Honey and Clover Episode 1.1 (English-subbed)

Uploaded by DenZhenShan on 15.10.2009

TKA Subbers Translator: Amanda Timer/Editor: Lilea http://iswakfansubs.blogspot.com/
If this is of any use,
his name would not be Ren Sen Tian.
Let him sleep on.
Afterall, he has been in University for 5 years already.
One more year of school fees
is but only $50,000!!!
That’s great, senior! You are finally awake!
To spend more money paying school fees? Impossible!
Thanks, Zhu Ben. I’m awake.
You are sleeptalking?!
Give me 5 more minutes!
Senior! Wake Up! Hurry!
You are going to be late. Don’t sleep anymore.
Get up! Senior!!!
Get up!
Sen Tian,
this can activate your brain cells
and increase your blood sugar – Coffee-flavoured Milk.
Observe carefully.
This is your favourite coffee-flavoured milk.
Sen Tian Senior,
we have tried our best!
OK! Very good.
This should be able to alleviate 30% of Sen Tian’s anger.
Keep it up!
Only 30%?
Sen Tian Senior! Wake up!
Please, I beg you. Wake up!
Zhu Ben, If you can’t wake him by 8am,
you may use this skateboard to get to school yourself.
I’m leaving first. All the best!
Are you leaving like that?
Sen Tian Senior told me if I do not wake him up.
he will cut my hair…
He will give me a bowl cut!
It is not as if you do not know.
Sen Tian was missing for 14 days.
He looks he won’t wake up unless he sleeps for 48 hours.
I don’t care! Help me think of something.
He’s awake…he’s awake.
Zhen Shan Senior!
Senior, I beg you. Please open your eyes!
Just take one look at me. Hurry up, Senior!
Senior, I have tried my best.
If you have to be retained and pay for another term…
Don’t blame me!!
No more school fees!
Senior! Sen Tian Senior!
Senior! Wait for me!
Sen Tian Senior, wait up!
Sen Tian Senior!
Ya Gong!
Ren Sen Tian!
Your skateboard
is made of materials stolen from our art class!
Tell me. Do you want to pay up or be beaten up?
I didn’t do it.
Don’t play innocent with me.
If not you, who else?
It’s Zhen Shan!
If you don’t believe me, ask him!
Happy Birthday, Zhen Shan!
Thank you!
This should cancel the debt I owe you!
Ha ha ha!
Den Zhen Shan!
Den Zhen Shan.
Ya Gong, this is a misunderstanding. The skateboard is Sen Tian…
We will talk about the skateboard later.
I heard that you were chatting with a pretty girl in a bar last night.
Ah! That is a misunderstanding too.
A junior of mine was depressed after breaking up with her boyfriend.
There was nothing between us.
Nothing? Does she need to lean so close if there was nothing?
How did you get this picture?
My cousin’s cousin’s boyfriend’s friend gave it to me.
She could not believe her eyes.
She gave it to me immediately after she came back last night.
How does she know who I am?
And how does she know that I know you?
Zhen Shan,
Zhen Shan,
And Zhen Shan
Ya Gong, why does your camera
have so many of Zhen Shan’s pictures?
Shut up!
Ya Gong’s Kick!
Ya Gong Senior. You are really cool!
Zhu Ben, take that to my art studio.
I need to change my skirt.
But…I’m late too.
Forget it, Zhu Ben. You go to class.
I will deal with this.
Hwang Yi Xuan.
Hwang Xiao Cui.
Ren Sen Tian.
Drinking a martini.
Holding the hand of a pretty girl.
Dancing the hula-hula.
Watching the waves.
Sitting in a room with a sea view.
Watching my most arrogant student, Ren Sen Tian’s
DVD of his interview.
My Dream Retirement.
Although we can’t get to Hawaii,
we still can get the Hawaiian feel.
Old Man, old ideas.
Why do you need to cross the Pacific?
I am not there to upset you.
You might get bored to death.
Sen Tian,
you are the best among all the students in my many years of teaching.
If not for the fact that I want to see you graduate with my own eyes,
I would have retired to Hawaii.
You are not only holding me back,
you are holding yourself back.
Did you hear that?!
I heard it. I heard it.
Even the security guards at the school gate heard it.
I am telling you this seriously.
As a teacher to a student,
I’m telling you this.
You must take part in the school competition for Dream Land design.
Other than you,
no one else can show the world
the true standard of this arts school.