Food City Kitchen On WVLT, Chef Walter and Jan Charles - South of Cali Panini

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bjbj Walter: We are pleased to have with us today Chef Tim Swinehart. I remembered, didn't
I? You didn't think I'd remember . . . from Central Flat & Taps, out on Central Avenue,
He's going to make a Panini for us. Jan: I'm going to claim one. I just want everybody
to know. One of these is mine. Tim: She's already going to take one. Jan: Yes, I am.
Walter: That's the way she is, can't help it. You've got some turkey. Tim: Yes, sir.
We have fresh shaved turkey. Jan: I want to know what you have in here, because this stuff,
the fragrance is amazing. I snuck a taste, and I want it as body butter. Walter: She
always tastes. She always sneaks a taste. Tim: Body butter. Walter: Let's talk about
it while you're putting that good sandwich together. Tim: Walter: I understand that you've
got this special program running at Flats, out on Central Avenue. You old folks like
me know that it's in Happy Holler. Tim: Absolutely. Right now, we're going to offer a special.
If you bring in some cans for Second Harvest Food Bank or a donation, we're going to take
$1 off your total bill. We're just trying to support the Second Harvest and keep all
that going. Walter: That's one of the things that marks your restaurant; local support
for producers, grocers. Tim: Absolutely. We try to support our local economy as much as
possible, anything we can buy locally to keep things just moving with the freshness of the
products that are available locally, and just try to stay with that theme. Walter: While
we've been talking, you have put some Gouda cheese on. See, I've been paying attention.
Tim: Smoked Gouda cheese, by the way. Oh, yeah. Walter: Show off. Tim: We have fresh
avocado. We put half an avocado on there. We put about 4 ounces of fresh turkey on it.
This is a hot sandwich. Then we put the Gouda. We would melt the Gouda, we have that avocado,
and then we like to do our fresh local onions. Walter: Tim: m going to slide it down. If
you don't like onions or avocado, please give it a try anyway. But we will take it off for
you. Walter: All right. Tim: Then we have a lovely pesto aioli over here, or pesto mayo,
that we like to serve with our sandwiches. We have many different sauces for our sandwiches.
Walter: I never admit that I taste things before we get on the air, but this time Jan
caught me, and she'll tell on me if I don't. Jan: That's right. I think that stuff should
be in a teacup. It's that good. Tim: s delicious. Walter: Is this a mark of the sort of food
I should expect? Tim: Absolutely. We try to do a very simple, fresh, easy-build food that
will allow us to do it every single day fresh. We make it as we go. We make it fresh every
day. Jan: I want to show this one off. Walter: Yes, do show off that finished one because
it looks right pretty. One quick thing before we finish. I understand you're going to have
a special guest on Friday. Tim: The mayor is coming. We're real excited. Walter: The
mayor of [inaudible: 02:46] is coming out there, and if you want to go complain to him
about something, that d be an idea, because that's what you do with mayors. Tim: Absolutely.
Walter: Central Flat & Taps, Central Avenue; good stuff. Tim: Thank you. Walter: Do you
want this recipe? Write to Chef's Recipes, 6450 Papermill Drive, Knoxville, Tennessee,
37919. Send me a self-addressed stamped envelope, or go to h1*6 gdv6 gdv6 gdv6
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