3M™ Iron Man Workstation Monitor, Sensitivity Setting -- Training

Uploaded by 3Melectronics on 01.10.2010

Iron Man can monitor over voltage levels or electrical overstress of 0-5 volts and 0 to
50 volts.
The manufacturers recommended setting is 0 to 5 volts.
Whenever a soldering iron, tweezers or other type of tool touches a grounded pad of a board,
Iron Man will alarm whenever the EOS levels on the board supersedes the limits that are
To change the range of the Iron Man monitor, we have to open up the unit.
The unit can be configured to have a lower sensitivity range of 0 to 50 volts.
First make sure that you are properly grounded.
Remove the two small Phillips screws from the back of the unit to remove the back cover.
Slide the circuit board and locate the Hi – Lo jumper 3 pin header.
You will see a “shunt” or “bridge” that is positioned between the center pin
and the “Hi” pin. Again, this means the unit is set to the high sensitivity or 0 to
5 volt range.
Take a small tweezers and carefully remove the “shunt” and relocate between the center
pin and “Lo” pin.
You have now changed the sensitivity of Iron Man to “Lo” or 0 to 50 volt range.
Slide the printed circuit board back into the housing and close the unit.