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JESSICA: My name is Jessica Munoz.
I am from northern New Jersey.
I'm a make-up artist.
OLGA: She's messy, she's disorganized.
You know, that's terrible over here.
JESSICA: Everything is full of my stuff.
And I need help organizing, fixing it,
making it look nice.
I am the youngest one, but at the same time, I think she's
ready to give me the boot and say, hey, you got
to get out of here.
OLGA: Jessica Munoz, I'm 29 years old, and I live at home
with my mom.

So before I leave to work, I have to tell you something.
You know I've been here for a long time, and I definitely
need help to get organized downstairs.
I have no room for nothing.
My shoes are all over, clothes all over, and
you know I need help.
So I've asked a fabulous designer named Tracy Metro to
come over and help me out.
OLGA: Wow.
JESSICA: What do you think?
OLGA: Who's Tracy?

TRACY: I am happy that there's a place for me to sit on the
couch with all of your clothing.
What the hell?
JESSICA: My wardrobe.
TRACY: (LAUGHING) Wait, did you really
just call this wardrobe?
Well, that's my pashmina--
TRACY: It's beautiful, actually.
JESSICA: That I wear occasionally--
thank you.
I mean, some of my wardrobe, some of what's left of it.
Other stuff is just thrown in the room, in the laundry room,
it's just all over the place.
TRACY: Really?
JESSICA: Because I have nowhere to put it, Tracy.
TRACY: Are there really no closets down there?
I mean, I have a half a closet.
This is just full of bins because there's nowhere for me
to hang anything up.
TRACY: Obviously, you're a makeup artist.
And your makeup is beautiful.
JESSICA: Thank you.
Thank you.
TRACY: I should have had you do mine.
I mean, you obviously have to have a lot of makeup.
I have tons and tons of makeup.
TRACY: You have people come here?
You have a lot of your clients come to your house to do
makeup, I guess?
TRACY: And I'm gonna say, if I were coming to you to get my
makeup done, I wouldn't really feel that
comfortable, sitting--
Of course not.
TRACY: Oh, I'm sorry.
Let me just move.
Wait, let me move this.
JESSICA: Yeah, let's just move the blouse over.
Who cares?
TRACY: Wait a minute.
Here we go.
Are there challenges down here for you?
JESSICA: I have no type of lighting in here.
I have these tiny windows.
No light comes in through there.
TRACY: Colors.
Tell me what your favorite color is.
JESSICA: I like the purple hues, the
lavenders, the deep purples.
I'm very into--
like anything that's pastel-y or rich.
TRACY: So let's call this the studio.
JESSICA: The studio.
The glam studio.
TRACY: The glam studio.
I love it.
But there's also a bedroom right there.
TRACY: Can you take me into the bedroom and show me what
the issues are in there?
JESSICA: Definitely.
You can come on over.
TRACY: Thanks a lot.

So I see the insanity.
Tell me about the whole bed/sleeping situation.
Do you like where the bed is oriented when
you walk in the room?
JESSICA: I don't.
So I just shoved the bed in this corner and shove that
over there, and just--
TRACY: Sounds like there's a lot of shoving.
JESSICA: It's a lot of shoving going on in here.
TRACY: And you know what?
There's gonna be a teeny bit more shoving.
JESSICA: Really?
TRACY: And it's me shoving you out of here.
JESSICA: All right, I'm out of here.
OK, so it's day 2.
I have no clue what's going on right now.
TRACY: We're in what Jessi used to have as her kind of
walk-through room where she had a lot of clothing and she
kind of did people's makeup when there was space.
But we're now calling it the studio.
This is where people will come.
They can wait-- we're going to have a chair for people to sit
and wait, some stools for people to sit and hang out
while she actually does girls' makeup.
It's also going to have clothing racks in case she
winds up getting into doing styling as well.
Kind of like a big walk-in closet/beauty area.
I'm not a fan of these kind of ceiling tiles.
I don't have the time or the money to rip them out.
So what I decided to do was paint them, because then they
kind of feel like they're fun.

Her bedroom kind of felt overstuffed.
The bed seemed like it was shoved in a corner, and the
clothing was shoved over in that little nook.
So I turned the bed around.
And so when you walk in, that's not the
first thing you see.
JESSICA: I think it's definitely going to help me a
lot to separate both my bedroom and my work area,
because before, it was just a mess.
TRACY: This is where I was going next.

Um, oh.
Oh my god, we have so much clearance.
I hate to say it--
I'm feeling like I'm actually in good shape.

All right, ladies.
Come on down to your new suite.
JESSICA: Oh my god!

OLGA: Oh my god!
JESSICA: Thank you so much!
OLGA: That's beautiful!

JESSICA: Oh my god, look at these chairs.
Oh my god.
TRACY: I wanted to give you a place where your clients could
come in and not be sitting on the sofa
with all of your clothing.
And we wanted it to be on display so when you're working
on one girl, another girl can be sitting
here and just admiring.
Maybe one day you'll sell some of it.
You mentioned lighting being such a huge issue.
This mirror--
I mean, it's a professional.
JESSICA: A dream come true.
TRACY: And you're a professional.
I am.
And this is just going to take me to the next level.
TRACY: So right behind you, look real quickly--
JESSICA: I love it.
I love it.
As soon as I walked out--
look at my window.
I love it.
Oh my god.
Look at the feathers.
My chair is still here.
TRACY: Oh, and look up at the ceiling.
JESSICA: I love it!
This is amazing.
I couldn't have asked for anything else.
I'm glad to hear you say that.
JESSICA: I am so--
TRACY: Because I actually have a little bit more for you.
JESSICA: Really?
Oh my God.
TRACY: You didn't know?
And here is the cherry on the cake.
JESSICA: Oh my god.
This is amazing!
TRACY: Come on in.
JESSICA: Oh my god!

OLGA: Wow.
JESSICA: And all of your shoes fit in there.
OLGA: I love the colors.
TRACY: The tiles.
JESSICA: She loves the colors.
OLGA: Beautiful.
TRACY: We gave you a lot of definition, because the room
kind of felt a little short.
So we felt like we pushed that inset back.
We painted it dark to make it go deeper.
We added some lights for you, because again, I think the
biggest thing that you were missing was
some light in here.
JESSICA: From the bottom of my heart, I
appreciate this so much.
You've done such a beautiful job of my place.
I'm going to get choked up.
Thank you so much.
TRACY: It's my pleasure.
JESSICA: I appreciate it so much.
TRACY: You know, I feel like this one is a huge
life-changer for her.
I do think a lot of people are like,
thanks, my place is cuter.
But this one, I really do feel like it's going to be a
launching pad for her.
I feel like we've given her a place for her business to
really take off from.
JESSICA: I feel like I'm just going to want to get up and do
more for myself in the morning and just be more proactive and
productive in my life.
And this all is just so inspiring for me.

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