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What is going on here?
Since you're turning yourself in, you should confess.
Why aren't you saying anything?
You killed Lawyer Kwon Hyun Tae right?
What is this?!
What are you doing here?
I am Mr. Jo Dong Sub's representative.
There's a strange express delivery sent to you sunbae.
Something strange?
Who brought this here?
The express delivery was sent to me first.
What do you guys think?
If that was the case then…that was a warning that someone was going to get killed?
The only person who contacted the victim at that time was you Lawyer Oh.
You said that he told you to call him after 10 PM but the witness said he didn't hear anything about this.
Because everyone has different memories.
But isn't it too different?
Detective Kang, do you only tell the truth?
Anyway, this case is connected with your family.
"The truth will not set your friends free."
- "Article 11, Clause 1 of the Constitution." "Everyone is equal before the law."
Except they're not.
That's the motive.
So Cho Dong-seop murdered Lawyer Kwon.
Time sure flies. It's already been 12 years.
It's the only copy I have.
Thank you.
Anyway, I'm sure Lawyer Kwon's murderer is Jo Dong Sup.
No matter what let's arrest Jo Dong Sub first, get a custody order.
I've got an express delivery, is Kang Oh Soo here?
Just like the last time, there was a letter too.
All elements constitute a whole.
Each constituent is intimately related and alive."
What is your name?
What exactly is the meaning by sending you this?
Could it be another warning to a case?
Jo Dong Sub has turned himself in.
I am Mr. Jo Dong Sub's representative.
Episode 3
You told us that you didn't know Jo Dong Sub.
I didn't know him at that time. If you didn't know him at that time then when did you know him?
I am not the one who should be interrogated, Detective Kang.
It's just that I can't understand this, so that's why I'm asking.
Detective Kang.
Yesterday night Jo Dong Sub came to find me.
He told me everything about this case.
That's why he's come to turn himself in.
What you're saying is that he came to see you?
Lawyer Oh doesn't know anything, he wanted to help a drifter like me out of pity.
Lawyer Oh is my benefactor. It's because of him that I decided to turn myself in.
We heard that the culprit turned himself in?
Did he commit the crime because of hate and resentment?
Who said that?
I heard there's a volunteer defense lawyer who's willing to defend at no cost, is this true?
When will a press briefing be held?
We're still investigating, what briefing are you talking about? Just wait,
we'll publish the results once we've investigated the case thoroughly.
Chief Ban! Chief Ban! Please tell us!
So you didn't plan this murder but it turned out to be a simple accident.
That's right.
Since you've already turned yourself in, just tell the truth.
Didn't you stalk the victim for more than a year and threatened him so many times?
I didn't threaten him, I just called him once to ask for him to meet me.
But it's been a year already and he still didn't want to see me.
Suddenly he contacted me and said that he wanted to see me on that day.
- Contacted you? - Yes.
So I went over to his office at the time we arranged.
But that person then sang a different tune.
Who let you in?!
How did you get in here?!
Didn't you want to see me?
I really don't understand,
he asked me to come over and yet he had a knife in his hand and threatened to call the police on me.
At that moment in time, I just lost it.
Let's talk tomorrow.
If you have something to say, say it tomorrow.
It's already been over a year.
Tomorrow! Tomorrow! You haven't looked for me once!
Is it that hard to say sorry?!
Is it that hard?!
Get out now.
Get out! Right now!
Stab me, I'm not afraid of anything.
Do it if you've got the guts.
Don't you dare to do it?
Are you scared?
Kill me! Kill me now!
It happened so fast in that period of time.
I really didn't know what to do then.
I was too nervous and afraid.
I just wanted him to apologize to me.
I never wanted to kill him.
Since you never plotted to kill him,
then why did you ask your accomplice to send the victim a tarot card and a knife?
And you even prepared the key card.
What are you talking about?
I never did that, I never did.
Did you enter the victim's office by using the card key?
When I arrived, the card key was on the floor.
- I thought it was for me to go inside so I just… - Does that make sense?!
A person who you don't know, who calculated the exact time that you would arrive,
sends an express delivery and leaves the card key there, does that all make sense?
What express delivery?
What are you talking about?
I really don't know about this.
Who is your accomplice?
I don't have an accomplice.
Before I went to see Lawyer Kwon, I didn't contact anyone.
- Look here! - Detective Kang.
My client is only explaining to you the truth.
Please calm down and listen.
Lawyer, what your client is explaining is not the truth.
Before you have a confirmed assurance, an investigation should be the first in line of the sequence.
At least you could make sure that there was a text message sent to Jo Dong Sub in the victim's office.
If you didn't plan this beforehand then why did you wear gloves?
Did you wear them because you didn't want to leave your fingerprints?
I have a scar from when I was in Chung Sung Prison.
The cause for this is a long story.
Because I didn't want people to see this, that's why I wear gloves.
To be honest, after this had happened if I had to go back to prison then I thought I might be better off dead.
But after meeting with Lawyer Oh, I've found the will to live on again.
Also, I had a tape with me on that day.
A tape?
If Lawyer Kwon would admit that I was innocent for being sent to prison for 10 years,
then I could use this as evidence for a retrial. That's why I took the tape recorder with me.
After you listen to that tape, you'll know if I'm telling the truth or not.
No matter if you planned this or if it's an unpremeditated crime, it'll all come to light.
But there's definitely an accomplice.
Just tell me that.
There really wasn't an accomplice.
Mr. Jo Dong Sub.
I think that's enough for today.
It's been four hours already.
No matter if it's an intended murder or an unpremeditated murder, an innocent man is dead.
That man is one woman's husband and a father of the son who is going to get married.
His only wish was to retire and spend his days fishing with his grandchildren,
but that person's life has been ended by you and your client who is sitting here right now.
Do you think that the world is perfect?
Of course I agree with what you detective has just said.
No matter high or low status, rich or poor, every person has someone who will treasure them.
Especially for a family that can be protected by one's life, it is just that valuable.
Then lawyer, please stay out of this.
I'm not doing this for the police, I'm sitting here for my client.
I'm not doing this for you either lawyer, I'm sitting here because of the victim.
Mr. Jo Dong Sub is not being held in custody, he has turned himself in.
Please remember that.
Detective Kang.
Is this true?
Yes, it's exactly what Jo Dong Sub said.
The victim on that day sent him a text message from his office.
What's the content?
Mr. Jo Dong Sub was to meet with Lawyer Kwon at 10 PM on March 21st
The message was sent from the victim's office.
Did the victim sent it himself?
According to the communication records, the message was sent via an internet phone from an internet café.
Then the number can be a fake one?
Yeah, also the registered user of that internet phone is a man called Lee Bum Kyu.
Lee Bum Kyu?
He was reported missing six months ago.
There's no other information so Jae Min is now trying to find out
what's the relationship between him and the victim.
What Jo Dong Sub has explained seems to be the truth.
We're still not sure.
Jae Min recovered a tape recorder from Jo Dong Sub's room.
The book I'm trying to find isn't here.
What's the name of the book?
"The Human character and Its transition"
It should be there.
I couldn't see it.
Books can identify their owners too.
Then does that mean I've been rejected?
That might be the case.
Hmm... Is it out on loan?
Are you alright?
Please wait here, I'll go and verify it.
Ah, it's been borrowed.
- It's a narcissus. - What?
This flower, isn't it a narcissus?
That's right.
If it's put somewhere where there's sufficient sunshine and ventilation, it'll grow even better.
You seem to be interested in flowers.
This is my mother's favorite flower.
I like them too.
Oh, excuse me, the book you're looking is due back the day after tomorrow.
I'll come again then.
Please do.
No matter high or low status, rich or poor, every person has someone who will treasure them.
Is it true that there's a gratuitous defense lawyer?
Yes, according to Secretary Na, it's a lawyer who previously trained under Lawyer Kwon.
He's an ungrateful jerk.
He's also Kim Sun Ki's lawyer of appeal.
Oh Seung Ha is a very well known human rights defense lawyer.
That's why I dislike these people who fish for fame and compliments.
The majority of them are senseless people who have been fabricated by their official rank.
I heard he studied independently, is that right?
Yes, I heard that he graduated with the best grades.
That kind of talent is the worst.
They don't understand the workings of the human mind and do useless things.
Call Prosecutor Oh.
Call Oh Soo first.
There are a lot of suspicions, the investigation is not over yet.
I know you're busy but at least come home, Father has a lot to ask you.
Don't you have to eat? Come home for dinner.
I don't have time to come home, the investigation isn't finished yet.
Is a policeman some great official?!
- Stop the nonsense and come home. - I'm very busy.
If this job prevents you from coming home for dinner then you might as well resign.
Forget about this job if it doesn't give you any respect and wastes your valuable time.
Come home straight away and learn from your older brother how to manage the hotel.
I don't care if I gain respect or not, this is the job I chose.
I never thought about resigning.
- You useless fool. - I'm hanging up now.
What are you doing?
Get out right now.
Get out, right now!
Go ahead and stab me, I'm not afraid of anything anymore.
Try it if you've got the guts.
What's wrong? You don't dare to? Are you afraid?
Kill me! Come and kill me!
It seems like Jo Dong Sub is telling the truth.
It's also true that he received the text message.
What's the connection between the victim and Lee Bum Kyu?
According to the victim's secretary, they don't know each other.
There's a high possibility that the identification number was stolen.
There must be an accomplice.
You still haven't found the letter yet?
Did you search thoroughly?
Of course.
First go and confirm the CCTV from the corner shop regarding the express delivery.
There's definitely something suspicious.
What is suspicious? What is it?
Don't confuse me, keep quiet.
Where are you going?
I don't believe in coincidences.
Who's the accomplice?
There was no accomplice, what do you want me to say?
Please believe me.
Then who was it who gave you the letter?
That you should know.
I don't know.
Having received five years worth of letters and you don't know who's it from? Does that make sense?!
Every time the letter comes, the address and sender on each one is different.
But I do know that it's sent from the same person.
How do you know?
Even though the content is different inside each letter, but the last sentence is always the same.
The same sentence?
Even though God has predetermined fate, but people can change the destiny.
Where are these letters?
Where have you hidden them?!
It's all been burned.
It's all been burned.
It says that I've been wrongly put in prison for ten years; it has given me comfort and encouragement.
Every time I read each letter, I feel stronger and more courageous.
That's why I was determined to go and see Lawyer Kwon to ask him to apologize.
But the reality was that nothing had changed.
Lawyer Kwon didn't even want to see me.
The woman I lived with left me as well.
So I burned it all because I was so full of anger.
Don't lie to me! Tell me the truth!
- It's the truth! - Don't play around with me!
Kang sunbae!
The person who sent you those letters is the accomplice, isn't he?!
Let go of him!
How dare you use violence? Do you want to have your uniform stripped of you?!
I already warned you last time!
If you as much as act impetuous again, I will not let you go! I've warned you already!
The reporters are keeping their eyes on this! Do you want the police to have poop smeared on their faces?!
- You! You stay off this case. - Hyungnim.
I'm not your hyungnim, I'm your team leader.
- Team Leader! - Stay off!
A person who cannot control their own emotions has no right to become a policeman.
He's just saying that.
Don't take it to heart, since we've already caught the culprit.
If there is an accomplice then we can catch him too.
Stay quiet.
I'll go and copy the tape from the CCTV in the corner shop and carefully analyze it.
Keep quiet.
Trust me on this one.
Also I think that this tarot card must be a joke, don't they have psychos these days…
Shut up!
You think this is a kid's game?!
Is there a plan in this precise time right now?! That's a joke too! You fool!
Just try to understand him, alright?
What are you angry about?
Jae Min did that only because he was thinking for you sunbae.
And as Jae Min said, we've caught the culprit already.
It's a happy ending temporarily;
we just need to find who delivered the express delivery.
Also nothing has happened since we received that card anyway.
And as Jae Min said, nothing could happen.
What a stubborn fool!
Kang sunbae!
You're not going to find anything even in that pan, even if you worm inside that pot.
There's nothing to find.
All those letters were burned, does that make sense?
- It's already been burned so what can we do? - Excuse me.
What is it ahjummoni*? (*respectful term for "ahjumma")
There's a letter for Mr. Jo Dong Sub.
- Letter? - Yes, here it is.
- When did this letter arrive here? - Just now.
Do you know who the deliverer is?
Not really but I know he comes over to buy noodles sometimes.
Where does this person live?
That I don't know.
What does he look like?
My dearest Mr. Jo Dong Sub.
During this time, because of my personal reasons, I'm sorry that I couldn't get in touch with you.
But I am cheering you on all the time.
That's half of the letter content.
Carry on reading.
Do you still remember that saying? To save yourself, you need to know what to do.
Also, even though God has predetermined fate, but people can change the destiny. You changed your own destiny.
March 2007, your faraway friend.
What does changing your destiny mean?
That means that he knew Jo Dong Sub killed Lawyer Kwon.
That also means he wants Lawyer Kwon dead.
Using Jo Dong Sub to kill someone?
That's what my instinct says.
Is that possible?
If a lot of time is used to prepare this then it's possible.
Our lawyer is not in right now.
I don't know what time he'll be back.
I really don't know.
How can I help you?
Is the lawyer in?
He's not in now.
Ah I see.
Excuse me, is there something I can help you with?
Are you Lawyer Oh Seung Ha?
I am Sung Jun from "Issue and Issue".
I have some questions regarding Lawyer Kwon Hyun Tae's murder.
Because it's the case that the police are currently investigating, there's nothing I have to say right now.
Just like you know, the suspect Jo Dong Sub has some reluctant difficulties against him.
Even if he is a repeated offender,
he has been under protective custody for seven years and in Chung Sung prison for ten years.
It was a very harsh court decision.
He just stole something less than 200,000 won only.
Lawyer, you're not defending him for free just because the suspect is in this kind of situation are you?
No, I'm not defending Jo Dong Sub out of pity.
Then for what reason are you defending him for?
Also the victim was quite a personality in the legal circles, it should be quite difficult.
The police would not think this was an accident.
It seems like you don't have much faith in law.
No matter what Jo Dong Sub's past was, he cannot conceal his crimes.
But I am sure that this incident this time was an accident.
I think that proving this case is my duty.
Also Jo Dong Sub did not escape his own responsibility and he went to turn himself in.
I'm not trying to support this crime but I'm just curious about the truth of this case.
I feel that in revealing the truth is a reporter's duty as well.
But, if you're not careful, you could implicate the victim. Don't you think?
It's alright if I just report the truth.
There is only one truth.
Of course.
But according to the understanding of the truth,
there will be that many explanations for every person who gets involved.
Up until now, I've been reporting the truth and I will do so again for this case.
I see.
I already said the address was fake.
There is no one by that name.
Then why is this address on here?
Didn't Jo Dong Sub say it before?
Every time a letter is sent, the address and sender is different.
It's just a waste of time, let's go.
Let's go.
We've got footage from the CCTV of the person,
who delivered the express delivery outside Lawyer Kwon's office.
I've already checked it against the CCTV from the corner shop.
The hat and the jacket, it's the same person.
So that means he delivered it personally this time?
That's right, also he often goes to the corner shop to buy noodles.
Oh really, why don't you believe me?
What's with the temper?
Anyway I'm heading over to the corner shop so I'll meet you there.
This punk can really get lippy.
What does the same person mean?
Aren't you going?
It's strange.
What is?
A person who planned this so carefully, how can he be so simple this time?
It's worrying if we catch the culprit. And it's worrying if the suspect appears.
Sunbae, I guess you're growing old.
By any chance…
It is you, Kim Young Chul.
I'm Suk Jin.
I see.
It's the first time we've met since graduation.
Have you come to buy books?
No I'm not, I have to go now.
Young Chul, shall we have tea together?
I work at the hotel just across the street.
- Let's go to the café at our hotel… - No thanks, I have to go.
Hae In!
I'm really sorry to always be bothering you.
Oh, no.
But.. I heard that you've arrested the criminal.
We have arrested the criminal,
But it feels like there's another major hidden conspirator.
Then, you meant to say that what was mentioned in Jo Dong Sub's confession,
Is exactly the same as the part that you saw?
It's obvious that the victim picked up the knife first.
May I ask, why would he steal our tarot card
And then place it at the scene of the crime?
We're not clear about that yet.
Here.. this..
It's the justice card.
The day the criminal confessed, I don't know who sent this to me express.
There was also a letter, but I didn't bring it.
What was written in the letter?
All the essential elements together form a whole,
They move closely together, vividly, as if they had a life.
It's a phrase from a Faust novel.
What's that about?
Detective Kang hasn't even read Faust before?
Well then, have you?
Of course!
What's it about?
That.. hmmm.. what was it?
It sounds like a customer has come!
What's it about?
It's really hard to explain.
Just explain it very clearly and concisely.
A medieval scholar named Faust who wants to explore the secrets of the mystical world,
After experiencing an exploration of the meaning of life and the secrets of the universe,
Uses his own soul to make a pact with the Devil,
And begins to pursue the life he desires for himself.
Because of this he meets an innocent girl,
But in the end he destroys the young girl,
And practically destroys himself.
Is this the type of story where everyone dies in the end?
Not really.
Then what happened?
You should read it for yourself.
See if Faust was destroyed or rescued.
How am I going to find the time to read a novel?
I don't even have enough time to arrest the bad guys.
But why would he send something like that to Detective Kang?
We'll know when we catch him.
Are you here for evening Mass?
Are you going back now?
I'm very thankful for your great assistance to the church.
Oh, no.
I've received much more here from you.
When have I ever done anything for you, Lawyer?
But, when did you learn sign language?
A long time ago, I started to learn bit by bit.
Lawyer, seem like such a good person.
Not really.
[The criminal who turned himself in for the the murder of the lawyer, Jo, who is he?]
[Was he a stalker? Or a wrongly accused scapegoat?]
Are you okay?
Hae In.
Are you certain it's an apartment complex?
It should be.
So then if you saw it, you'd be able to ascertain it then.
Something caught my mind.
It's too late today.
It'd be good if we can
Lunchtime would be good.
Thank you.
Get on.
I can go alone.
I'll be yelled at by the Chief.
Get on.
Couldn't you just not get into it?
You trash!
Useless thing!
What.. what's wrong?
It's nothing.
Can you see things even without complete concentration?
Every so often,
Very rarely.
Ah, I see.
Oh yeah, that justice tarot card.
What does it mean?
The most basic meaning is that it suggests a balanced accident and
It requires the coming of a moment of fair decision.
The scales at the left hand of the goddess of justice signifies this.
But more important is the sword in her right hand.
It's a double-edged sword.
The two edges of the sword represent creation and destruction, life and death.
So based on which side it's tilted toward, the card's significance is different.
The problem lies in which edge of the sword person is thinking of when he or she looks at the card.
It's right here.
Thank you for taking me home.
Oh, I should be the one thanking you.
Take care on the roads.
How does it feel?
What do you mean?
I mean.. just now.
Didn't you see something from me without even concentrating?
I want to know what it feels like at times like that.
Does that bother you?
Oh, that's not it. That's not what I meant.
It's just that, to be able to see something that you don't actually want to see.
It seems like it wouldn't feel very good.
It does feel bad.
It feels very bad.
But my mom says,
Since it's a special gift from God, just consider it precious.
And also, if I don't concentrate, then stuff like that usually won't happen.
So you don't have to be scared.
And also, it's not that I can see very accurately every time.
Can you even predict the lottery numbers in advance?
- Oh, there! - What?
What is it?
Wake up, Detective Kang!
Go on home.
I'll call tomorrow…
What did Seo Hae In say?
Didn't you go see her just now?
Did that guy Jae Min eat yet?
You still know to care?
I really don't know if we'll be wasting a night's effort.
He'll appear someday.
If not today, then tomorrow. If not tomorrow, then the day after.
I drank out of that already.
That's not what I meant, I'm a woman too.
You count yourself a woman? You're only Kang Oh Soo's partner, Detective Lee Min Jae.
Oh, I feel awful!
Min Jae..
Let go!
Are you okay?
Hey, this way!
I didn't commit any crime.
If you didn't do anything wrong, then why did you run?
That was because you guys lunged over all of the sudden and then chased me.
I was scared, so I..
It's this hat, to be sure, and the coat is right too.
Didn't I say there was no mistake?
Do you know Jo Dong Sub?
Lee Byung Kyu, didn't you an Internet phone to send him a message?
What's that? I don't know what that is.
Didn't you deliver an express mail here?
Is it wrong to deliver express mail?
That was only because a gentleman
Asked me to help deliver express, so I delivered it express.
That person told me to do it.
Where are your gloves?
What gloves?
Your black leather gloves!
It's spring, what leather gloves?
And besides, I don't have the means to buy black leather gloves.
Then where did you buy the coat and the hat?
It was that gentleman who gave it to me to wear.
He even gave me money, as long as I would deliver the express for him.
Was it confirmed that he had gloves on in the convenience store's security tape?
It seems like he didn't wear them.
Does it seem like it? Or is it?
He didn't have them on.
Take it.
I'm sorry, it's all my fault.
It's okay.
Did you think it was all going to end there?
If only I'd carefully confirmed the security image,
Then we wouldn't have had to go through that.
Aren't we people too? There will always be times when we make mistakes.
Let's be honest, okay?
The majority of bad guys like to eat seafood that is rich in DHA,
Yet we eat jjajangmyun* (*black-bean sauce noodles)
As a result, we lack a bit when it comes to twisted thinking,
So how could we catch them in a night?
And also, bad guys all take breaks on weekends,
But in order to investigate the case that they committed, we don't even get a weekend.
So, if we're lacking a bit when it comes to physical power, how would we be able to catch them immediately?
Then what should we do?
What can we do, rascal?
We have to catch the bad guys no matter what, of course!
Sorry about what happened this morning.
Oh no.
And also, wash your hair. There's already a rotten smell.
What did the person who asked you to deliver the express look like?
He looked very distinguished.
What do you mean by distinguished?
White hair…
Under his nose he had a very good-looking moustache.
Oh yeah, he had sunglasses on.
It looked like an expensive pair.
Did he say anything?
Of course!
Did his leg not have a limp?
It seemed very normal.
Ever since the unprecedented case on the 21st of the lawyer's murder in his own office,
The law enforcement world has claimed it to be the most shocking and stirring case,
And strongly condemns it.
However, from the netizen-centered debate and the organization of city residents,
The highlight of the debate is in fact what has been noticed by a large majority:
The ten years of criminal Jo's life under an unjust verdict.
The two discussions are half and half, scrambled together.
A person has died, where are you going to find half-and-half?
Although he deserved his punishment,
Jo Dong Sub's life is already sorry enough, that's what it means!
Someone has died!
Because of the reporters, there is an extraordinary excitement in the Internet discussions.
There are quite a few articles expressing sympathy toward Jo Dong Sub.
The trend in the legal world is also irregular.
I suppose it would.
Can you handle it?
I really like the General Affairs Director.
Because you are the only person who secretly worries about me.
It's nothing.
Oh yes, today is the day of Kim Sun Ki's release.
Is that so?
According to what Lee Byung Kyu said, we've investigated his claim of living near the Seoul train station.
As for the Internet Phone, there was also someone who used Lee Byung Kyu's name.
Let him go..
But still, we haven't yet...
Rewind and replay.
What do you mean?
I mean that we've completely walked into a dead end.
Let's restart from the very beginning.
Where are you going? We're going to hold a press conference!
You go!
Kang sunbae!
Here it is.
Without a doubt, this is it.
Is there a person named Pyo Jun Sung here?
Have you never even heard of the name?
Yes, this is the first time I've ever heard it.
If it was delivered from a false address,
There wouldn't be any reason for Hae In to have any recollection of it.
It might not have been in that aspect,
we have to view it as the apartment complex definitely
having some relationship to the person who delivered the express.
I think..
The person who delivered the express seems to really understand Detective Kang.
It feels like he's giving you clues one by one for you to solve the problem.
That means that Detective Kang, you know the answer.
I feel the same way,
Yet I can't find any lead at all.
Furthermore, the criminal for this case has already confessed.
We've caught the criminal, but he doesn't have a conspirator.
The tarot card and the knife were both at the scene of the crime.
They say that it's by chance, but it's also too accurate.
After the justice tarot card was sent over, did anything happen?
Not yet.
Then.. when did the letter come for Jo Dong Sub?
According to that person, it should have been five years.
Then when was that apartment complex constructed?
Find out when that apartment complex was built.
See if there was another house there before the apartment complex was built.
If that's the case, then who were the residents, and where do they live now?
I got it.
Hey, you're so pretty.
How old are you?
Sora ya!
Aigoo, really long time no see.
You go back into the house first. Go.
Sora ya!
Next time ahjussi will buy you something good to eat.
- Hurry in! - Bye!
Ahjumma's daughter is so pretty.
I really want to just take her home and raise her.
What do you want?
Ahjumma at least has a beautiful daughter.
But for me, money is my child.
But right now it's been taken home by ahjumma and not returned.
That's kidnapping, kidnapping!
I'm a person who returns what I was given.
You know what I mean?
I will return it.
Please wait a little while, okay?
I've already waited for too long.
If you can't even return the initial amount, then at least you should express a bit of sincerity!
I will, I will.
Four days.
Look here! Because of ahjumma, I've even gotten sick!
Remember, four days.
If you hide again, then you'll never be able to see Sora again.
If there's anything you need then contact Secretary Na.
We'll take the night flight back tomorrow.
Have a safe trip, don't worry about anything. Don't forget to eat on time.
Do you really not know this person Jun Sung?
I don't know him. I've already told you many times.
It seems like there's already nothing more that can be answered.
Please use the content that have been mentioned so far as an honest statement.
Use the convict's comments as a statement and send it to the investigative office.
But, the questions that have not yet been answered…
Isn't it true that there's no evidence at all of a conspirator?
Do not leave out a single word of Jo Dong Sub's statement.
What if there's a person behind Jo Dong Sub who planned it out,
Okay, even if that's the case,
So you've caught the person who delivered the express.
But, that guy..
If he says that it was all a practical joke and it had nothing to do with this case, then it's finished.
Didn't he leave the victim's office key there?
He'll say that he picked it up by chance and then left it there.
So, just let this case end here.
The investigative office will determine if it was manslaughter or murder.
The last time, you said this didn't you?
Lawyer Kwon was like your benefactor.
To help the person who killed your benefactor,
What was your reason for also voluntarily offering to defend him?
Does Detective Kang choose the criminals he wants to arrest?
This is different.
There's no difference.
Arresting the criminal was the Detective's business.
Defending the person who came looking for me is my business.
Your outlook on life is so different from mine.
If that's what you think then that's regretful.
I think that we're similar people.
Well, see you next time.
Ahhh, oh yes.
With regards to this case, I've gone as far as to consider self-defense as Jo Dong Sub's defense.
You're here?
The soup smells great!
Are you married?
No, but what's going on?
Then are you lovers?
Go outside, let's go outside first to talk.
You didn't even call, how could you suddenly show up at the door?
First pick up your phone and then say stuff like that.
Are you not picking up my calls on purpose?
Don't misunderstand.
A friend's gotten out of a jail, but not one of these friends came to pick me up.
Nobody knew that you were coming out, and I forgot.
Forgot? You make it sound so nice.
Hey, wait! Where are you dragging me?
I have to welcome my friend.
Then let your lover come out too.
I've already said that she's not my lover.
She's my cousin.
You really know how to BS.
It's the truth!
Kim Sun Ki!
You came?
Please have a seat, Detective Kang.
Your cold isn't better yet?
Go get it checked out at the hospital.
What's there to congratulate me about?
Isn't this all thanks to Oh Soo?
If it weren't for Hee Soo Hyung paying the terms of the agreement for you..
Isn't that only appropriate?
This rascal is really..
How could that have been appropriate?
Hey, since we're all together, let's have a toast.
Let me pour you a glass.
Why did you have to choose this sort of place to get together?
I like soju better.
This rascal Sun Ki said that if it wasn't Western liquor then he wouldn't drink it.
Come, cheers!
Wait, there's someone else coming.
Who else is coming?
My benefactor.
Hey! Right here!
What's this person doing here?
He's Sun Ki's appeals lawyer.
Please, this way.
These are all my friends.
Everyone, say hello.
This is my benefactor, Lawyer Oh.
I didn't expect to see you here, Detective Kang.
That's right.
Are you okay?
You look a bit nervous.
He has enough of a motive.
Guiding Jo Dong Sub, exploiting him to kill somebody..
You need to have evidence to apply for an arrest warrant.
That rascal is completely abnormal.
Although nothing happened after sending the second tarot card,
It's obvious that it forecasts another incident.
Then you have to first find the evidence.
Where is our Sora?
My daughter!
Didn't you take her away?
Don't trust what you see with your eyes.
You have to find what you believe.
I'm used to darkness.
Detective Kang?
Yes, Detective Kang Oh Soo.
Ban Chang Ho ahjussi..
His name is Kang Oh Soo?
I don't know, weird conspiracy.
It depicts a woman.
In any case, he sent a card that looks like a child's toy.
Your mom can't pick up the phone.
Dae Shik! Wake up! Dae Shik!