Najdena jama (NewFound Cave) 2012

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France, how about your first time in Najdena jama?
49 years and a few months passed, so memories are not just perfect.
A few impressions ...
Spirits were high, the squeeze to new parts has just been broken,
everybody was dizzy with enthusiam.
What I remember very well: the passage was so narrow that we had to empty our pockets, and exhale
to just barely get through. A deep breath immediately blocked you.
On the other side the vast Conglomerate Hall opened up,
Metod and I jumped as mad up the slope, it just went on and on.
It was a once-in-a-lifetime exploration experience.
We went into the cave Saturday evening and came out Sunday night, dog-tired.
In the Baldachine shaft I just collapsed. It was actually just lack of experience.
I was pinned to the wall, no way to go, nor up nor down.
Tomaž Planina abseiled to me, a short instruction, and I made it up.
Oh boy, oh man!
What is your weight? - 34, er... 32 kilos.
32! If you fall, the rope will pull me over to the rocks!
What is going on above? - We are moving!
Hey! - We are moving! - Just do it.
OK. You are almost down.
Pull the rope a little more.
Metod, how about your first time in Najdena jama?
As France said, almost 50 years passed, it was in 1962.
It was a promising cave, but only a few 333 meters long.
At the end, about 333 meters deep, was a Rado Radešček squeeze,
now named after him, he was the first to dig it through.
My first visit was an excursion to dig this passage.
It was dug before, we just continued previous work.
I was a young caver, inexperienced,
and this shaft really impressed me, as it does every novice.
The equipment was very different them, we had no headlights,
we carried hand carbide lamps on the ladders ...
I was a nice cave to me.
Which season was it? - If I recall correctly, it was springtime.
Can we go? - We can go. ... Here you have a good handhold.
You see it? - Yes. - Step here, down here and this is it.
O. Cool. You now see the lower holds, the narrow ones.
How about your first, or second time in Najdena jama?
It had to be for the second time, in 1978.
I don't remember everybody ... Sabolek was there, and Joerg Prestor.
Somebody more, sure. We came to climb a chimney in Sulc Hall.
We spent all day to get there, to climb, to get back, to the entrance.
We carried no food, after 10 hours we came very tired to Baldachine shaft.
I jump onto the ladders, merrily, unsecured,
but after 5 meters up, below the Baldachine, I was as good as dead.
I barely managed to get down the ladders again.
I sat to rest, the others arrived, so I started up again.
Again unsecured, and I was struck again, worse this time.
How struck? - My hands didn't work any more, were useless.
I just managed to get 3 steps down, and I was finished. Couldn't hold anymore.
I fell down like a pear from a tree.
I fell some 3 or 4 meters, luckily unhurt.
I saw things are getting serious, I took time off to recover.
Sabolek moved on, readied the rope to secure me.
So my third try was successful.
We came out, we had no cars, last train was gone.
12 or 15 hours we spent. So we walked 5 miles to F...atec.
Logatec. - Logatec, pardon me.
It was midnight, no idea what to do, we went to the police station.
What's up, boys? said the cop.
We just want to call home that we are alive but won't be home today.
He let us phone, we did it, and we moved along the road to Hotel Krpan.
We found some cardboard at the side, we laid down to wait the morning bus.
The factory worker's bus, at six o'clock.
Yet at about 2 o'clock my dad pulls over slowly, with his car,
to find us sleeping at the roadside.
What make of a car had he? - He had a german NSU Prinz 4000.
Oh, 4000, it ran like hell. - Yes, a 1.2 liter air cooled engine.
He pulled over, and cursed like a Hungarian.
What didn't you tell where are you going to sleep?
We didn't know. And that he had to get up at night to fetch us.
Nobody called him. It was his own will.
Dad like dad. - Lucky you to have one. - Certainly.
Without him you would still sleep in a cardboard box. - This is it. Najdena '78.
It has grown again. - Did it?
How much left till the two will join? - This much.
How much is it? - How tall are you? - Meter and ... - He doesn't know.
When was it, Modrc? Some 15 years ago? - No, no. 10.
What was 10 years ago? - This cane could pass here in between.
Oh, so! - How much is now? Hard to say. Half centimeter more.
I find it hard to believe.
Nonsense! - No, no, the stick could pass easily at that time.
How did these rocks get here?
I believe a river had flown here long time ago.
And these are cobbles brought by the river.
Later the river withdrew, went elsewhere and left them here.
The sinter poured over and glued them together so firmly.
Do take care and don't dirty this boat too much!
So we better don't go in it. - The problem is to carry this dirt all the way out.
Heavy it is, sure. - So what. We'll find someone else to carry it.
At best we carry it out inflated. So two can carry it.
Or three. - At best we slice it into ribbons. - To distribute the weight evenly.
Did you fasten the rope at the end? - Yes, I did at the half. - OK.
Should I take off my boots in the boat? - Everybody should.
He is pumping for quite some time now. - No pump pumps so well as my pump pumps.
Left or right half? - Is there a hole? - Pressure does not go up. - It worries me.
Take this mud out. - 3 can go in the boat. - How many are we? 3, 4, 9, yes.
How was it? The goat and the cabbage ... - And off it went. - Three rides.
Oh, what lovely droplets.
The water doesn't flow to the Precipice Hall from here. - It does, I suppose.
Where does the water flow from here? - To Ljubljanica river.
Immediately over there? - To the Hall of Four and ... - and to the Big Well, in a cascade.
Big Well must be 15 meters deep now. - Careful, the boat might explode. - It is full, sure.
What is this cover for? - To make it beautiful. - It is a spare.
This pump has no return valve. - It surely has one.
What a sexy color.
It's a Czech boat, about 20 years old.
Now one end of the rope here... - The other you take with you.
Two of you, move over there.
Do you really mean it? - Step into the boat, just do it!
Will one more go? Or do we go two by two?
You go, that's OK.
Gregor, the light!
Illuminate them!
Damn! This rope is too short!
No, don't pull it up the bank. Do it sidewise.
The big boat! ... - Črt, you go, too.
You shall scoop the water this way! - He is scooping already.
Turn the boat!
Jakob, legs into the boat! Damn, you will scoop if you don't!
You shall scoop and all will go down the drain. - Suppose so.
Črt, you are not coming? - He goes, yes. - OK, go.
One more step into the boat. - OK, I am going.
Gregor, pull!
Fifteen men on a dead man's chest / Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.
Don't swing! ... your gypsy mother, we shall capsize if we don't stop to fool around.
Just pull your leg out ... - Leg of the mud and I have it all.
Just stay as you are. - And if I do it this way? It's better, yes.
Gregor, oldie, stop it! - It's because that asshole pulls the rope so much.
Careful! Wait, move over here. ... OK, this way, yes.
Now Alenka and Alenka will go.
Two Alenkas and ... Modrc. - Two Alenkas and a cabbage head.
Action! - You are not going, Modrc?
He will wait over there. He is the ferryman.
I am Charon, in Hades. - And Alenkas are riding the boat.
Put one leg out ...
Modrc! - Yes? - OK.
You two, illuminate the boat.
There is treasure on the island, and seven black dead heads ...
You are quite light, man.
It is not a piece of cake. - I was lowering them down the rope...
... and she just disappeared. - Will you give Klok a sip, so that we see if he can take it.
This is the Temple in Willian Putick Hall.
Boy, how hot is it here!
And mother earth gave birth to a human ...
After the fall? - Yes. I just could not breathe, cough, nothing. No jogging.
And now all is well. - Just OK.
This is ... - a cave. - It is nerves, I tell you, in the spine. They get pinched and ...
You have to turn around 3 times to get out. - Bravo, Lenča!
You came out very well, little as you are!
Sure, I went in first, saw better how to turn around.
... stopped in this mud, instead of working the body out.
Metod, look at him, how smart he is, has crawled out.
... could move my leg as I did it before ...
Why is Putick making such squeezes? - To tease you. - He does it on purpose.
On purpose, on purpose. So that things are not too easy.
My light is on full, I pull you slowly ... - Just do it.
Faster? - Faster. - Faster, no problem ...
Just do not complain later that you tumbled into the water.
Who will clean the boat? - You. - The owner. - And who is the owner?
Me. - Who is me? - Metod.
And the rope will be dry.
I can take it with me.
Now it only remains to bring this backpack out.
No problem, Črt volunteered. - What? Me? Never.
Črt volunteered, sure. - Jakob elaborated that you have climbed Triglav.
So what? - What did he climb? Triglav.
I understood you that you will carry the boat out. - So he did.
You said I will carry the boat so that I do not have to ... - See.
Press it firmly. - Only if? You carry the boat if you get a hamburger.
OK. - OK. You get it. - Two hamburgers.
My heart will bleed, but I will give two hamburgers.
Will you give me one? - Yes, if you carry the boat 3/4 of the way.
I had to take my shoes off in Putick Hall. - Črt, a real dealer.
No, that one. - Wait, this one.
Everybody - turn your lights down the slope. - I'll throw one. - OK.
Take a smaller one then. - Wait. - OK. Throw another one.
Excellent. ... - I have one more.
Ready? - Ready.
OK. You go first then.
My tunnel should be here somewhere. Or maybe a little lower, down the slope.
Putick, Putick, where is your cave ... your cave, Lippert cave.
Putick, Putick, show us this cave, your cave, Lippert cave.
Hello, Klok. - Hello.
Hi. - Hi. - Hello.
No, no. Sometimes here are little or no drops. - So it was raining today.
The earth is soaked well after all this raining. On the other hand ...
What do I do now? - Now you have to push yourself up to here...
Up this edge? - Yes, like this.
You have to reach the hold. And push yourself slowly a little higher.
Will it be? - Yes. I stepped away from the rope.
Well, a little bit further is a good hold for your right leg.
The bag is hampering you? - It gets stuck here and there.
Now you find a hold ... - You will get the rope, it will be easier.
Just pack the rope. - Here is a hold for your leg. Can you move a bit higher?
You are headed in the wrong direction, by 600 degrees. - I know, yes.
Never mind, you will make it even so. - Just the backpack ...
Did I pack the rope too soon? - No, you did not.
You have just won.
Do we have a rope here to collect? - No, Metod took it.
Pull the rope a little bit, Črt, so that there will be no loop.
Jakob, direct the light to her.
What was up in Najdena jama, on some interesting occasion?
There's always something interesting going on in Najdena jama.
Different people, often such that we see in a cave for the first time.
Maybe the most interesting is ... that children come out of the cave so dirty you can't tell which is which.
OK, just keep her illuminated.
Metod, take care that you will not drag her below the Baldachine with her helmet.
Alenka, you do not have to embrace the ladders any more, you can grab them from above as well.
Use your legs to push ladders away from the wall.
Matija! - Yes. - Who made this mess here?
Some more light!
It must somewhere left of Alenka, I would say.
Matija, what happened in Najdena jama that you still keep in memory?
The most interesting were the first expeditions.
I was a young, freshly-baked caver, I knew nothing about the cave,
it was unclear to me where we are walking, how are connected different parts of the cave,
we youngs were just following the pack of the elders who raced in the cave, admired the tunnels ...
How all of this fits together, we had no idea.
Years passed and one gets a feeling about the cave, a map also helps ... and it was different. - Thank you.
Here we have a big centipede.
Should I add my finger for scale? - OK. Do it.
A really big centipede. - Below the entrance pit, 4 meters from outside.
This is a spider, Meta menardi, the species is known to catch its prey close to cave entrances.
A nice animal.
Here we have a black slug, rolled in two folds, 1 meter below the entrance.
Modrc said that he has the color, is it possible?
Matija, a smile ... - Hello.
Andrej! - Wait a little...
Another smile, and our shift is over.
Hello! - Hello. - OK, Andrej, now we can, yes?
What I was about to say? - A short statement - tomato harvest looks good ...
No, we just bragged, that you were dry, while we all had to swim!
You went swimming? - What else. - All of you? - All of us.