ISS Update - Dec. 26, 2012

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Good morning and happy holidays.
This is mission control Houston.
Welcome and thank you for joining us for today's edition
of ISS update this day
after Christmas Wednesday, December 26.
Joining us now inside International Space Station
flight control room, consoles decorated with Santa caps
and Christmas trees with the team here
at the monitoring the systems aboard the space station
and supporting today's activities
at the Expedition 34 crew members.
Flight Director Greg Whitney is leading the orbit two team here
and the station flight control room today.
Next to him is astronaut Jack Fisher, who is serving
as the Capcom relaying all ground messages up to the crew.
Now onboard the International Space Station as commander
of the complex NASA astronaut Kevin Ford
with Flight Engineers Russian cosmonauts Oleg Novitskiy
and Evgeny Tarelkin who are in their third month in space
and now have the help of three crew members,
Flight Engineers Roman Romanenko,
Chris Hadfield and Tom Marshburn.
The newest crew members of Expedition 34 Romanenko,
Hadfield and Marshburn arrived
to the international space station last week
on December 21 aboard their Soyuz TMA 07M spacecraft
after docking it to the Rassvet module on their launch
on December 19.Today the newcomers will complete the
fifth day in space.
Meanwhile there aboard the station a great new crew
members, Commander for without flight engineers Novitskiy
and Tarelkin launch
to the orbiting complex aboard their Soyuz spacecraft
as the Expedition 33 crew back in October.
There vehicle docked to the Poisk module
at the space station two days after their launch on October 25
and today they will complete 63 consecutive days in space.
The space station with its crew aboard is now flying
at an altitude of about 250 statute miles.
The orbiting facility is on the northeast Eastern track coming
across the North Atlantic Ocean
and will eventually about 10 min.
make a Southeast time for passing off the southern tip
of Ireland, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Romania.
The Expedition 34 crew members began their day
with sometime this morning for work prep, morning hygiene
and daily station inspection.
The crew then kicked off the day with the first
of two daily planning conferences
with ground controllers around the world
to review today's activities and plan for the next set of tasks.
Commander Ford began his morning working
to loaded new control software, upgrade he promised to one
of the experiment racks and a Japanese module to make and what
with a couple of science experiments spent some time
reviewing the Lego bricks study that uses the common Lego bricks
to demonstrate simple science concepts
and how Construction works differently
in the microgravity environment.
Ford also had conducted a session
with the reversible figures experiment
that studies whether the perception of a figure
that can only be seen to change of perspective orientation
in two different ways is affected by microgravity.
Commander Ford also took time out today to talk
with University of Notre Dame earlier this morning we will
replay that back to live in-flight event later during
today's ISS update.
Ford and new station residents flight engineer Chris Hadfield
had worked together for a function handover review
of correct pulley alignment
of the advanced resistive exercise device.
This is the exercise system
that simulates weightlifting here on Earth.
Ford now performed a an hour of his daily two-hour exercise,
He will then closeout the software load performed earlier
this morning and I participate
in a private medical conference this afternoon.
New station resident Chris Hadfield kicked off his day
with his that two-hour daily exercise using the advanced
resistive exercise device, and also the onboard treadmill;
he then had some time for continued station orientation.
Hadfield relocated a couple of items stowed
in the experiment racks in advance of a couple
of experiment operations that'll be
at conducted this week and also next week.
Hadfield will participate in a private medical conference
and he'll also performed regular maintenance to the onboard waste
and hygiene compartment, later he also will perform a session
with the reversible figures experiment.
Flight Engineer Tom Marshburn spent some time this morning
with the Lego bricks study, had Some Additional Time
for Space Station Orientation.
Marshburn Then Conducted a Review
of the Onboard Refrigerator Nknown
as the -80 Laboratory Freezer.
This Is Used to Store Biological and Experiment Samples
That Require Refrigeration Aboard the International
Space Station.
Marshburn Also Will Participate in a Private Medical Conference
and Will Have Time to Work on Entry for the at Journal Study.
Meanwhile on the Russian Side of the House,
Flight Engineers Novitskiy and Tarelkin Worked Together
on the Typology Experiment, That Looks at the Effect
of Long-Term Spaceflight
on a Crew Members Psychophysical State and Ability
to Withstand Stress and to Perform and Communicat.
Novitskiy Performed Regular Daily Maintenance
to the Russian Life Support System,
Also Romanenko Had Additional Time for Crew and Orientation.
Each of the Crew Members Will Put
in Their Daily Two-Hour Some Exercise Using the Onboard
Gym Equipment.
Again, that Includes the Station Bicycle, a Treadmill
and an Advanced Resistive Exercise Device
That Simulates Weightlifting Here on Earth.
The Crew Will Then Wrap the Day
with a Final Daily Planning Conference with the Ground
and Is Then Scheduled to Go to Bed at 3:30 p.m. Central Time.
This Is Mission Control Houston