Jennifer Lawrence El Hormiguero Show April 20 2012 Part 1 English Subbed

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And now, brought directly from Hollywood
the protagonist of The Hunger Games
Jennifer Lawrence!
Jennifer, how are you? Welcome, welcome
I'm fine
Does the earpiece work?
It falls off a little
Yeah, I'm trying to connect...
to the satellite outside
Everything's alright
Well, anyway this is nothing for you
because you have done amazing things in this movie
related to survival
You're the main character of the movie
which everybody says will be the movie of the year
The Hunger Games, which opens in Spain on April 20th
It's been a craziness in the USA in the box office
the figures are stunning
It broke box office records a month before its release
beating the record of The Twilight Saga
They're always comparing them
Even the author of the Twilight Saga and Stephen King are fans of these novels, of the trilogy
and I think that you too, right?
You knew these novels
Yeah, I read the books and I was a huge fan
and then I heard they were going to make a movie
and I went to the casting
And a few weeks passed and suddenly they called me and told me that the role was mine
That easy? That easy?
Yeah, that easy
But then...I heard you had a problem
You wasn't sure about the movie
because you knew that if you did this movie, you'd be known all around the world
You had some doubts, right?
Yeah, I was a little scared
because...there aren't a lot of decisions you can make that will change your life
and I had many fears
and it took 3 days to think about it
and finally I decided that I wanted to make this movie and I was just afraid
You're so famous that they've made toys of...
have you seen yourself?
Oh my God. No, I haven't seen this already
They're pretty new
Look, you are all here
Oh my God...Sorry. Sorry, Josh
This is you, beacuse in the movie you're brunette
I guess this is what I really look like
my head looks like a football ball with a braid
I have a horrible balance
Tell me, for all the people who don't know about this phenomenon,
what is this movie about?
I am this character in The Hunger Games, and I do this; I fall
no; actually, Katniss is a young girl that gets involved in this games where she has to fight to survive
and at the end she becomes a warrior for her people
and you were training like 4 hours a day to do all you have to do in the movie
what was the weirdest thing that you have learnt?
The weirdest thing...
probably...well, archery is something I never thought I would learn
and I had to do it and I loved it at the end
and the hand in hand combat was weird too
because is fake
you have to pretend you have punched someone
and...I guess agility because you have to run and jump at once
and you have to improve your balance and learning how to fall...
I think you were scared
because...tell me about the exploding and burning trees' scene
because I think
the fire was too close, maybe, or what?
Yeah, it was funny because I had been practicing the trial again and again
and the trees were marked like: this one is gonna explode, and this is the trial
and then, suddenly, everything started burning
and everything started exploding and I forgot everything I learnt; which tree were going to explode
and I thought: "well, today I die"
"today I die, today is the day"
and when I got to the end they said "cut! let's do it again"
and I thought "Great. Well, let's see if this time I remember the trial"
Is funny because you have done all these scenes
but you had to be dubbed for whistling
You can't whistle
You can shoot an arrow, you can ride a horse
you can run among burning trees
but you can't whistle
I can whistle a little bit. It's just...annoying
it's odd, I'm not able to...whistle a tune
I can do the sound. I whistle, but...
and you can't whistle like...?
Oh, no. I'm not like you. You whistle like a bird
I can teach you
No matter what I achieve, I'll always be the girl who can't whistle
Well, folks, let's see The Hunger Games trailer
Welcome, and happy Hunger Games
Primrose Everdeen
I volunteer! I volunteer as tribute
You're stronger than they're
There's 24 of us, and only one comes out
Take care of them, Gale, and whatever you do don't let them starve
Katnis Everdeen, the girl on fire!
I just keep wishing that I could think in a way to show them that they don't own me
if I'm gonna die, I wanna still be me
I just can't afford to think like that
Wow! It looks fantastic! the movie you have this mentor who is Woody Harrelson
you were excited to meet him
and I think you went to his trailer to introduce you
and suddenly you found a surprise
there was this...swing inside his trailer was a yoga swing but I thought it was a sex swing
I had prepared what I was going to tell him and I was really know, Woody Harrelson
and I walked in and the first thing I said was:
"is that a sex swing?"
and he stared at me and said " a yoga swing"
and then we sat in the couch and drank a juice
we never really had a proper introduction, we just talked about sex swings
well, I don't know how are them either, but there were some chains hanging from the ceiling
and it was in the middle of the room
and I thought
"this is how I would picture a sex swing"
if I designed them, they would look like that
Did you meet more people there? because your stylist in the movie is Lenny Kravitz
Yeah. Lenny Kravitz plays Cinna, my stylist
That's cool. Did he usually play his music at nights?
Yeah, the meeting point when we all went after finishing filming was his room
there's where we had all our partys
and he plays...he's and amazing guitar player and that was really funny
but what I used to do was watch the TV, so he bothered me when he played
Jennifer, you’re the new great promise everywhere
maybe you’re tired to hear it
cause you’ve been nominated to the Oscars at such a young age
You've been the presenter this year
I wonder what’s like to enter that Hollywood world for the first time
how are the partys?
How do you organize at partys?
I never know what to talk about at partys
I's alright
I don't really know what to say
it's just kind of me sitting on the corner
drinking and doing weird stuff
I don't know exactly...
I don't fit there. I'm like the weird girl on the bar who everyone ignores
But, for example, suddenly you see Brad Pitt
how is it? you've seen him a lot?
It happens to me sometimes...
the other day Denzel Washington was here, and I was interviewing him
and I was like "c'mon, take out your gun and start a gunfire!"
you're like...expecting them to do some movie stuff
No, I haven't actually met him
I've seen him from like a few feet away, and it was lifechanging
but I try to avoid people that I really admire because I get really nervous and I act like and idiot
and I know the second I start talking with them I'm making a fool of myself
so I just stay quiet