Seeking Love, 6회, EP06, #04

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Pearl, did I tell you to follow strangers?
- He’s not a stranger. - Who is he then?
Mom’s friend. I saw him here.
Still, you should tell me where you’re going.
I was coming to see you.
You don’t have to come to me. I’ll come to you.
You know my number, right?
Good. Lucky. Let’s go. I’ll buy you ice-cream.
Let’s go.
Oh my goodness… Something bad could’ve happened.
My heart dropped when my formidable Mother couldn’t get up.
I realized the importance of an adult.
Why did she collapse?
That’s good.
Marry her off to the kid’s daddy. Why worry?
Marry? Why would you say something terrible like that?
Do you know what a horrible guy he is?
He’s Pearl’s dad.
Just because of that? You’re saying this too indifferently.
I’m sincerely saying this.
I married 3 times because I wanted a father for Gyuhan.
Why is it about someone else?
I can’t let her marry him.
Do you want to live with your abusive husband again?
Did he abuse Yoonhee? Then forget about it!
She should live by herself. That’s out of the question!
It’s not that, but he’s that bad…
He’s worse than that!
Yoonhee has no luck with guys. Poor thing.
What about her? She can still get married.
It’s nonsense when people say women’s life is like a gourd.
We haven’t used gourds in so long.
She can create her own destiny.
Why worry about Yoonhee? She makes money, and her child is healthy.
She lives well without a husband.
Children are troublemakers.
Why do you keep playing with Yoonhee’s child?
If you adore someone else’s kid, you should get married.
She’s cute cuz she isn’t mine. It’s hard raising a child.
Your child will be cuter!
Wanna go on a blind date?
Why would I do that when I have plenty of girls? I have more than enough.
Not that kind of woman. A sweet girl. Are you gonna keep living like this?
My mom’s finally matured to worry about her son.
Oh my, can’t believe you’re making fun of me.
Don’t worry. I can live well on my own.
Why live by yourself?
You were the fruit of your father and my love for each other.
Why can’t you settle down? You make me upset.
- Am I not a good mom to you? - Mom, that’s not what I mean.
I married 3 times, but you’re my only son.
People point fingers at you because I took the easy way out.
But why did I get married 3 times?
It’s so that you could have a father figure like other kids.
If I were alone, I would’ve gotten by somehow.
So please live like regular people, okay? You should start living a normal life.
Okay. I’ll think about it.
I’ll get mad if you set up blind dates without asking me, okay?
Then you’ll do it?
- Mother. - Grandmother, where are you going�