Uploaded by lacigreen on 10.05.2012

Hey everyone!
So I'm noticing a trend spurring in the marketing world.
Advertisers are taking things
that are typically deemed more feminine
and then masculinizing it
so that they can sell it to manly men.
There's lufahs and then there's shower tools for men.
There's healthy cereal
and there's some man crunchies for us guys.
There's clothing irons
and then there's a smoothing tool made with real man iron.
And the list goes on and on with soup,
diet soda, paint samples, candles…
You want me to use this shit?
I only use razors infused with danger.
So nevermind the fact that all these products
that are deemed sort of feminine
are things that can be used by all genders,
it's more socially acceptable
for women to use more masculine products
that it is for men to use feminine products.
When a woman takes on more masculine traits
or has a more masculine job,
when she wears men's clothes,
it's seen as way more acceptable
than if a man were to say wear women's clothes,
get a manucure, or doing more "female jobs"
like taking care of children, nursing, fashion.
Pairing men with feminity is seen as an insult
like you're lowering yourself.
You have women doing masculinity,
it's not an insult to women.
I think it's safe to say that
there might even be some fear of the feminine.
I've heard this phenomenon referred to in some circles
as femmephobia.
So this aversion to the feminine in marketing and products
is one of the outcomes of femmephobia.
Another outcome is that anytime someone
who is perceived as a man is aligning with anything femininy,
it is perceived as a direct threat
to Mr Manly Man's masculinity.
You can be aggressive, you can be intolerant,
you can be hateful,
but don't you dare wear a dress.
Or so comes "you're a fag", "you're a pussy",
and the violence.
I love me some masculine traits,
but this hypermasculinity, man, I just can't do it!
Another example is that sometimes, in progressive circles,
women who are perceived as very feminine are looked down upon.
"Oh, they're so oppressed", you know,
"they've internalized sexism".
And while I think those sentiments are complex,
part of it is coming from the place
where we have learned to see feminine things as bad.
I myself have participated in this
and shamed other women for being very feminine.
But this was a mistake on my part
because it's not the feminine stuff that is the problem.
The problem is the expectation
that anybody who is perceived as a woman
dress a certain way, wear certain kind of clothes,
behave a certain way, whatever.
The problem is that feminine things
are only for people with vaginas and boobs.
The problem is that feminine things
are seen as less valuable than masculine things.
The problem is the enforcement and the shaming
when you're not feminine.
Rejecting the feminine can be an important critique
of oppressive gender roles
so long as that critique
doesn't turn into actual hatred of feminity.
I think that pushing back against this idea
that men need to be super masculine
and that there's something wrong with feminine expression in men
is a great service to both men and women.
It's just silly to me that men and boys
who take an interest in make-up or more feminine clothing
are somehow gay or mentally ill.
That kind of black and white thinking,
girl, that is so 4000 BC.
Allright my loves, go out there,
embrace your fem side,
I will see you next Thursday.