Entrevista con Stefan Kretzschmar/ Interview with Stefan Kretzschmar

Uploaded by Balonmano2013 on 17.01.2013

Well Stefan,
Could you tell us what are you doing here in the handball WCh.
I'm working for a German TV Channel
the first TV channel in Germany. And I am an expert, as they say. I don't say that!
I have to analyze the teams
and making interviews...
Do you like
the jounalist work, after having been one of the best handball players
of Germany?
It's ok. There are worse jobs than that.
Being in Barcelona, which is a nice city
and being here to the January, 28.
I hope our team
will reach the quarter-finals or the semi-finals.
Let's see...
The work is fine for us.
We are many German journalists here.
Like 20 or 30... And every year you know more people.
They are all friends and you find them every January.
You can go to good restaurants in Barcelona. It's nice.
What is your opinion about Germany?
Well, they have many new players, who have never played a WCh before.
It's difficult to say.
We don't have a star in our team. The team only works when they all play together, with a good defence. That way they have a chance.
About the energy,
the chemistry of the team...
They are young but if they want to fight... We are happy so far.
But let's see...
About the match
versus France, next Friday.
You will play for the first place. What do you think?
I think we can win 1 match versus France
out of 10.
We have chances to beat them once. They are the best team of the world already.
Always there is a rivalry between France an Germany.
They are not going to
give us the match.
They are going to play hard...
We have a chance but it is little...
Which teams do you think
are the favourites for the gold medal?
Spain, as they are playing at home. They have a good team. France, Denmark... And I think of Hungary and Poland. There are no more.
One of these teams will win.
Do you miss the court?
To play as in
the good old times?
Me? After the retirement?
If you would like to return...
If you feel nostalgia.
I like to watch, not to play anymore.
I retired at 2007
and I had my reasons. I had no more motivations.
My body is old. I never missed it.
I watch the games
by TV and that is enough for me.
I train a little bit, but I haven't missed it.