Simple Crocheted Booties - Left Handed Crochet Tutorial

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hi guys this is the tutorial that's gonna show you how to make
these really simple and very comfortable booties
and they come in defaults
for a woman and default size for a man
so let me show you the default adult sizes and once you get this pattern down you can
feel a free to make it for even a child
speaking of that wanted to grab my daughters booties
she's five
almost five, she's four and a half
anyway i made these booties for her, she loves pink
and purple
so uh...
all I did was measured her foot
all you need
is to make about
a little more than
you make the bottom
about three-fourths, this bottom
and then just the last 1/4 th

to be the toe part
so once you get this pattern down
you know that uh...
you've got to lose a little bit on the back when you sew it closed
and also when you sew it here
you can learn to make it the correct size for anyone
all you have to work

an odd number
so you want to end on 23, 29
it has to be an odd number not in even
for this project you're going to be using
two skeins of the yarn simultaneously
to make a double thick
but they don't have to be the same color
they can be like these that have two colors used
or you can do like this that has one color
this is a the default size for a woman, i'm going to be showing you how to make a
default size for a man, and i'll tell you
what you need to do to make it for a woman
so what you want to do
is grab both of the skeins of yarn
and your also going to need
a five millimeter hook
which is a size H hook
also for this project you will need a tapestry needle to do the sewing
and also you're going to need
a measuring tape
to measure the size of the bootie
so to start this first part
your going to need to grab
one strand from each
going to put them on the floor here
and use full
don't use a half or something like that
mine have been used as you saw. but I have already made one bootie
what you did is you put the
let me get a little closer here
put the yarn together
then you want to give yourself
a bit of a tail because your going to be using this
extra bit of tail / string
to sew in the bottom of your bootie later
so give yourself some tail before you start your slipknot
if you're making the default size for a woman
you want to chain thirty-four
and if you're making the default size for a man
then chain forty four
and there is always even number right now is because
once you single crochet into the second chain from the hook
then you will loose a
stitch, then you will be on odd numbers
so i'm doing that for a man and so i'm

I got my forty four chains
or if you're doing it female you have thirty four chains
going in through the second
chain from the hook

you want to do a single crochet
and you want to single crochet
all of your forty three stitches or
thirty three stitches
depending on what size your making
so single crochet down all of your stitches and I will see you
when you get back to the end
okay I got done
to the end of my row
now chain one and turn
if you're doing a
male booty
you want to
you single crochet in the first
fourteen stitches and if your doing a female bootie
single crochet
in the first eleven stitches
i'm doing a male size so i'm single crochet in the first fourteen
four, five
thirteen and fourteen. It's okay, you can see it's twisted, it will fix
itself as it gets bigger
so I got fourteen
i'm going to be doing a front post single crochet
which is just going into this stitch that i just got done
go into that space
and then pulling up through this next space and pushing the post forward
and you single crochet
using the post
and then now
you can see by
moving your yarn
you've used to stitch so you want to go into the next
just moving your project you can see the stitch you just got done
so this
is the next stitch
because i know it's going to be hard to tell but you get used to it
in the middle section of the bootie
for a man, you need to
single crochet in the next thirteen stitches
for women it's nine
so I will single crochet thirteen
nine stop there if
making it for woman
and thirteen
again going into the same space you just got done with
and go into the next
pushing that post for forward
you can see that this is the stitch that you just got done
with so this is the next stitch you are going to
you do a single crochet
single crochet the rest of your stitches
he should have the same amount that you started on this side
fourteen for a man, eleven for a woman
so that's one
thirteen and fourteen
chain one and turn
as you can see
the sections are broken up
you can see the divide because of the
front post that you did
so you'll have
thirteen, fourteen
in each section, and for women
you'll have eleven, nine, eleven

for round three
for row three, sorry
we're going to be repeating
the first single crochets
so I'm going to do my first fourteen
thirteen and fourteen
and since we did front post last time
we're going to be doing
back post this time
so go in
coming into the next one and pushing the post to the back

and single crochet
that is a single crochet back post
it's easier to see that
this is the stitch that you just wored the post
so you've used this stitch, so go to the next
one to the left and single crochet

our middle section for a man
has thirteen
some i'm going to count out, one, two, three
nine, stop there if your making it for a woman
ten eleven
and thirteen

again going into this last stitch we did so we can work with our
and then going into the next stitch, push the post back
then doing a single crochet on the post
and now you know you worked this post so go into the next stitch
ok i'm done and we know we have 14 stitches on this side
chain one and turn
I want to put a marker on this side
now we have the front side facing us
the post are sticking out here
we're going to put a
to mark this section so you know every time

you know every time on this side facing us
that we need to do a front post
when we get to these
two sections, then when
our marker
is on the backside we know that it's a back
post single crochet row
so we're going to start off by during our single crochets at the beginning
do my fourteen
threem four
and fourteen
i know in the same stitch here
single crochet I just did
go into that same stitch
pulling up
the next post
and doing a single crochet
and now working in the next stitch
single crochet over
the appropriate number needed for the size
mines thirteen so,
now going into that same
stitch I just got done with, this space here
pulling up post
doing a single crochet
again i'm going to count from here
four, six, eight,
so going into the next stitch
and single crochet my fourteen across
four, five
nine, ten
and fourteen
chain one
and turn
since we don't have a marker on the side
we know we will be doing back post this row
so you're going to be repeating those
two rows over and over and over again, until
your bootie reaches
fourteen centimeters
or five-and-a-half inches
and you want to stop
on the row where this side is facing you, the front post side is facing you
okay you need to continue to do this
like i said until
you reach fourteen centimeters or five and a half inches
and you need to end
this side
where it bends like this
the front post side
that shows, this side you can see it's flat
so stop on the
front side
so what we're going to
is in the first stitch, let me get a little closer here,
my first stitch
I'm going go in
through the post of the single crochet here
on the end
and do a front post
single crochet
in the second
post i'm going to do a back post single crochet
you go into the same stitch that you just went in
to do your first front post, go in through the back
then go into the next stitch, pushing the post back
like this
and then back post single crochet
just like you were doing before
going into the same stitch you just
went into
pull up the next
do you see where I am pulling my loop up here?
this is a stitch i'm only going to go into for the next stitch, and then here
it's just going to continue
so I do my front post
we will alternate
between front post and back post single crochets
starting with the front post
again going to that same stitch
pushing it back
the doing my back post single crochet
then again, going into that same stitch pushing the next
post forward
doing my front
then again going into that same stitch, push it back
back post
you want to continue to alternate between front and back post
single crochets
and the reason why we start on the side
because when doing our front post here
it should line up with the other fornt post that we did
okay finishing my last few stitches here
my last three stitches, this is a front post
a back post
and my front post
then you want to chain one and turn
and again
start off
grabbing the post of the single crochet
and you see
this next one
is a front post because
back here was a back post, so in
the places where you have
it pushed out
that has become a front post on this side, you want to front post
so on round two of the toe
your going to strat with a single crochet
and then you'll have
a front post
then back post, alternating
should be the same for yours too
keep in mind all the places
that you did
back posts
on this side
will be
will be a front post on this side
so when you're coming this way you remember too
do a front post where
you have it sticking out
just to keep that same pattern going
so you want to continue to do this
until your whole bootie
will reach twenty three centimeters or nine inches, its the same for men or
so when you get to twenty three centimeters
or nine inches, then i will show you how to sew them together
okay, I just got done with my last row
i'm missing the
top part of my measuring tape, so leaving some stitches at the top
I got to 23 inches and was on the wrong side, so I did one more row, so my bootie measures
twenty three-and-a-half centimeters
so um...
it important that you're on the same size as before with this
part on top
this is the
part of the bootie that will be shown
the outside of the bootie

so what you want to do is have it
right size that you need
let me grab my scissors
and leaving some tail for sewing, cause you are going to need to sew it
sew this
top part and your also going to be sewing
the bootie closed to here so
give yourself decent
amount of yarn
better to have to much than too little
and I already chained one so i'm just going to pull
my yarn through
then tighten the chain to form a knot
then get your tapestry needle
and thread both threads through

now we're going to be working
you will be feeding it back-and-forth through the
front and back post's
so i'm just gonna go in
through this back post
then go in
in between my stitches now
go back and forth
through a few stitches then pull it tight
make sure both
yarns are even
because you don't want a piece of yarn stitcking up
and then start again going in through one and coming back up through the next
back and forth
try to go with the natural
I just finished my last few stitches
keeping it with the
the bottom side of the bootie that will be shown when your done
so you want to do your sewing
like this, so that when you turn it back out again, your not going to see the sewing
so first you want to pull it tight
like this
it gathers all the
and then
you want to go in through
this corner
the top
see this is one end, and heres the other end
so your sewing the top corners together
go through this stitch
and pull it tight
just like this
closing up that hole
now holding this with your finger here
you want to go back
both sides
both corners
of the b ootie
now you got that secured we'll work
to close our hole here
so we're going to be working on
grabbing one side
to the next
and then you can go
down in
this corner
you don't want to go, straight back and forth back and forth
you want it to have some
kinda circular
thing going, so i'm going through this side, then over to this side
pull it almost all the way through
but not quite because I want to make a knot
by putting my needle
through than pulling
now i'm going to work
my tapestry needle
through my stitches to try to get it back up to this point
cause we need to sew the top of the bootie closed
now you want to try to line up
the toes section, where the stitches change
so line them up as
up as much as possible
but once you've got it good and even
now you can start working

back and forth
you can see the stitches
some what
to help
so go back-and-forth along this edge
until you get to the end of the toe part

this is my last
almost the last stitch of
my toe part, so i'm going to go ahead and make this one a knot
then i'm going to go in
the last stitch of the toe part
pull it up
but this time i'm not going to pull it all the way through
I'm going to pull it up until about there
grab my scissors
and i'm going to cut
leaving myself
some little tales
and i'm going to take one of them and push it nack through
my loop so now i have a tail on either side of my loop
then you can pull it
then tie a few knots
just like that
then you can use your hook to

hide some of it
or you can do what I usually do
is I just cut the tails down some
where it's about that short
like this
it won't mess with anything, so
we're going to be putting a
rim on the outside
removing my markers here
now, still working
with the good part of the bootie inside
grab your next tail at the bottom
the tail you left yourself for sewing at the beginning
and thread it
through your tapestry needle
and now working
corner to corner here
we'll be sewing until we get to
these lines, parts whatever you want to call them
the folded part, so
from here
to here, we need to sew
back and forth

once you get to the
section here
you stop
and then you can fold it
like a T
like this
you can grab both of them, see if it's even
since I am on this side, I am going to start through here
and go through
sewing this side of the T
then bring my yarn
to this
don't pull too tight
now i'm going to sew my
other side of
the T
then going to feed my
yarn back down through
this section
then do another embroidary knot
and use it to tie a knot
just like we did before
pulling one of my
loop and tieing a knot

then make a couple of knots

then cut my yarn here
now you turn your bootie
inside out

so that the good side is facing you know
grab your five millimeter hook
again, or size H hook
and um..
if you chose two different color yarns
then pick
one of the colors for the top of the bootie

to crochet around the top with, because we will be using one strand
just one, not double
when you're making this
so say if you wanted to do like
this one for instance
and you wanted to put a bow on it
i decided to add the bow later
so I didn't do this , but
if you want you can have
the bow here and you can do a few rounds at the end, or just the last
round, doing the same color as the bow, just to bring out that color more
it's up to you
but since i'm
making this bootie for my husband
and it's
a man's bootie
i'm not going to be putting any bows or anything on it
going to use the same color
we're going to start here
next to
where we sewn
our toe part
going into my first stitch on this side
pull up a
than just make this my first single crochet
i'm also going to be working over my tail as I go
i'm going in through
side stitches is here
theres not an exact one you have to go in
but each row
as you can see
has a ridge
here and here, so there's
really only one place you can put a
single crochet
I wanted to show you, when you get to the end parts where you sewed, here
and here where we started
we will be doing a decrease
just to bring those places together and also make it more snug around
the ankle
so i've got the place here where I have sewn
for this section i'm going to go in
and pull up a loop
then go through this section
pull up a loop
then do a single crochet
and i'm going to do the same
when I get to the other side as well
this is the toe part where we began
I have one stitch left before
so i'm going to go in
pull up a loop
going through the next that i can
right under the first
single crochet we did
and doing

a decrease
then go in through the first stitch
and do a single crochet
to keep doing it in one continous round
and i like to do five
rounds of single crochets, that was my first around, this is my second
so i'll be doing
a total of five
and the last two rows, i don't do any decreasing

so decrease on this round
and the next
this is my sew part,
where i did my decrease last round
using both stitches on either side of my last decrease
to make this space more even
then single crochet
back to the beginning, I see my
increase that i did, i see that these two
are part of the increase, I am going to use them both to do one
decrease to close the V shape, make it more

and do my decrease there
this is my first single crochet or the round
this is my third round of single crochet
again I am at the back stitch here
I am going to do another
decrease here
then continue your single crochets
now I am back to my beginning again
going to do, one more
here in the front
then check that your entrance
hole isn't to small
to get your foot in
you want it to be snug around the ankle because you don't want a lot of cold air
getting in
I wear my booties with socks but
still, if it's to loose here, it won't even stay on your foot
so that was the end of my third round, now for the next two
rounds, i'm just going to do one single crochet in each stitch around
because my hole seems
pretty good
okay i just got done with my fifth
round of single crochets
just an idea, at very last round you could
do the picot stitch or crab stitch or any kind of stitch you can think of, to add a nice border
it's up to you
going in through
my first stitch of the round
doing a slip stitch, chain one
cut my yarn
if you have
a little flower or something or a bow
I have a pair of booties that i bought that have little pom poms dangling
that I thought was really cute
but i'm bringing it down
to work in my
towards the rim of the booty itself, then i'm going to work it
down here
to hide my tail
then you should stretch it
to make sure the tail doesn't show
I want to show you the other booty
woman's booties
they have a little bow, and i sewed it
up here were your going to be wearing it, the top part doesn't stretch usually so much on the top
so i think as long as you don't sew it to tight
this booty here is mine
the one's I have been wearing, they're obviously dirty, but
even with all the wear and tear, see this top part hasn't really stretched much at all
this is also done with two different colors
usually I use the darkest color to make the
top of the rim of the booty
so if you wanted to get like
a flower or something
you could put it up, toward
the top like that
to make it look
pretty for girls
then feel free
so i hoped that you liked this tutorial
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