RIT on TV: Finding George Delany

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>>ANNOUNCER: Live with WROC, this is News 8 at 11.
>>ANCHOR: Good evening and thank you for staying with us through this late edition of News
8 at 11. The search continues tonight for missing RIT student George Delany. He was
last seen more than a week ago in Wayland. Since then, state police have searched the
area where witnesses last saw his car. This is video of those teams. Today classmates
and one of Delany's professors used a different method to try and find him. News 8's Alex
Hinckley has the story.
>>REPORTER: George Delany is 21 years old. That makes him too old for an AMBER Alert
or a spot in the National Database for Missing and Exploited Children. That's why his classmates
and his professor have taken it upon themselves to get the word out.
>>PALOMA CAPANNA: I'm calling on Sunday, March 20 to ask for your help to find missing RIT
student, George Delany.
>>REPORTER: Paloma Capanna is reaching out to everyone she knows.
>>PALOMA CAPANNA: Your help may make the critical difference.
>>REPORTER: She is Delany's professor at RIT. Nobody has heard from him in more than a week
and she is worried because crucial time is ticking away.
>>PALOMA CAPANNA: George is not someone I would think would just walk away. He's great.
He's a student that's always in class, prepared and very much on topic.
>>REPORTER: Saturday she teamed up with students and went to Wayland where Delany was last
>> JAMES BRIGDEN: We met up with local individuals, businesses in the community to try to distribute
flyers and create awareness. They are concerned. They are ready, willing and able to help.
As soon as they saw the flyer in our hands, their hands went straight out. They wanted
to do something to help George.
>>REPORTER: Sunday the team worked from home stuffing envelopes, making calls and sending
emails. They are using social media too.
>> JAMES BRIGDEN: There is a lot of worth to using things like Facebook now, to get
in contact with people.
>>REPORTER: More than 300 people have joined the Students Finding George Delany page. They
say they won't stop searching until Delany is found.
>> JAMES BRIGDEN: We would like the community to just not forget the issue, not forget George.
Keep thinking about him, think about his family and help in anyway you can.
>>PALOMA CAPANNA: You have to be George's AMBER Alert.
>>REPORTER: Capanna told me that after Delany is found she wants to help start a database
for missing young adults. She said the biggest frustration about her student's disappearance
is that there is no alert system. Friends and family are forced to rely only on word
of mouth. Alex Hinckley, News 8.