How to Make a Quick and Easy Bracelet with Lillypilly Copper Sheets

Uploaded by Beadaholique on 21.06.2012

Hi this is Julie with and today I'm going to show you how to make
this bracelet here. This is a really easy Bracelet project to do and it's a stretch
bracelet and what I've done is I cut little squares out of a Lillypilly
copper sheet. I have one that's whole. This is how it comes.
All I've done is I've cut them to fit the squares and I glued them into place.
Super easy to do
what you're going to need is Lillypilly Copper Sheet. These come in
a bunch of different patinas. You can really pick a fun color and have fun
design pattern
you'll need a stretch bracelet
these are plastic. They're very comfortable to wear
and they're easy to work wit. You need some E6000 glue
a pen
a pair of metal shears all though scissors will work I do prefer metal shears
just because I don't want to damage my scissors
and then you'll also need a ruler
now each square is twenty millimeters by twenty millimeters
that's a little hard to measure on a ruler if you're going to be cutting a bunch of squares
so I just kind of went with the three-quarter inch measurement for this
and I'm going to do squares which are three quarters-inch by three quarters-inch. They
up just slightly small for the square but it's not really noticeable. I
just find it's a lot easier
so what you're gonna do is you're going to turn your Copper Sheet over
take your ruler
line it up against the edge
and then with a pen you're just going to make a little mark
where the three quarter inch is
do that in a couple different places
once we have a few reference marks just going to draw a line
and then for this bracelet we need eight squares
do another line
so I'm going to go from that line I just drew, line my ruler up
same process, little marks at the three-quarter inch
this will be a little small, you can just make it a little larger if
you want
but this works totally fine
since I know it's gonna be a little bit small I'm just gonna go a
little bit above where those marks are
and my line did not end up really dark right there
now to get the actual square shape we need to go from the other side now
and do the same process
we're making a grid pattern on the back of our Lilly Pilly sheet
When you get to the very end it's gonna be
even here so you're going to get two here. So we can tell that here we
have an inch and a half
divide that in half, three quarter of an inch
so this is going to be perfect
we're not gonna have to make another measurement, we're going to know that that's
what it's going to be
if you can see we've got actually eight squares
all lined up
take my metal shears
unlock them
and I'm just going to cut these out
along the line that I drew
We've got all these little squares
and some of them are a little bit
crumbled looking. They're corners a little bit bent up. All you need to do, this is such
a thin sheet
you don't need to hammer it out, all you need to do is take your fingers
and flatten them. Do that with all your little squares
Once they're flat, glue them in place
take some E6000 glue, use a scrap piece of wire or a tooth pick
for a applicator
if not you can actually just do it directly from the bottle
place some on the back
flip it over
and press it into place in the middle of your square
there's one
do that all the way around

once you've got all your squares in place return the lid of the glue
and then what I want you to do go through and just press them
down. So work your way around the bracelet
pressing them down into place. Now what's nice about this project is normally if
you were cutting the Lillypilly copper you'd wanna sand the corners down a
little bit just cuz they are sharp
but because this particular bracelet has a bezel setting to each square
and it has nice rounded corners to the plastic and the sharp corners of the
LillyPilly are set down within it
you're not going to have to worry about filing those Lillypilly corners
at all
let this dry
and you're bracelet is going to be all ready to go
That is how you make a quick and easy bracelet
using these great bracelet forms
and Lillypilly Copper Sheets