Dr. Michael Roizen - The Practice Building Alliance - Chiropractic Marketing

Uploaded by benaltadonnadc on 29.09.2011

Hello I’m Doctor Michael Roizen. I’m certified by both the boards of anesthesiology and the
American Board of internal medicine. I’m past chairman of a FDA, or Food and Drug Administration
advisory committee. And I’ve been a former editor of 6 medical journals… They keep
throwing me out. I’m the chief wellness officer of the Cleveland Clinic. I’ve appeared
more than 18 times on Oprah Winfrey, Good morning America, CNN, the Dr. Oz show, and
a whole bunch of shows. I’ve done 5 PBS specials. But this isn’t about me; this
is about you, your practice, and the practice promotion leader in your field, Dr. Ben Altadonna.
Quite frankly, until I met Dr. Altadonna I only thought of chiropractic as very useful
for back pain, or for back spasms. But, he has thought me more about what chiropractic
is and what it does. I’m so impressed that I am often, I guess every month, a contributing
author for his Practice Building Alliance Members. Dr. Altadonna is one of the few doctors
of chiropractic that I’ve come across that seems to spread chiropractic message into
the mainstream. His Practice Building Alliance Members have been working on relationships
with medical doctors in their communities, and have been included with spine-health.com,
one of the most searchable website among back pain suffers. If you are not a Practice Building
Alliance member I urge you to become one. Thanks for becoming a member.