Behind the Wheel with Shell V-Power - Subaru BRZ review

Uploaded by Shell on 31.10.2012


Name's Kevin Corrigan.
The nickname they call me is "Crash,"
and I write for
Today we're looking at the new Subaru BRZ.

What I love about this car is it's old school.
You can drive around in this and feel as if
you're in something special for less than $30,000.
I think it's kind of aimed at the youngsters,
but I wouldn't be surprised if there's a few more, you know,
young-at-hearts like me driving this thing too.

The interior is really nice.
The seats hold you, which is what a sports car should do.
The steering wheel feels good; you've got good grip on it.
Great little gear box;
it's got a low center of gravity.
This thing really hugs the ground;
one of the most fun cars here at the event, that's for sure.

You drive this car at a hundred kilometers an hour
and you've got a big smile on your face.
A lot of cars today, you have to be risking
your license to get that kind of fun factor out of them.
That's what I like this about this car.
This is a fun little car.