Jack the Giant Killer - Trailer

Uploaded by filmisnow on 16.12.2011

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At the beginning of this November fans of Star Trek
have started to turn enthusiastic when they discovered that director J.J. Abrams
was thinking about Benicio Del Toro for the villain role.
Finally the voice came out from an intern source about Del Toro
playing Khan Noonien Singh.
But just when the news was released, Del Toro declined the offer.
Now on the list there are Edgar Ramirez (Domino) and
Jordi Molla (Colombiana, Night and Day).
Naomi Watts and Robin Wright,
two of the most famous blonde female actresses,
will be together in a French and Australian co-production called The Grandmothers.
Financed by Screen Australia and directed by Anne Fontaine,
The Grandmothers will star Watts and Wright had two long-life friends
who will end up in love with each other's adolescent sons.
The movie is based on the novel by Doris Lessing and
will be adapted by Christopher Hampton.
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