Suzuki Swift Sport teszt / review

Uploaded by azertissuzuki on 18.12.2011

In the mid 80s Suzuki decided to put an affordable sports car on the market. That beast was formerly known as the GTI.
The name changed to Swift Sport in 2005 and I got a chance to test the latest version on a racetrack.
As usual, the street model is toned down a bit from the concept car. Fortunately, the aggressive grille and fog lights are still there.
The prominent spoiler is not just for looks, it also increases the grip, and the rear diffuser is surrounded by two chrome exhaust pipes.
The seat was a bit tight first, but drivers of all sizes will love it when the road twists and turns.
The red embroidery on the seat, steering wheel, and gearshift is a must in a sports car, just like the steel pedals.
The 136 horsepower, 1.6 liter engine is equipped with six-speed manual transmission.
The top speed has dropped a bit, but the acceleration is better, which is a reasonable compromise.
I was surprised that the taut running gear didn’t shake the hell out of me on the streets of Budapest.
With active ESP I could not make it dance, but when I turned it off, I freaked out some crew members sitting in the passenger seats.
The brand new Swift Sport is living up to the hype of the good old GTI. As the proverb says: The apple didn’t fall far from the tree.