Best Website Hosting: How To Pick The Best Website Hosting Provider

Uploaded by bestwebsitehosting on 10.01.2012

how to pick the best website hosting provider
are you trying to get your website online
does website hosting confuse you
Relax it's simple
there are three basic types of web hosting available they are a free server 0:00:16.570,0:00:20.500a shared server or a dedicated server
what in the world is a server you ask
a server is a very large computer with a boatload of memory it can store
all of your web pages and put them up on the internet for people to find
you can use a free server if you are putting up a personal website for social
purposes face book and my space are perfect examples of this
a shared server will host your website along with many others you will have
full control over what goes on your website for a low monthly cost of ten
dollars or less the main disadvantage is limited storage and band with
a dedicated server is the best website hosting choice for large websites with lots of traffic
your website is hosted on a single server by itself with unlimited storage
and bandwidth at a monthly cost of one hundred dollars or more
with its low monthly cost and flexibility a shared server is perfect
for the majority of people putting a website online especially for those just
starting out
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