Ross Davenport at BP Portrait Award: Next Generation Summer School, 2012

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Do you think that art can be related to sport in terms of being dedicated and motivated
like yourself?
In our sport we have to train everyday, for so many hours, for so many weeks, for so many
months, to finally get a result at the end of it. It's just like an artist; the amount
of hours you have you have to put into it to finally get the picture, four, five, six
months down the line. So the correlation are very similar.
Do you have any plans for the future?
I'm enjoying this time now relaxing after the Games, it was very very hectic, and coming
down to inspire young leaders and young people is very rewarding for me, so hopefully I can
do a lot more of that in the future. My advise is to work hard. You can't get to the top
of the podium at the Olympic Games by making short cuts. You've got to be dedicated,
you've got to work hard and you've go to want it. Because if you don't want it,
nobody's going to do it for you.
How did you find it being a life-model for the day?
It's my first experience of being a life-model and I loved it, I absolutely loved it and I'd
love to do it again. Seeing some of the drawing afterwards... It's scary how lifelike they
are and they're a really talented bunch of young people.
How are you so motivated?
Well for the last seven years, I've been motivated by 'London', just being there
and doing my family proud and myself proud, but in terms of getting up each day, I want
to try and be the best in the world. Chances are it's not going to happen, but if you
aim to be the best then if you fall short you're still going to be pretty decent.
So aim as high as you possibly can and if you don't get there you'll still achieve