?
What a loser!
Are you nuts?
Calm down, please
Do you want me to calm down? No way!
He is saying that he won't do a 3 billion won business
Don't you think...
he is insane!
Business and marriage are different matters
Please do not think that's related
You idiot!
OK. You can say that!
How come you don't get attracted to committee Cho's daughter
She has a good family background, is beautiful and highly educated...
What else does she need more...
She is such a lady...
Who else have you in mind?
Who is it? Bring her to me!
It's one-sided love
It's not time for that yet
You... Are you my son?
You must be out of your mind!
For your stupid one-sided love
You just ignore your fortune?
Please take it easy
How can I calm down in this situation?
So far, my life was followed by your will
instead of my own will
I discard my trust for your will
I threw away my conscience as I took over family business
I even gave up all mine...
I gave up all my values...
Not my love
I will love with own my will
You bastard!
Darling, please darling!
Please take it easy!
I'm very afraid you go wrong if you go further...
Oh my god... drink some water
I have no idea about him...
Hey, sweetheart!
Do you know who she is?
If you know, please tell me, come on!
She is working at planning department in the hotel
Her name is Min, Soo-Yeon...
Min... Min, Soo-Yeon?
What does her father do?
She doesn't have parents
W... hat?
She is a daughter of a man
who was working at projection room in our own theater
A projection room... Min...?
He died of serious gambling addiction
I've been looking for her
She is good and neat
She is worthy of our son
Even you....
If you are talking about my family background
I am nothing
As a bookkeeper at casino
Lots of sis and bros, an incompetent father
I had to make a living for them
I was so... But I am well off now since I met you
This is a different story!
Committee Cho's daughter... I met her
She is a smart and good lady
But her dream is too ambious
She might get more selfish
rather than looking after my son, Jung-Won
What is wrong with that?
I don't think that there is no such a wife
who supports their husband only
Min, Soo-Yeon? Something, I can't accept her!
Never! Ever!
It covers 1 million pyong to the hunting preserve
The land price will triple
as its development get decideded
I'm in touch with a landowner
Purchasing can be expected
OK, so?
OK. I'll go!
I need to go to Seoul
What for?
Tae-Joon... He recovers his senses
Did he? That's good news
Then, I'll go with you
No, I think you got something to do with Jenny, here!
All right!
How is he doing?
He's getting a lot better
His blood pressure and pulse are fine
He can soon get out of hospital
Thank you Doc. Thank you so much
Did you make a call to Man-Soo?
Sure, I did
Hey, Tae-Joon... Do you want something to eat? Want some juice?
No thanks, I'm fine
- Sang-Gu... - Yes?
I'm still wondering
When I got stabbed with the knife...
It was In-Ha
who called me
But how can possibly a dead person make a call.. It doesn't make sense
By the way...
It was under the bridge that we were supposed to meet
That bridge used to be our meeting spot
since we were young
It is impossible for them to know
that place...
Even more
They didn't found the person
who brought me to the hospital
That is...
It was In-Ha!
It was In-Ha...
You are... What are you talking about?
He comes to his senses...
But there isn't any particular activity
I assume they didn't know it was us
Yes, I will do so
I got nothing to say
It was my mistake
You're out of this!
Please give me one more chance
I'll take care of it
I said out! Your obstinacy makes it worse
From now on, you take care of the night club
Instead of managing the slot machine business
Bring Yang-Jun and let him see me!
Yes, Boss!
Give me one more chance!
Cut it out!
Don't be pathetic!
What's going on?
Drink it up!
Long time ago
When Dae-Chi was alive, He used to say this
You know, better be the head of a dog than the tail of a lion.
If we keep having control over Yeongdeungpo Nawabari district
We just need to be number one in this district
I really hated that saying
I wanted to be a scamp who controls the nation
I wasn't satisfied with being a little boss in here
I really hated that
So I took over my Nawabari to Sang-Du
And I was under his control
I wanted to be a true big boss
instead of being a little boss
Either big or little boss is the same scamp
Why don't we forget all this bullshit,
Let's open a street bar together
To live with you,
except the fact you are a scamp
It's not bad for me
I'm also a man like others
Some day, you will see me as a big boss
I promise you that
Sang-Du, bastard...
He always treated me as a ragpicker
He made a big mistake
He will know what a ragpicker is!
Working hard?
- Got meals? - Yes? No.. Not yet...
What were you up to so far?
Let's go. Let me feed you I know good place to go
No.... I'm fine
Detective Park, he is totally fine
Everything will be OK. Don't worry, huh?
My cousin is also with auxiliary police
You said you didn't have a meal, you remind me of my cousin
Let's go, OK?
Are you sure you're fine?
Of course, I'm fine
If you don't like it, you can have another one
No. I like that
Stay there...
How come...
You never gave me a call?
You bastard....
You don't deserve being my friend
Sorry about that
You are still a bastard
I didn't talk to a detective who is in charge of this case
About the guy who stabbed me with a knife
I just...
Cook up that story
It might be one of the men who bear a grudge against me
I'll find him by myself
at all costs...
The murder case of Han, Myung-Jin How's it going on?
A suspect is Seung-Gook Yang who is working for Jung-Won's father
I'm not sure... but
I strongly suspect him after my investigations
Where did he go, I mean, the auxiliary policeman?
Did he withdraw?
In... In-Ha!!!
You bastard! Did you forget our brotherhood, huh?
How come you keep your mouth zipped?
Lots of detectives are around here. What can I do?
If I told you that
You can't control your expression
Hey, you've been to the U.S.?
How about Jong-Ku?
He came with me
Where is he now? What does he doing?
I'm not In-Ha
I need to live under the name Jimmy for a while....
Mother of Jung-Ae!
I'm sick of seeing those dirty cigarette butts
- Honey... - Yes...
Would you lend your iron for me? Mine is broken
Just bring your clothing to laundry, Don't act like a pathetic
I can't afford that I do not have an income
That's why you didn't go out
not to spend any penny
I got nothing to do even I go out....
In these days...
I just want to the house
You said that you won't play with flower cards again
That's what I did for living, what else can I do?
If you so... That is the only thing you can do...
Will you help me out?
For me...
To go grocery shopping and collect money at daily interest
And cleaning sometimes and to do delivery service...
Oh gosh... What are you thinking who I am...
Grocery shopping, collect money and even cleaning...
Why don't you ask me to delivery your baby...
You need more time to grow up!
Oh my little brother....
Isn't big brother here?
You said big brother? Big bro is just a limited-mind...
What a narrow-minded...
What does it bring you about here again?
Just because...
I want to say hello to you guys...
And.. Here is.. For you, sis
I thought that It would suit you well
I bought it for you sis
Please take this, it's little though
God bless you!
This is the first time that I get a gift since Jung-Ae's father
Oh my godness....
Well... Let's go out for dinner together if you didn't had one yet
I know good place to eat "Kamja-tang"
Let me treat you for tonight...
OK. That sounds great to me...
Come and join us, big bro?
I disgust to eat the rib, you piggy!
you, two of you enjoy it!
He really didn't like the rib, never mind him, let's go!
I said I won't eat the rib only...
I do eat potatoes..
This is a house deed
I arrange all for your moving at any time
Find out about Seung-Gook Yang
who is working as a secretary for chairman Choi Do-Hwan without position
Also I need information all about his sides
Yes, sir
Why are you telling me that story now?
I apologize
How was that result?
I tried to handle that...
I couldn't help but...
At any price...
Shut him up!
Yes, sir
You need to get up, please
You are already drunken
Go and take a rest
Hold on...
Wait, Soo-Yeon
I got something to say to you
Please have a seat for a second
Please take a seat....
When I first-time saw you
You were working with In-Ha in the theater
At that night
I remembered that I felt pain in my heart
as I saw your tears
From the beginning when I saw you for the first time
After I saw your tears
Since I felt pain in my heart
Although I'd been thought about you in my mind for a long time...
There was In-Ha with you
all the time...
In the old days
I hardly went through the awkward age
I was so ashamed of being the son of my father
My father is a man who fears nothing
I became a friend of In-Ha to rebel against my father
He is a totally different person from me!
I really liked his friends...
Who hang around Yeongdeungpo's back streets though
I left him alone behind the bar
I ran away alone
I went through for guilty about In-Ha for a while
But I was so pleased to escape from my father's boundary in a way
And.. 7 yrs had passed
I thought everything would change for that period
But still In-Ha was besides you
I have no choice but...
follow my father's rules
If you...
couldn't accept my love
even my marriage should follow my father's will
I'm pathetic...
And a loser...
Thank you for your patience
This is the chairman
You can do it yourself considering your wealth...
What does it make you to think me of your partner?
I had worked once...
for Korean government in Washington
I knew you were a lobbyist in America
There are numerous lobbyists in Washington
The concept and recognition of a lobbyist is entirely different in Korea
Lobbyist is a symbol of corruption and absurdity in Korea
In Washington, a lobbyist is an essential of politics
There were conflicts between me and the Korean government
Korean government asked me to do beyond my activity boundary
I couldn't do that
All of sudden, I was marked as a traitor
So, it is hard for me to appear myself directly to economic activity in Korea
Also there will be too big profits to gain by this project
I can't give up this for that small reason
Too tasty not to bet
I fully understood
I also need a chance to change
I'll deeply think about it
If he is so...
too risky..
more risk
more returns
I want to bet on one big shot
How does it sound to you all?
I think it's worth it
It will cost a huge expense to build a new resort and
to move a casino and reopen it
We need a partner to raise these funds
We're preparing for KOSDAQ registration pretty soon
I recommend that...
...we won't be involved in the risky business
I'd try it out
It's a good opportunity for us...
to pay back to Sea World Group