Get a tour of the national parks via your cell phone

Uploaded by Hawaii247com on 11.05.2010

E Komo Mai
Welcome to Pu‘uhonua O Honaunau National Historical Park and thank you for using our cell phone walking tour.
The cellphone guided tour is basically developed to supplement our
walking tour that people use a brochure for. Instead of reading the information they could
listen to their cell phone and
look at the grounds more than looking at the brochure. This was spearheaded by
our Chief Ranger Ben Saldua.
He contracted it with a company called On Cell Systems.
They set up a system
in the internet but we develop the content and they make it pretty easy for us. We recorded it, set it up
they give us a local phone number.
The visitor just dials the phone number and listens to the audio tour.
So it's very simple and it doesn't cost the park very much, we don't have to come up
with a lot of equipment costs up front.
Generally we've had positive feedback with this. The two other parks that are considered sister
parks to us are Koloko-Honokohau
and Puukohola Heiau. They've had it for several months now and they've had a lot
of positive feedback. I wrote and recorded the narration.
My trial is a trial version, once we get some feedback and do somemore edits
we're going to have other rangers and other park staff to do more of the recording.
So basically we have 16 sites and this is the first one right here.
For every site there's about a minute to two minutes of narration giving the details, the significance
historical as well as cultural.
So basically,
any kind of cell phone
while you're here you just have to dial a local number. If it's a weekday you may
be using up some of the your minutes but on the weekends most people are have free
minutes so it really wouldn't cost you anything.
Also you could actually listen to it at home before you come here from any telephone
because it's just a local Hawaii telephone number.