Recipe - Sweet Potato Dessert Recipe With English Subtitles

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Let's see what Madhavi has in store for us I'm making Sweet Potato Dessert
Ingredients required to make Sweet Potato Dessert
Boiled Potatoes, Milk, Sugar, Orange Food Color, Ghee, Raisins, Almonds, Cashews, Charoli, Cardamom, Dried Whole Milk
Take a pan and heat some milk
Meanwhile, peel the boiled potatoes
Mash the potatoes
Add a cup of sugar into the milk
Add the mashed potatoes into the milk
Mix the food coloring agent with some water
Add the dried whole milk into the pan
Add the food color
Add some cardamom powder and some ghee
Take it in a serving bowl after greasing it with some ghee
Garnish with some dry fruits