The Bethy Awards w/ BriTANicK LIVE - 1/10/13

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BETH HOYT: Really it's just an honor to be nominated.
BETH HOYT: Hey, everybody, welcome to My
Damn Channel Live.
I'm Beth Hoyt, and man do we have a show for you.
OK, today the show we have the amazing sketch duo BriTANick,
BriTANick of the highly be-- the YouTube channel,
BriTANick whose t--
hi, guys.
Let's start over.
I just got back from Vegas.
I'm still drunk.
Anyway, I'm not.
They're from the highly viewed YouTube channel BriTANick,
whose videos have been featured on Cracked, and
nominated for the Comedy Awards.
They've also appeared in movies, such as Joss Whedon's
"Much Ado About Nothing." They're here.
But right now, let's get to this.
Do you smell it?
It's dead Christmas trees.
But also, it's award season.
It's in the air.
Oscar nominations were announced this morning.
The Golden Globes are happening this weekend.
What is Jennifer Lawrence going to wear on her amazingly
boobed body?
What is Hugh Jackman going to wear on his
amazingly boobed body?
Also, I just got back from Las Vegas, as I mentioned, where
everyone who's anyone internet was there
for the IAWTV Awards.
I met them all.
Who do you want to talk about?
So I'm still wearing my dress from the awards, because, you
know, it's timely right now.
And because we are having our own award ceremony today on My
Damn Channel Live.
Ladies and gentlemen of the internets, I present to you
the first annual Bethy Awards.
NATE: My Damn Channel Live presents, the Bethy Awards.

NATE: Hey Beth?
BETH HOYT: Oh, Nate.
Nate's in his corner.
BETH HOYT: So Nate will be being comment DJ all show.
So get your questions and stuff in the chat right now.
Nate will bring them up throughout the show.
NATE: Yeah, OK.
Why do we call it the Bethy Awards?
BETH HOYT: Because, well that sounds, like, a lot better
than the Damny Awards.
NATE: Yeah, but you could, yeah, but you could call it,
like the Nate--

BETH HOYT: You crack me up, Nate.
He's so funny.
OK, so the Bethys.
Everyone's going to want one of these,
trust me on this one.
You might even be nominated, Nate.
NATE: Wait, really?
Anything is always possible in awards season.

So you've got to know how to react when award
situations go down.
You just got to be ready, Nate.
NATE: How are we supposed to be ready?
BETH HOYT: You got to practice,
practice, practice, practice.
OK, Nate, give me, give me a situation that would happen at
the Oscars.
NATE: OK, sure.
OK, so you're Anne Hathaway.
NATE: You've worked your entire life for this award.
You cut all of your hair off for "Les Mis." You're pretty
sure you're going to win.
But in last minute, Meryl Streep pulls out the victory.
How do you react?
BETH HOYT: Still keep smiling.
She has those big eyes and mouth.
She'd just keep smiling.
All right.
NATE: That's terrifying.
BETH HOYT: Gosh, that's what I think about, you know?
That's how she does it.
We need your help, you guys.
Leave a comment with awards show reactions for Nate and I.
We'll give them a shot.
Here's one for you, Nate.
BETH HOYT: You're Hugh Jackman [COUGHS]
You just won Best Actor.
You want to be taken seriously, but, like, you're
fighting an immense cry.
Do it.

I've never seen so many emotions happen on your face.
And all at once.
That was very impressive.
NATE: Thanks.
BETH HOYT: You've--
So now I know-- now I'll never know when you're just smiling
big, if you're fighting a cry.
I'll never know that now.
NATE: Nope.
BETH HOYT: It's a mystery for all of us
to just wonder about.
This is good.
OK, well, we're getting some face game suggestions from you
guys in the chat.
I've got another one.
OK, you're not nominated.
So you arrived at the awards show drunk.
You like, you're goofing around.
Maybe you're tweeting.
Or maybe you're, like, making fun of the little girl from
"Beasts of the Southern Wild."
And then the camera pans to you.
OK, give me those faces.

So good.
You guys are so ready to be guests of the Bethy Awards.
Please welcome, you guys at home,
Brian and Nick of BriTANick.
NICK: Hello.
BETH HOYT: That's what--
BRIAN: Get it fucking right.
NICK: Everyone, everyone makes that mistake.
It's fine.
BRIAN: No, it's totally fine.
It's a made up word.
BETH HOYT: But I knew that.
NICK: We just die a little on the inside.
BETH HOYT: I know.
Well, it's because Brian.
BRIAN: Yeah, exactly.
NICK: And, and also Nick.
BRIAN: No, it's just because of Brian.
BETH HOYT: The Nick part I got.
The Nick part, I have nailed down.
NICK: Good, good.
BETH HOYT: I'm going to get it.
I'm good.
BRIAN: Thanks for having us.
NICK: Yeah.
BETH HOYT: Well, thank you for being here.
I'm a big fan.
NICK: Thank you.
BETH HOYT: Don't let the fact that I said it wrong get in,
get in the way--
BRIAN: Get in the way of that lie you just told us?
BETH HOYT: No, it's true.
It's very true.
I've been a big fan for a long time.
NICK: This studio is terrible for my ADD.
BETH HOYT: Oh yeah.
NICK: This is, this is, this is, like, the most horrifying.
BETH HOYT: So if we lose you I just give a little clap.
BRIAN: Seizure.
There's so much color in here, guys.
BETH HOYT: It's true.
It's true.
We got a lot going on.
Do you have any suggestions for, like, the awards--
NATE: Viewers do.
BETH HOYT: OK, great.
NATE: There's a comment.
It should be coming up there.
BETH HOYT: Christopher Nolan-- this is from Jim McCann--
Christopher Nolan watching the nominations this morning with
high school people he's trying to impress.
BRIAN: Was he nominated?
BETH HOYT: Uh, yeah.
Oh, wait.
BRIAN: Are we doing it?
NICK: Are we doing it now?
NICK: OK, we do it now.

BRIAN: Whoa.
NICK: Whoa.
BRIAN: Look at that.
NICK: I directed "Inception." We're--
we're-- we'-re both Christopher Nolan.
We're both--
we're both Christopher Nolan.
BRIAN: Split him.
We've mitosized.
BETH HOYT: Christopher Nolan could do that.
BRIAN: Guys, look at what we-- look at this
movie we one directed.
It's crazy.
NICK: You may be more curious as to how we're two people.
But I want to point out that my movie got nominated.
BRIAN: And I am the same, and so I say the same as well.
BETH HOYT: You guys are taking the faces game above and
beyond, and just showing what great performers you are.
NICK: Accuracy.
BETH HOYT: I also need to clear up-- no, I mean, the two
of you combined, if you put yours together it would be--
BRIAN: I said mitosized.
Is that a word?
BETH HOYT: Your toe size?
BRIAN: Mito--
BETH HOYT: What's your toe size?
NICK: Yeah, what is your toe size, Brian?
BRIAN: My toe size?
You know what that means.
Um, I--
NICK: Weirdly long toes.
BETH HOYT: Good luck finding shoes, is what that means.
I also want to clear up that Christopher
Nolan didn't get nominated.
I thinking Christopher Waltz from "Django."
BRIAN: Yes, very different people.
NICK: I was like, really?
BETH HOYT: So then, I was, by your reaction, I was like, let
me double check that in my mental Wikipedia.
NATE: I got another one, too.
BETH HOYT: Nate, what do you got?
NATE: This one is DJames216.
Says you hate awards but were forced to show up to the show.
You win and couldn't care less, but try and humor
everyone that are happy.
BETH HOYT: Wait, you were nominated, or no?
NATE: You win.
But you don't care.
BETH HOYT: Wow, so you're like Daniel Day-Lewis.
NICK: Yeah.
BRIAN: Yeah.
That was good Daniel Day-Lewis right there.
Were you trying to do that?
NICK: What did I do?
BETH HOYT: You were like, oh, yeah.
NICK: Oh, OK, good.
NICK: Good.
BRIAN: You do it.
BETH HOYT: Yeah, take it.
NICK: Thanks.
Very subtle.
Very effective.
Very accurate.
NICK: I lived for a year as a shoe cobbler
to prepare for that--
BRIAN: Prepare for Daniel Day-Lewis's?
NICK: Reaction, yeah.
BETH HOYT: You can tell.
Yeah, wow.
Good work.
NATE: Got another one.
BETH HOYT: Yes, Nate.
NATE: MarianaMonise says, Nicolas
Cage acceptance speech.
I don't even think he's nominated, but--
BETH HOYT: Do you guys do a Nicholas Cage?
NICK: That means he's-- that means he's, like, sort of
photobombed the stage.
BRIAN: We don't really do-- there's a video online.
I'm sure you guys have seen it.
Or maybe you haven't.
It's Nicholas Cage, like, freaking out.
BETH HOYT: Yes, it's so good.
BRIAN: And there's one where he just goes--
he's walking in.
It's like this, like, dolly shot and he goes, Fuck.
NICK: And it's such a beautiful camera move that you
know the moment wasn't scripted.
BRIAN: Like a ballet.
NICK: It was just like--
Christ, we've got to use that take.
Nothing's better-- yeah.
That's it.
We're done for the day.
NICK: He screamed "Fuck" every time, but we,
we're out of light.
BRIAN: Have you seen the one where he like, he like goes
through the alphabet?
He's, like, telling someone how to file stuff.
He's like, A, B, C. Does this mean moving along?
Is that what this thing means?
BETH HOYT: In his hair?
BETH HOYT: And the bees.
And when he punches every-- that video, and
they show the punching--
BRIAN: Oh, the bees.
NICK: Liquor man.
BETH HOYT: Liquor man.
Great, OK that was really great,
very emotionally taxing.
I feel physically and mentally warmed up.
How about how you guys?
BRIAN: I guess so, sure.
NICK: Yeah, if you say so.
BETH HOYT: You well-- you-- maybe you're not.
We'll work on it during this video
NICK: So we're going to start the show now?
NICK: Cool, now the show starts.
BETH HOYT: It's now time to get into our first award of
the Bethys.
BRIAN: Great.
BETH HOYT: Brian and Nick, are you guys cool to introduce the
first award?
NICK: Yeah, I guess so.
BRIAN: Should we do it at the same time?
NICK: It looks like it.
BRIAN AND NICK: The nominees for best costume and makeup
design are--
-Best costume slash make up.
Zombies, beauty pageant, face paint, boyfriend does my make
up, "The Hobbit--
An Unexpected Journey."
BETH HOYT: Yes, great.
And the Bethy for best costume goes to zombies.
BRIAN: Zombies got it.
NICK: Zombies.
BRIAN: I knew it.
I fucking told you.
NICK: They're due.
They're due.
BETH HOYT: Yeah, they are due.
I'm going to-- the zombies from the Halloween episode,
it's unfortunate, but they were just staked in the head.
Walkers are dangerous.
So the zombies aren't able to attend today due to their
second deaths.
I will be accepting this award on their behalf.
I'm sure they'd like to think the cast and crew, and their
moms, and god.
BRIAN: Sure.
BETH HOYT: Do you think zombies believe in go?
BRIAN: I would hope, if god gave them that fate, they'd
better not.
NICK: I mean, probably not.
I don't think they believe in anything.
BETH HOYT: This is a different show.
OK, let's take a moment to admire those
costumes right now.
Check it out.
Thanks again.
Nate, can you count us down?
NATE: Five, four, three, two, one.
BETH HOYT: We're back.
And we're with Brian and Nick from the comedy
sketch group BriTANick.
So it's award season.
Oscar nominations announced this morning.
Golden Globes this Sunday.
The Bethys are happening right now.
And you guys are really familiar with award
ceremonies, because you made a video for Cracked that's,
like, really Oscar themed.
BRIAN: Yes, that's right.
It's called the Academy Award Winning Movie Trailer.
BETH HOYT: Have you seen it?
Like, a lot of you have.
BRIAN: Yeah, it was like our first video that
kind of went viral.
We like--
BRIAN: We made it three years ago.
We really wanted to get it out for the Oscars.
NICK: We did it in 10 days.
BRIAN: Edited in one night.
BETH HOYT: It cost us a couple hundred bucks and one
BRIAN: And a couple of years off our life.
I'm sorry, by the way.
NICK: It's fine.
BETH HOYT: And then, that's when you went into the year of
shoe cobbling.
NICK: I went, and I was a shoe-cobbler for a while.
And now here I am.
BETH HOYT: Good timing.
It's all working out.
This video is incredible.
I'm sure if any of you have seen it, you've
passed it to someone.
Let's take a look at it, because we're
in that award season.
BRIAN: Let's do it.
BETH HOYT: Just, like, dive into this trailer, please.

-Blah, blah, blah.
NICK: A toast.
Establishing me as the wealthy, successful
protagonist who is handsome.
-Murmur with a grin.
BRIAN: Friendly concern that something may be
missing from your life.
NICK: Confidence that nothing is missing in my life.
BRIAN: Interrupted statement about--
NICK: Reassurance that my good fortune will not waver.
-Introduction of character suffering from the most
topical disability of the present year.
Said retard is now under your custody.
-My catch phrase.
NICK: Frustration with these new circumstances.
-Admiration at your seeming selflessness.
NICK: Interest in your bold rejection of social norms, as
evidenced by your dyed hair.
-My name.
NICK: My name.
-Catch phrase.
NICK: Relief at having found meaning in my life.
BRIAN: Friendly concern that a string of heightened and
seemingly unrelated plots may now arise.
NICK: Differences are surfacing between us.
-Accusations about your sexuality.
NICK: Suspicion that a character once thought
trustworthy may not be trustworthy.

Also, I've got to use tough love to help this Latin
American teenager believe in himself.
Also, I must prove innocent this incredibly
humble human male.
Also, I've decided to fight with the Native American
metaphor against the American military metaphor.
NICK: Leave female's name.
-Naive yet inspiring statement.
Then the music gets hopeful.
BRIAN: Specific outlining of your major character flaws.
NICK: Overreaction.
-Friendly black optimistic advice.
-Passionate plea.
Whispered repetition.
-This scene doesn't make it in the final cut of the movie.
NICK: Inspiring final lines of a speech that douche bags will
quote in their Facebook profiles.
NICK: Explicitly stating the moral of the story and
awkwardly working in the movie title.

-Oh, catch phrase.
-Blah, blah, blah.
NICK: It's not going to be entirely a dramatic film,
because we laughed there.

BETH HOYT: That would be so cool if that could play as a
trailer, like, just randomly, at movie theaters without an
BRIAN: We did, one time, actually, at
the Egyptian in LA.
One of our friends, his indie film, "Drones."
He let us play it.
The audience was like, what the hell is this?
BETH HOYT: I love it!
BRIAN: It went over really well.
BETH HOYT: I believe it.
BRIAN: Also, a little factoid, the guy that holds Nick back
when he says "lead female's name," is Daniel Platzman, the
drummer for Imagine Dragons.
BRIAN: Just know that.
BETH HOYT: Also, I know Jesse Hodges, the girl in it.
NICK: Yeah.
BRIAN: That's right, yes, you and Jesse.
NICK: Who we use all the time.
BRIAN: We've used her probably the most.
NICK: Lovely.
BRIAN: We love Jesse.
BETH HOYT: She's great.
That wasn't the-- was that the relationship that was ruined?
NICK: No, no, no.
No, she still likes us, somehow.
Even though we've abused her.
BRIAN: OK let's clear what you just said up.
NICK: Should we clear it up, or should we leave it vague?
We abused Jesse Hodges.
BETH HOYT: Let's make our cocktail.
No, I kind of want to hear.
BRIAN: We just, when we, we work very last minute.
And we're very irresponsible.
So on set, we, our actors just have to kind of fly by the
seat of their pants.
And she's been really good about doing that.
NICK: If we had to obey SAG rules--
BRIAN: We'd be in jail.
NICK: No sketches would exist on our site.
BETH HOYT: So just, like, abuse the rules.
OK, got it.
All right, so we're all planning our Oscar parties,
because we like to sit on the couch and, like, eat and drink
while we judge people, on how good or bad they look.
BRIAN: That's right.
NICK: That's correct.
BETH HOYT: And we made it our job to help you
throw the best party.
How do you do that?
Well, by following the official Oscar Party Kit on
the Oscars Website, of course.
So yeah, you go to this website.
And there she is.
There's some hilarious videos from a drugged Katie Lee.
They have delicious mixed drink ingredients, and a bunch
of recipes for snacks-- for us couch dwellers.
I'm going to play Katie Lee and teach you guys how to make
the special, official, Oscar party drink.
It's Moet's silver screen punch.
BRIAN: We're really drinking, right?
Have you seen my show?
Don't answer that.
But anyway, here's the list of all the things--
I just like to know what the ingredients are, and have them
here, and then just fill it until it's full.
BRIAN: OK, great.
NICK: Cool.
BETH HOYT: One thing that would maybe
help was there's ice.
But we don't like-- we like things to be lukewarm so we
don't hurt our sensitive teeth.
This is frozen pink lemonade that is liquid now.
So we like that.
Let's just put it all of it in there.
BRIAN: Sure.
BETH HOYT: That looks like sugar.
How are we feeling now, guys?
-Thirsty as hell.
BETH HOYT: The first ingredient in-- ooh, all
-Like maybe we're going to get a little diabetes.
BETH HOYT: OK, great.
Let's add to that.
Let's add some pineapple juice, just
straight from the can.
We took the pineapples out.
You'll see those in a minute.
Just pour-- let's pour just 3/4 of that in there.
This is looking good.
Now we've got some strawberries from, like a
NICK: The freshest, the freshest strawberries.
BETH HOYT: So we pour those right--
plopety plops.
BRIAN: You're so confident when you do this.
BETH HOYT: Plopskety plops.
BRIAN: It's really attractive.
BETH HOYT: Thank you-- wow.
I've gotten that before.
I'm pretty good at pouring in things in a blender, if you
know what I mean.
BRIAN: I don't know.
BETH HOYT: Do you?
That's weird.
NICK: Do you mean that as a metaphor for something else?
BETH HOYT: I mean, listen, take it however you want to.
BRIAN: Take it literally.
BETH HOYT: Then we've got this fancy-- we don't--
here's the deal.
You don't want to get the fancy stuff
until the Oscars party.
So maybe you've already seen that this is not Moet.
you save the good stuff for the Oscars.
Golden Globes are just practice.
NICK: Right.
BETH HOYT: So we just pour.
BETH HOYT: Yeah, Nate?
NATE: We've got a comment while this is going on.
Andrew Disney asked, Hey BriTANick--
NATE: What's it like filming naked?
BRIAN: So AndrewDisney--
NICK: Know who that is.
BRIAN: AndrewDisney directed a movie we were in, called
"Searching for Sunny," which is available on--
NICK: iTunes.
BRIAN: iTunes right now.
And this question is mostly for you, because you're naked
in the film.
And it was a nightmare, wasn't it?
BETH HOYT: Really?
NICK: It was a nightmare, yes.
It was lots of--
it was, there were hundreds and hundreds of people on set.
And I had to run amongst them naked.
And they told me they would have--
BRIAN: And the ages of those people?
NICK: They were-- they were high schoolers.
BRIAN: 150 16-year-olds.
NICK: And they told me I'd have some sort of special
thing for it, but they didn't.
They gave me tape.
BRIAN: And here's the thing--
in the movie, Minka Kelly and Jason Dohring are also naked.
And they closed down the set.
NICK: They had huge nudity clauses.
BRIAN: Right.
NICK: I don't even think my agent knew I got
naked in the film.
BRIAN: They didn't respect you at all.
BETH HOYT: Did you use the tape?
NICK: Yeah, I did.
It hurt.
BETH HOYT: Is it still there?
Are you afraid to take it off?
That's going to be tough.
BRIAN: Andrew, it was one of the best days of my life.
Thank you for doing it.
NICK: We also did a sketch, "Boys Night In,"
where we are naked.
BRIAN: That's right.
NICK: A lot in it.
And the answer to how that was, was awkward.
BETH HOYT: It does sound like a good boy's night in.
NICK: Yeah.
BETH HOYT: So you guys are pretty close.
Tell me, like, your deepest darkest secret.
BRIAN: What?
The darkest one?
How's that lookin', guys?
BRIAN: Herder?
NICK: Herder.
BETH HOYT: Do you guys believe that?
That's some very--
I can't believe you revealed that to us on the actually.
NATE: Got another.
It's a tweet.
NATE: LegallyFun says, BriTANick was listed as an LA
comedy act to watch in 2013 in "LA Weekly." What's up?
Are they coming back?
Please say yes.
NICK: Yes, we'll be there in February.
We'll probably be doing a show, a live show, at the UCB
out there in February.
BRIAN: Yes, we're sort of, we're kind of
bicoastally right now.
BETH HOYT: Right, you just came back from there?
BRIAN: We were there for half a year.
Now we're here.
But we may be back soon, or not as soon.
But we'll be back and forth, I think for the rest of our--
BETH HOYT: It's tough being bicoastal.
You get all used to being in New York and being able to
drink and take a cab.
And then you go to LA, and you're like,
what, my car is here?
BRIAN: Yeah.
You can be a great, functioning alcoholic here.
It's a ton of fun.
NICK: It's a shame that LA makes you have to tone down
your alcoholism.
That's not happening here at this show, today.
So you fill up half of it--
oh, whoa, [SHOUTING].
BRIAN: Oh god.
Go for it.
BETH HOYT: Don't worry.
I won't do us all.
I'll let you each do your own.
BRIAN: I feel like we haven't done
anything to help you here.
BETH HOYT: You haven't.
BRIAN: Should we have?
NICK: Take it easy.

NICK: I just want you to know that Brian's--
the way Brian's body went is he, like--
BRIAN: I made a the letter, the letter C.
NICK: He's on tiptoes for no reason.
BETH HOYT: All right, Nick, are you ready?
This puppy is going to explode.
BRIAN: That's a cool image.
BETH HOYT: I don't know, you guys, Katie Lee must have--
Katie Lee must have given some tip-- oh,
maybe this is the trick.
If you put a pineapple in, maybe that will stop the--
now you can't--
BRIAN: Stop what?
NICK: That's the trick.
BETH HOYT: That's the trick.
This is just turning into, like, a fruit salad of a--
BRIAN: This is really good.
BETH HOYT: Now good luck drinking that.
Maybe you could just put it on the bottom.
BRIAN: What are you supposed to do here?
Like, put your--
NATE: While you're drinking that,
I've got another comment.
It's from GasharGirl And is, excited about JT
and Destiny's Child?
BETH HOYT: Wait, JT and Destiny's Child?
NATE: They're both--
I read about this.
They're both making music again.
They're coming back.
BETH HOYT: Really?
NATE: Yeah.
BETH HOYT: Wait, didn't I just see one of the Destiny's Child
in a commercial with, like, two children?
Oh god, he's got so much equipment.
We did it.
And I, I just put my pineapple like this.
This way I know it's my glass.
All right, it's time for our next Bethy Award.
Guys, will you introduce it?
BRIAN: Oh, we can't wait to do that.
That'd be great.
NICK: Thank you.
BETH HOYT: You're welcome.
BRIAN AND NICK: And the nominees for
best villain are--
BETH HOYT: Guys, really good.
-Best villain--
Furby, Nate, Zombie Tyler Oakley, Comic
Con Monster, Bane.
BETH HOYT: All right.
And the winner of best villain is--
NICK: Bane seems really overqualified in that group.
BRIAN: Yeah, Bane versus Furby?
NICK: Bane is a terrorist.
BETH HOYT: I know, but do you think he deserves it?
I mean, this is tough competition.
The winner--
I mean the, the Bethy goes to Furby.
NICK: Furby.
NICK: Congrats, Furby.
BRIAN: What?
BETH HOYT: I'm just going to put this right on--
I'm sorry, Nate.
NATE: Don't wake it up.
BETH HOYT: Why not?
NATE: Because.
I don't want to wake it up.
NATE: Because it's friggin scary.
BETH HOYT: Oh my gosh, Nate.
You are revealing right now why you just
lost the villain award.
NICK: Look at Furby's hollow, dead eyes.
NATE: Exactly.
BETH HOYT: Yeah, it's because Nate's part hero.
And he's kind of sweet.
You could never have won the villain award.
NATE: This thing is a demon.
It's true.
It deserves that award.
Look it wearing that hat all, like, yeah, I won.
BRIAN: Yeah, all like yeah, I won.
NICK: Yeah.
BETH HOYT: Best villain, I mean.
NICK: It doesn't even have arms.
BETH HOYT: That thing is way scarier than Bane.
NATE: He's not going to turn on.
I'm not going to get it.
BRIAN: Does his eyes come to life when you turn him on?
BETH HOYT: You don't want to know.
You don't want to know.
Let's watch the work.
You guys can see this.
Here's the work of our winning villain.
Here's Furby.
Look [INAUDIBLE], internet.
BETH HOYT: Oh my god.
-Did you guys get a Spanish Furby?

-How do you feel?
-I kind of want to kill myself.
BETH HOYT: Welcome back.
I've got BriTANick here, and a full glass of my special Oscar
Moet Meow Meow Meow cocktail.
It's time to play Beth's official Golden Globes
drinking game.
It's pretty simple.
You just drink whenever you see one of the things I've
listed on the awards show.
Feel free to throw me more ideas.
You guys at home or you two right now at any point, throw
them out there.
This is what you're going to do when you're watching the
Golden Globes this Sunday.
But we're just going to practice it now.
Make sure you take a swig every time a Mayan apocalypse
joke is told.
All right?
so that--
Nate, yeah, he's doing his job over there.
That's good.
This tastes like--
it's really pineappley, right?
NICK: It's, there's a lot of--
it's like some poured an almost an entire can of
pineapple juice into this.
BETH HOYT: Let's see how much you were supposed to put in.
Oh, eight ounces.
NICK: So, yeah.
NICK: So that pineapple taste is--
BRIAN: Is that near at all what we did?
Do know what eight ounces looks like?
NICK: I think so.
It's like a liter.
The next time you drink is when you think to yourself, is
Anne Hathaway gorgeous or scary looking?
BRIAN: That's a good one.
NICK: Oh, that's honor system, because
it's based on thoughts.
BETH HOYT: Yes, it's true.
BRIAN: You have to yell out, I think she's gorgeous.
NICK: You just yell out your thoughts at all times.
BETH HOYT: She looks scary right now.
I think.
I think.
Start it with I think.
OK, how about every time you take a drink-- every time
someone mentions either how hand some Jon Hamm is, or how
big his "wah-wah" is.
NICK: What?
BETH HOYT: He's like the Fassbender of the awards
ceremony this year.
His dick.
BRIAN: What, do people make that comment
about Jon Hamm a lot?
BETH HOYT: Oh my god.
Do we have a pic-- we should always have that picture
available to pull up.
NICK: You have a photo of Jon Hamm's Dick?
BRIAN: I didn't know Jon Hamm's dick
was out in the world.
I don't, I don't search that.
BETH HOYT: It is a thing.
It is a thing.
BRIAN: Really?
BETH HOYT: I mean it's, it's, I guess I do search it now
that I know.
But the first it was brought to my attention was like a
very public blog that was like, look at this
thing in his pants.
It is like, to his knee.
BRIAN: Interesting.
Does it, is it, like a nude photo he put out there?
BETH HOYT: No, he's wearing pants.
BRIAN: You can see the contours.
NATE: We're going to find one for the sake of live TV.
BETH HOYT: OK, super.
In the meantime, drink--
-There it is.
BETH HOYT: Oh, yeah.

BRIAN: Hey, did you think you'd be getting drunk and
looking at Jon Hamm's dick this afternoon?
NICK: Why is it so clear?
You can so clearly see in detail.
BRIAN: You can see where the head starts.
BETH HOYT: Did you think you'd be drinking the girliest
cocktail of your life and looking at Jon Hamm's--
I like, that's what we do.
I like it.
NICK: Yeah, it's OK.
BETH HOYT: How do you feel?
And then now there's-- it's not just that picture.
There's a lot of them.
It's out there.
BRIAN: It's all just him in public with his--
NICK: Well, congrats Jon Hamm.
BETH HOYT: He's just walking-- all he's doing is walking to,
like get a coffee.
BRIAN: Hey, he deserves it.
BETH HOYT: He does.
BRIAN: He had some bad luck in the last couple of years.
NICK: He's had a rough go of it.
He deserves a big--
BETH HOYT: Has he?
NATE: Oh, I got one.
BETH HOYT: I mean because he didn't, you know,
make it for a while.
So you could be saying that in fairness.
NICK: Sure.
NATE: Hey Beth, I got one.
What about, like, when they do a cut to somebody who, like,
an actor and they're applauding.
But it's, like obviously they're not human.
But their applause is kind of like Brendan Frasier.
So like.
BRIAN: So when, like, there's an alien applauding.
NATE: Yeah.
Pretty much every time, though.
Because every actor--
they're kind of, they're not really people, right?
BRIAN: You've see that-- the thing that that reminds me of
the Brendan Frasier, that thing.
NATE: That's exactly what I'm talking about.
BRIAN: Yeah, you're talking about that, right?
NICK: Is that what it is?
Brendan Frasier?
BRIAN: It's so weird.
It's like his body is trying to put the movements together.
BETH HOYT: He's a Cylon.
NICK: He's a Cylon.
BETH HOYT: OK drink when you see Tina or Amy making a "Life
of Pi" tiger joke.
NICK: All right.
BETH HOYT: It's going to happen.
You wait and see.
You're going to get drunk off that one right there.
NICK: That sort of seems like, like an easy one.
It's like drink every time they say Oscar.
BRIAN: You think it's going to be-- happen that much?
NICK: I think, I think they're going to say--
they're going to have "Life of-- more "Life of Pi" jokes
than they say the word Oscar at the Oscars.
BRIAN: That's a--
I mean, I'll take you up on that bet if you want to do
that right now.
BETH HOYT: Also, they're doing the Golden Globes.
NICK: $3,000.
BRIAN: $3 million.
Why not?
We're rich.
BETH HOYT: Yeah, but you guys, I'm going to get back for
mispronouncing BriTANick here.
It's the Golden Globes, though, that they're hosting.
BRIAN: Yeah.
We're even.
NICK: Well then, probably then, I'm certainly going to
lose that bet.
BETH HOYT: Then you won't get as drunk.
BRIAN: But it will be a draw.
They'll say them both zero times.

BETH HOYT: Yeah, I waited for the bet to be made before I
threw that your way.
NICK: It's OK.
BETH HOYT: OK, how about you drink-- drink your whole
glass, pour another one, and then drink that if anyone
falls on stage?
BRIAN: OK, cool, I like that.
BETH HOYT: Like if--
how come that doesn't happen more often, that some chick is
coming out like, the tube dress, and walking down the
stairs, and doesn't wipe out?
When is that going to happen?
BRIAN: I've never worn heels.
Is it--
is it really hard to, like, walk in
heels in tight dresses?
I assume it is, right?
NICK: Yeah, man.
And it's probably slippery.
And you're nervous.
BRIAN: Yeah?
NICK: Yeah.
It's very hard.
BRIAN: If you say so.
NICK: Look at my shoes right now.
BRIAN: Holy shit.
You're short.
NICK: Very short.
BETH HOYT: You're way up there because of those things.
Do you guys have any to add to the list?
NATE: CaptainDizzyD on Twitter says, drink any time you wish
Neil Patrick Harris was hosting.
BRIAN: Aw, all the time.
NICK: Constant chugging.
Constant chugging, then.
BETH HOYT: But what about, would you rather have him than
Tina or Amy?
We've got--
BRIAN: I mean, it's going to be pretty goo.
But I'm a big fan of his--
BETH HOYT: Me too.
BRIAN: Musical numbers he does to open shows.
BETH HOYT: Maybe him over Seth MacFarlane.
BRIAN: Maybe so.
Oh, Seth's hosting the Oscars?
Is that right?
Well, we'll see.
Who knows.
BETH HOYT: I'm you information station--
BETH HOYT: For all things awards.
BRIAN: We got another one.
NATE: PonyGoddess says drink every time someone mentions
Ricky Gervais is gone.
BETH HOYT: That's going to be a thing.
NICK: That'll get you fairly drunk.
BETH HOYT: That'll do it.
How about every time someone is checking their phone when
they pan to them?
BRIAN: Does that happen?
That seems like--
the most emb--
If I was at the Oscars, I would not leave
my phone on my body.
Because I feel like that would just, I'd check it.
BETH HOYT: It's so long, though.
And there are the commercial break.
You get bored.
BRIAN: I think there will be Russell Crowe jokes, his
performance in "Les Mis."
You have a face for that, if you're Russell Crowe--
NICK: You're Russell Crowe, living, living life casually.
What's your reaction to that?
Just, yeah--
BETH HOYT: That happens.
NICK: Still him.
I'm still Russel Crowe.
Even though I did that.
If you're not a drinker, or you're under age, then you can
substitute all drinks for either prank phone calls or
handstand attempts.
It works that way.
And I'm going to put this full list that we just compiled
right now along with some more of mine, and suggestions from
today on Tumblr, bethinshow.
So the longer the list, the more drunk we get, you guys.
Be sure to print it out before the show on Sunday.
And it's time for another Bethy.
Take it, guys.
-Best choreography--
Smash audition, subscriber dance, gangnam style, ribbon
dance, Les Miserables.
BETH HOYT: The Bethy goes to-- everything's going to be
fine-- the Bethy goes to Best-- for best
choreography, Retta.
Oh my gosh.
It's unfortunate Retta wasn't able to make it
today, to win this one.
Do you guys want to accept it on her behalf?
BRIAN: This terrifying.
What is this?
BETH HOYT: It's a Jonas Brother.
NICK: It was a Jonas Brother, before you killed
it with gold paint.
BRIAN: Before, like, an atomic bomb exploded near him.
NICK: What happened to his hair?

BRIAN: Who--
Retta, is that who we're accepting this on behalf of?
Retta, thanks.
If you--
BETH HOYT: You don't get it.
NICK: We get it.
Thank you, Retta, for giving us your award.
BRIAN: If you come to one of our shows
we'll give it to you.
BETH HOYT: Yeah, that's a good one.
NICK: Yeah.
BETH HOYT: Retta was really-- she was really a fabulous
So since you're accepting this award, you should really see
what it's for.
NICK: Probably.
BETH HOYT: Let's see it.
Retta choreography.
BETH HOYT: Hi guys, welcome back to our live studio here
on our awards show show.
BRIAN: Good one.
BETH HOYT: I'm here with BriTANick.
And we're about to play a game we love, the challenge to the
mind and soul-- fuck, marry, kill.
BRIAN: Oh, nice.
BETH HOYT: Let's fill Nate up, here.
It's awards nominee themed, of course.
You guys know how to play?
BRIAN: Yeah, it's a great game.
NICK: Yeah, pretty simple.
BETH HOYT: Do you guys know how to play?
Give us three names.
We choose who we fuck, who we marry, and we kill.
We'll do a few that we thought of, and you guys get in the
chat now with suggestions for us.
All right.
Let's see our first one.
It is Bradley Cooper, Daniel Day-Lewis, Hugh Jackman.
BRIAN: Wow, god, those are great.
BETH HOYT: I mean, this is a--
NICK: I'm fucking Bradley Cooper.
BETH HOYT: Really?
NICK: Yeah.
BETH HOYT: Have you seen his new haircut?
NICK: No, what is it?
BETH HOYT: He's doing a middle part, and it's, like longer.
And, it's like obviously--
BRIAN: "Silver Linings" got me.
He was attractive as hell in that.
BRIAN: That was great.
I think you're right.
I think the fuck Bradley would be correct.
NICK: Yeah.
I think I'd kill Daniel Day-Lewis.
He's I think the oldest of them.
He's had a long life.
BRIAN: You know what, I think, just like, knowing how erratic
his behavior is, he's probably not the best one to marry.
I think Hugh Jackman would actually be a better spouse.
NICK: Yeah, no, I'm saying kill Daniel Day-Lewis.
BRIAN: Yeah, no, I'm agreeing with you.
NICK: Oh, OK, OK, yeah.
BETH HOYT: I want to-- he's got more art to make.
I know.
BETH HOYT: Here's my problem with Hugh Jackman.
BRIAN: I would marry Lincoln, for sure.
BETH HOYT: Oh, yeah.
He's a great guy.
BRIAN: Yeah.
BETH HOYT: Really.
I would marry Lincoln like that.
My problem with Hugh Jackman--
I think he's the right choice to marry, but I have two gay
ex-boyfriends, and I don't need a gay husband.
BETH HOYT: It's enough on your self-esteem.
I mean, am I right?
Am I right, or am I right?

BRIAN: Is straight, but the joke is that
people think he's gay.
He's not actually gay, right?
BETH HOYT: You think?
BRIAN: Right?
BETH HOYT: He's married.
He's been in a long relationship.
BRIAN: OK, right.
Because if he was actually, like, an openly gay person my
ooh, ooh, was, like, totally offensive.
NICK: Yeah.
BETH HOYT: That could've been bad.
But he does have great shoulders I
would like to touch.
So there's that.
NICK: You get to touch your husband's shoulders.
So that would work out.
BRIAN: I won't let my wife touch my shoulders.
NATE: JessicaCostagan says, Anne Hathaway, Robert De Niro,
Christopher Waltz.
Christoph Waltz, oops.
BRIAN: Anne Hathaway would be a crazy good fuck, I think.
because she's--
I think she's crazy.
I don't--
I would not want to marry her.
I kind of want to kill her sometimes.
NICK: I would marry her over marrying a guy.
BETH HOYT: Yeah, you guys have that obstacle on this one.
NICK: She gets a step up on just gender alone.
BRIAN: Who are the other two?
BETH HOYT: It's Robert De Niro and--
is it Christopher or Christoph?
NATE: Christoph.
BRIAN: I'd marry Christoph, kill De Niro.
NICK: Kill De Niro.
BRIAN: Because I think Christoph
would be a ton of fun.
De Niro--
NATE: Is on his way out.
BRIAN: Exactly.
NICK: Long life.
He's fine.
He can go.
BETH HOYT: I agree with those, actually.
De Niro, yeah, he's fine.
He'd probably agree with us.
NICK: I think so.
I think De Niro would rather die than get fucked or married
by me, so--
here's Jessica Chastain, Jennifer
Lawrence, Naomi Watts.
I am having sex with Jennifer Lawrence for sure.
But I'm marrying Jessica.
NICK: I'm going to marry Jennifer Lawrence.
BRIAN: I think I'd marry Jennifer Lawrence, too.
NICK: Yeah.
BRIAN: Because I think she's--
the least cra--
I think she'd be the easiest to get along with, for sure.
I think I'm going to have to kill Chastain.
BETH HOYT: Ooh, I'm marrying her.
BRIAN: I'm killing Chastain, too.
BETH HOYT: Oh, she's got such great hair.
NICK: Does have good hair.
That's why she's got to die.
BETH HOYT: And wait, so and you're just going to have sex
with Naomi Watts?
She's so--
BETH HOYT: She's had two kids.
NICK: That's fine.
BRIAN: Older women is fine.
BETH HOYT: I'm not--
not because she's older.
Just, because she's had, I mean--
NICK: Small kids.
BRIAN: They're tiny kids.
NICK: Not like gigantic men.
BRIAN: They're the size of that--
NATE: I got one.
I don't think any of these people are nominated, but it's
by RSolenackHaven1.
I read that right.
Yoda, Dumbledore, Gandalf.
They're not nominated.
NICK: Not fucking Yoda.
I can tell you that right now.
BRIAN: I'm marrying Dumbledore.
Like, Dumbledore would make an awesome partner.
NICK: Fuck Gandalf.
That would be crazy.
BRIAN: Yeah.
BETH HOYT: This is a pretty straight shot.
NICK: That would be nuts.
BRIAN: No, Yoda would be a crazy fuck, too.
You know that.
NICK: I don't know.
I feel like he'd be judging me the entire time.
I feel like Gandalf's got some crazy moves.
BETH HOYT: And the minute he starts talking I'd be like,
wait, what do you want?
What do you want me to do?
What are you saying?
BRIAN: It's like, yeah, finger you put here.
NICK: You're not conjugating stuff right.
BETH HOYT: Work it out.
So I think we solved that one pretty [INAUDIBLE].
Good suggestion.
That was a good one.
Do we have another one?
NATE: God, got so many more.
Hold on.
This one is from Davysaginger.
I can read.
Meryl Streep, Helen Mirren, Glenn Close.
NICK: Marrying Meryl Streep.
Killing Glenn Close.
Fucking Helen Mirren.
BRIAN: I'm marrying Helen.
BRIAN: I met Helen once.
BETH HOYT: I think I'm marrying Glenn.
BRIAN: Really?
BETH HOYT: Because she's strong.
She'd take care of me.
BRIAN: So is Helen Mirren.
BETH HOYT: Helen, no.
She's a lady.
She'd be like--
I'd have to be the man.
She'd want me to do all these things for her.
I feel like she, she needs to be take care of.
NICK: So what are you doing with Glenn Close?
BRIAN: I'm marrying Helen Mirren.
BETH HOYT: She's taking care of me.
NICK: She's-- you're marrying Glenn Close.
NICK: Cruella de Vil, you're marrying.
Thanks for that reminder.
NICK: That may be the only Glenn Close movie I've seen is
"101 Dalmatians."
BETH HOYT: Really? "Fatal Attraction?"
NICK: Nope.
BRIAN: What about when she played a boy last year?
BETH HOYT: Oh, yeah, see, exactly.
NICK: Oh, that's weird.
BRIAN: Wait that's, is that a plus for you?
BETH HOYT: Sure, yeah.
I'd be like, put that suit back on, Glenn.
BRIAN: A weird-looking boy.
NICK: I would say, if I saw that person, if I was a
character in that movie, I'd be like, that's
fucking Glenn Close.
That's not-- and it's certainly not a man.
BRIAN: No, but I think she did--
like, I'm like, if I was in the "Big Momma House" world, I
would say that's Martin Lawrence.
But I would not think that was like, Glenn Close,
NICK: I didn't say I wouldn't say
that's not Martin Lawrence.
BRIAN: If you were--
NICK: I'd rather fuck Martin Lawrence in Big Momma costume
than I would rather fuck Glenn Close.
That's true.
BRIAN: OK, would you fuck Eddie Murphy
in any of his female--
NICK: Which of the Klumps?
Which, which one of the Klumps?
NATE: I got another one, too.
PeaceNerd says, Christopher Walken, Bruce
Willis, Steve Buscemi.

NICK: Bruce Willis is going to get married.
BETH HOYT: Steve Buscemi is going to get killed.
NICK: Yeah.
Yeah, Steve-- that's a hard, that's a hard--
BETH HOYT: "Boardwalk Empire" is really, I'm
just not liking anymore.
So there's not even that.
BRIAN: So between Bruce and who?
BETH HOYT: Christopher Walken?
NATE: Christopher Walken, and Steve Buscemi.
BRIAN: I think I just have to, like--
BETH HOYT: I think I'm going to marry--
BRIAN: I'm going to marry Bruce, because I--
BETH HOYT: Walken.
BRIAN: I just think Walken, I'd just be like, I can't
connect with you.
What's going on?
I can't have a conversation.
BETH HOYT: That's very true.
BRIAN: And sex with Walken would be--
NICK: Bruce Willis is more comfortable with
silence than I am.
I think that might be a problem for us.
But I'd be willing to deal with it.
BRIAN: Just like stare and breathe through his nose
really hard at you?
NICK: Lots of pauses with him.
BETH HOYT: I don't know.
Bruce has all that baggage with the exes.
I don't need that.
I'll just have sex with him, and then I'll marry
Christopher Walken.
And he can just tap dance for me every day.
That's what I'm looking for.
NICK: That's what he does for his wife, right?
He tap dances.
BETH HOYT: He's doing it for me in my fantasy in this game.
He does, yeah.
BRIAN: In the Fat Boy Slim Video.
Or Moby.

BETH HOYT: Yeah, Fat Boy Slim.
We've been getting along really fabulously.
I'm really glad.
Because if we fought, we'd have to be nominated like,
last minute into the next category.
BRIAN: Do we get to--
all right.
Let's do this slowly.
We're going to do it slowly and--
BRIAN: Hate you.
-Best fight slash stunt--
Reggie Watts, sword fight, the worm, egg head, 'The
BETH HOYT: It's a great category.
I'm in a lot of those.
OK, this is exciting, because I--
my chances of winning are high.
NICK: Brian and I are in a fight.
BETH HOYT: The best Bethy goes to-- oh,
so, they can be nominated.
We'll nominate you quickly.
You're not going to win, but they're also nominated.
For best fight, the Bethy goes to the sword fight.
Nate, we won.
Here, you get to hold them.
NATE: Yes.
NATE: I can put them on, but I won't be able to see anything.
BETH HOYT: Thanks guys.
I, I'd like to thank-- thank you so much.
I'd like to thank my college stage combat choreographer,
Eric Fredrockson.
Without you, this wouldn't have been possible.
Definitely Nate.
NATE: I'd like to thank Jesus.
BETH HOYT: OK, great.
Definitely the My Damn Channel team for spotting us to make
sure that no one got too injured.
And for the everyone at 9-1-1, when we called you, you were
very readily available.
Thank you very much.
Now, I don't know if you're ready to see this again, Nate.
NATE: I can't see anything right now.
So let's us three watch the sword fight.
BETH HOYT: Oh my gosh.
He's really going for it.
Who do you think you are?
Oh my--


Wait, what?
NATE: I, I yield.

BETH HOYT: He yielded.
I'm here with Brian and Nick from BriTANick.
In a few minutes will take your questions for them.
So get those in the chat now, so Nate, mister comment DJ can
bring them up when it's time.
But right now, the Thursday before the Golden Globes, it's
time for us to reveal our predictions, so that when they
win, you know, then we can yell at our
friends, I guessed it.
I said that on the show.
BRIAN: Look at My Damn Channel's YouTube--
BETH HOYT: Exactly.
NICK: Suck it, Adam, dick.
BETH HOYT: Let's take it.
So, Adam, just watch now, and know what he's going to guess.
All right, you guys, we filled in our
ballots before the show.
Let's get into--
into it.
BRIAN: Great.
BETH HOYT: Let's get into it.
BRIAN: Mine are over here.
let's do the first one.
Let's just go to best performance by an actor in a
motion picture drama.
This is for the Golden Globes.
So you guys know there's the drama and the comedy
categories, which is why, for example so the nominees are
Daniel Day-Lewis for "Lincoln," Richard Gere for
"Arbitrage," John Hawkes for "The Sessions," Joaquin
Phoenix for "The Master," and Denzel for "Flight."
Obviously, some of these wouldn't have made it in if
there was just one category, like there are in the Oscars.
BRIAN: Clearly.
Well I had a tie.
I put Daniel Day-Lewis and Joaquin Phoenix.
I can't decide.
Have you seen both "The Master" and "Lincoln"?
BETH HOYT: I haven't seen "The Master" yet.
BRIAN: Joaquin Phoenix is unreal in that film.
BETH HOYT: I believe it.
BRIAN: It's, like, there's one scene with him and Philip
Seymour Hoffman, like, the first time he does an audit or
whatever it's called when you, like, ask a lot of questions
to, like, get their soul out, or whatever.
And it's like Joaquin Phoenix--
NICK: Is that how Scientology works?

BRIAN: Anyway, Joaquin nails it.
BETH HOYT: I believe it.
He goes for it.
NICK: I'm going Denzel.
Love Denzel in "Flight."
BRIAN: I've heard "Flight" was really good.
NICK: It was very good.
BETH HOYT: I was about to pull it up on my flight yesterday.
I have it on my computer.
This is not a bad-- this is not a good idea.
NICK: Yeah.
Watching it on a plane, or while
drinking, is not advisable.
Because it will make you never want to do either
of those two things.
BRIAN: It's about an alcoholic who crashes a plane, right?
NICK: What are you talking about?
BRIAN: I wasn't insulting you.
BETH HOYT: I picked John Hawkes, because, like, for a
few seconds in "The Sessions" I forgot how creepy he was in
the MMMM movie.

BRIAN: Did he play the, the lead dude in--
the main guy that runs the cult?
BRIAN: Yeah, he was really creepy.
All right.
We're all across the board on that one.
Except for Richard Gere is definitely not winning.
BRIAN: I just saw "Arbitrage."
NICK: Did you see "Arbitrage"?
He does a good job, but-
BRIAN: He's fine.
BETH HOYT: He does-- he does his thing.
NICK: That's not going to happen.
BETH HOYT: Best performance by an actress in a supporting
role in motion picture.
Amy Adams, "Master." Sally Field, "Lincoln."
Anne Hathaway.
Helen Hunt, "The Sessions." Nicole Kidman, "The Paper
BRIAN: I mean, I'm answering honestly.
I think Anne Hathaway's "I Dreamed a Dream"--
BETH HOYT: Is a single shot of marvelous wonder--
BRIAN: She goes through, like, 85 different
emotions in the shot.
BETH HOYT: And she's singing gorgeously.
NICK: I haven't seen "Les Mis." Just from the little
clip from the trailer, I'm going to
give it to Anne Hathaway.
BRIAN: It's not even-- that doesn't even do it justice.
NICK: I think it does.
BETH HOYT: I pick Sally Field.
BRIAN: No, it doesn't.
NICK: I think it does, Brian.
BETH HOYT: Just to be--
I know.
It's really tough being your in-betweener.
I picked Sally Field just because she fought for that
role, you guys.
She really fought for it.
BRIAN: That's right.
I read about that.
BETH HOYT: Yeah, she, like, sent letters to Daniel
Day-Lewis and was like, I'm not too old.
And I can do it.
And I am Mary Lincoln.
And she was a lot older than him, and it showed, but she
still did a great job.
BRIAN: Yeah.
I think that's fine.
BETH HOYT: Anne Hathaway's going to win.
She deserves it.
OK, best motion picture drama.
What do you guys think?
BRIAN: I said "Django."
NICK: Of these films, I'll say "Django." But I think it
should be "Beasts of the Southern Wild."
BETH HOYT: Which isn't even-- oh, isn't even nominated.
NICK: But it should be.
BRIAN: And also, I don't think--
oh, "Moonrise Kingdom" is nominated.
BETH HOYT: There's also the comedy category.
I picked "Life of Pi," just to add to my drinking game.
You know, just--
BRIAN: Just for that?
BETH HOYT: Because I'm sure they'll make a big
joke on that one.
And that will-- you can finish p your drink.
BRIAN: The tiger joke, right?
That we're all so hoping will happen.
BETH HOYT: Yeah, yeah It's going to happen.
How about we move to best television series drama?
It's "Breaking Bad," "Boardwalk Empire," "Downtown
Abbey," "The Newsroom," "Homeland."
NICK: Boo "The Newsroom." It shouldn't be "The Newsroom."
NICK: I watch every episode of "The Newsroom"
BRIAN: I'm voting "Breaking Bad," which I think is a
pretty safe choice.
BETH HOYT: "Breaking Bad."
BRIAN: All right.
NICK: I think either "Breaking Bad" or "Homeland."
BETH HOYT: I know.
NICK: For this past season wise, I, I gotta go
BETH HOYT: So many flaws there.
NICK: As a show as a whole--
BETH HOYT: So many flaws.
NICK: I really like "Breaking Bad."
BETH HOYT: I'm taking over your fighting.
I think--
NICK: I'm not getting along with anyone.
BETH HOYT: How about best original song
for a motion picture?
"For You," from "Act of Valor." No
one knows that, right?
Am I right?
"Not Running Anymore," "Stand Up" from "Stand Up Guys"?
No one knows that, am I right?
"Safe and Sound" from the "Hunger Games." No one.
BRIAN: No idea.
BETH HOYT: "Skyfall"?
BRIAN: Oh, yeah.
NICK: Good, great song.
BRIAN: I'm going with "Skyfall." Yeah, great.
BETH HOYT: Or the new song in "Les Mis," "Suddenly," because
that song-- that movie doesn't have enough songs.
NICK: Yeah, why is that the one song that got nominated--
BETH HOYT: It's original.
NICK: Because there's a ton of songs.
BRIAN: No, because it's a new song.
NICK: Oh, it's got to be new.
BRIAN: So they, that's why they wrote a song for it.
NICK: Gotcha.
BRIAN: I said, well I said "Skyfall," because I thought
it was, you know it's Adele.
You have to-- however I kind of think she shouldn't win.
Because then she'll get so sad, and write
another great song.
NICK: I think we should all be trying to make Adele as sad as
possible at all times, so she'll come up with--
BETH HOYT: It's true.
NICK: Just to help that next album.
BETH HOYT: Let's all send our, like, let's all just try and
wish that she doesn't win, see if as a collective we can make
that happen.
NICK: Bad prayers.
BETH HOYT: All right.
We're ready for another Bethy, I think.
It's the one we've all been waiting for.
BRIAN: Nominees for best host are-- oh.
NICK: And the nominees for best host are--
BRIAN: You don't get to say it.
-Best host.
Beth Hoyt, Dailygrace, Shannon Coffey, Tommypom, Tina Fey and
Amy Poehler.
NATE: Got it over here.
BETH HOYT: Nate, you should read the winner because it's
awkward for me to read that.
BETH HOYT: But I will just say it's an honor to be nominated.
NATE: And the Bethy goes to Tommypom, the
Pomeranian from Tumblr.

NICK: So sorry, Beth.
BETH HOYT: Good job, I'm
NATE: But, Tommypom's not, Beth, so you can accept it on
his behalf.
BETH HOYT: Yeah, OK, sure.
I'll take that.
I'll just take it.
It was an honor just to be nominated.
It really was.
It's easy for me to lose to Tommypom of any of them,
because, well because he's a dog.
And, and because I'll never be that cute and, and
I'm fine with that.
This is a great award.
This is great.
You're going to love this, Tommy.
Let's take a look at that cute doggy.
This sound reminds you of something.
BETH HOYT: What is it?
What happened?
What happened in the past 77 years that remind-- that this
reminds you of?
-Help me, Nickleback.
that guy.
BETH HOYT: All right.
I just lost my big category.
But it's all good, just glad to be nominated, and super
glad to be hanging with Brian and Nick from BriTANick.
You guys, get your questions in the chat now, because
that's what we're doing right now.
I'll start.
You guys are blowing up, I mean, as you, as you well
deserve, and have been for the past while.
Your YouTube channel is very popular.
Can you tell us, like, what you've been up to lately, and
what's going on?
BRIAN: Yeah, sure.
We were in LA for the past half year.
We were writing for a new TV show, called "The Goodwin
Games," which will premiere on Fox one day.
NICK: Some day in the spring.
BRIAN: Spring, summer.
It's the creators of "How I Met Your Mother."
BETH HOYT: Oh, cool.
BRIAN: It's their new show.
It stars TJ Miller and Scott Folley and Becky Newton.
NICK: And Beau Bridges.
BRIAN: And Beau Bridges.
And it's really funny and great fun.
NICK: Really lovely show.
BRIAN: So I hope gets--
BETH HOYT: So you did all the writing.
You're just waiting for--
BRIAN: We did all the writing.
NICK: We did all the writing.
There was no one else involved.
BRIAN: We had, like, a nine person staff.
And it was wonderful.
NICK: It was great.
BRIAN: So we were out there.
And then we did Joss's movie, which comes out this summer.
NICK: Yep.
BRIAN: In June.
NICK: "Much Ado About Nothing."
BRIAN: Which was great.
And then we are doing live shows a lot.
We do one in New York every month when we're here.
BETH HOYT: You have one tomorrow night, right?
BRIAN: No, it's next Thursday.
NICK: Next Thursday.
BETH HOYT: Next Thursday, right?
NICK: A week from today.
BRIAN: At 9:30, right?
NICK: Something like that.
It's at a time.
BRIAN: Who knows.
Check their website.
And, and then we, you know, we do making more internet
sketches and--
BETH HOYT: Their live shows are- I mean, your sketches,
everyone can see how awesome they are.
You're live shows are really great.
I have been going to them for a long time.
BRIAN: Really?
NICK: Oh, thank you.
I wasn't lying.
Those things that we do, where we do stand up and improv or--
NICK: Don't, don't quiz her too much--
NICK: Because she's probably lying.
BETH HOYT: No, just the BriTANick shows
at UCB, I've seen.
NATE: I've seen Gadget.
-Oh, cool.
-I've seen Gadget.
That's hard core.
-That's really hard core.
NATE: I actually have a comment here, too.
EmilyWesy1 says, can you let us know anything
about the new movie?
I love eagles more than it is probably healthy.
NICK: That's the exact right amount to like eagles, which
is our short film, 15 minutes long, called "Eagles Turn
People Into Horses."
BRIAN: 15 minute song?
NICK: 15 minutes long.
BRIAN: Oh, sorry.
BETH HOYT: Next up.
BRIAN: Enunciate.
BETH HOYT: Your next project should be a 15 minute song.
BRIAN: Wait, so what was the question, exactly?
Can you tell us about--
NATE: It was just, they wanted to know, like, anything about
the new movie you're working on.
NICK: We are writing a movie.
BRIAN: Were writing a BriTANick film.
NICK: We just went to, like, Michigan for a week, and
locked ourselves in a cabin, and wrote a rough draft of a
feature screenplay.
BETH HOYT: You do that?
People do that?
BRIAN: We do.
NICK: We did.
BETH HOYT: No wonder you're fighting so much.
BRIAN: We listened to One Direction the entire time.
BETH HOYT: That sounds healthy.
BRIAN: I know, right.
But, it's a science fiction farce.
That's all we'll say at this point.
NICK: Yeah.
It's insane and incoherent and its current draft.
But it'll get better.
BRIAN: And we're really excited to make a
movie when we do.
So hopefully that happens this year.
BETH HOYT: That's so cool.
NATE: Sorry, got another one.
CraigLeTar asks, if you two could act slash direct in
another Shakespeare adaptation, what would it be,
and who would be in your dream cast?
First of all, we know Craig.
How are you doing?
And second of all, you take this.
You're more of a Shakespeare person than I am.
NICK: Yeah.
I mean, I could talk for a long time about it.
BETH HOYT: Were you a theater major?
NICK: Yeah, I was.
I would love to do "Julius Caesar." That would
be very, very fun.
That's one of my favorite shows.
I would like--
who to be in it?
I, gosh, I don't even know.
I need to really, like, sit down and--
BETH HOYT: Who was the famous person that did
it at Lincoln Center?
Or was it in the park a few years ago?
NICK: It was on Broadway.
It was Denzel did it on Broadway.
BETH HOYT: Did you see it?
Is that why you are such a big fan?
BRIAN: Mark Rylance.
NICK: Mark Rylance would definitely
be in my dream cast.
BRIAN: Yeah he's in my dream cast of everything.
BETH HOYT: He's a great actor.
NICK: Yeah.
BETH HOYT: Big internet name.
BRIAN: Gary Oldman.
BETH HOYT: Big internet name.
NICK: Gary Oldman, I'd love to see Gary Oldman do
I don't think he has.
But that would be awesome.
BRIAN: Sinbad.
NATE: All right.
Let's go a little different direction.
I can't pronounce her name, asks, since you were listening
to One Direction, what are your favorite
One Direction songs?
BRIAN: OK, great.
So I think--
NICK: All right.
BRIAN: Off the first album I'm a big fan of--
NICK: "One Thing."
BRIAN: "One Thing" is great. "Up All Night,"--
NICK: "Makes You Beautiful."
BRIAN: "Same Mistakes" is a great little ballad.
BETH HOYT: They were serious.
NICK: "Same Mistakes" is OK.
BRIAN: But from--
NICK: The new album--
BRIAN: I'm a big fan of "Heart Attack."
NICK: "Heart Attack" is the fucking song.
BRIAN: Then what was the other one?
I mean--
BRIAN AND NICK: "Little Things."
BRIAN: But, like, the music video of "Little Things" is
the best part.
NICK: You really like "Live While Were Young."
BRIAN: I mean, I do.
We went to Richard Simmons' dance class in LA.
NICK: I like "Nobody Compares." I think that's,
like, probably not going to be a single.
But it's a great jam.
You should check it out.
BETH HOYT: Is it a remake of Sinead O'Connor.
NICK: No, I'm almost 1000% certain it is not.
Is that right?
NICK: What other ones?
BETH HOYT: Did you guys know how many, how many words you
said at the same time?
You are so in sync.
BRIAN: That's what everyone always says, yeah.
We kind of know a little bit too much about--
BETH HOYT: One Direction.
BRIAN: All week in a cabin.
BETH HOYT: It's true.
BRIAN: "Heart Attack is the killer song of the album.
BETH HOYT: Can we back up to the Russell Simmons--
Richard Simmons dance class?
BRIAN: Yeah, so Richard Simmons
teaches a dance class--
BETH HOYT: Yeah, sure.
BRIAN: It's at his Slimmons' Studio.
BETH HOYT: Oh yeah.
BRIAN: It's off Santa Monica.
NICK: That's right.
BETH HOYT: Did you wear appropriate outfits?
BRIAN: Oh, totally.
I mean, he didn't.
He wore an Indian feather headdress the first time.
NICK: He wore a flesh-colored unitard.
It was insane.
BRIAN: It's different.
Tutu one time.
He goes for it.
And it's an hour and a half.
And I've been three times.
Nick's been once.
There was one part where--
BETH HOYT: Good work out?
NICK: It's OK.
It's OK.
BRIAN: It's like, because it's like, you do it
real work out things.
And then you do these kinds of things.
BETH HOYT: Spirit work out.
NICK: Moments where you're just standing still, and just
feeling good about yourself.
That's part of the exercise.
BRIAN: He walked around like just sobbing at you, and like,
like throwing his emotion at you.
It was great.
It's much fun.
It really is a blast.
NICK: It's exactly what you think it is.
BETH HOYT: That's--
I haven't even--
I haven't even allowed myself to go there to think about
what it actually is.
I will.
I have a special Bethy to announce, you guys.
The nominees for best guests at the Bethy Awards are--
-Best Guests at the Bethy Awards.
BriTANick, BriTANick,
BriTANick, BriTANick, BriTANick.

BETH HOYT: You guys, the winner is, for--

the winner for best guests at the Bethy Awards are--
oh my god, it's BriTANick.
BRIAN: No way!
NICK: Fuck yes!
BRIAN: Oh my god.
NICK: Fuck yes.
BRIAN: Karate?
BETH HOYT: Every time-- every time you say the F word it
makes it a little--
BRIAN: Nick, he's doing karate.
BETH HOYT: And there's an-- there's an eagle on it.
BRIAN: There's an eagle from the 15-minute song we did.
NICK: We needed this.
We needed this so bad.
BETH HOYT: We know.
We know.
We know.
BRIAN: Jersey Kai Karate Camp, 1988.
Just to get a little glimpse of what they do, let's take a
look at-- you want to set up your clip
that we have for you?
BRIAN: Sure.
This is our most recent sketch, our most
recent sketch we did--
for YouTube.
I'm a little drunk, guys.
NICK: It's called "The Dinner Party." And this is just a
clip from the middle of it, right?
BRIAN: I think it's the whole thing.
NICK: Oh, it's the whole thing.
BRIAN: We'll see you afterwards.
BETH HOYT: It's called "The Dinner Party."
BRIAN: We'll see you in 3 minutes and 50 seconds.
-And so it turns out it was one child, stacked on top of
another child in an overcoat.
-Stop it.
-They kept us up the whole night.
NICK: Wow.
Well, I'll tell you, we didn't sleep much on our honeymoon
either, if you know what I mean.
-Yeah, because this guy would not stop snoring.
NICK: I do not snore.
-Yes, you do.
-Yes, you do.
BRIAN: And how do you know that Nick snores?
NICK: Well, uh, because--
-Because when we went on that group camping trip, I could
hear Nick snoring through their tent.
NICK: Camping, yes.
BRIAN: Bullshit.
Our tents were way too far part.
I had to hop over a creek to sneak into theirs.
NICK: I'm sorry, Brian.
Why the fuck were you sneaking into our tent?
BRIAN: I had to--
she asked me for a pencil.
And I didn't-- don't change the subject on me.
Why does my wife know that you snore?
NICK: OK, look, clearly we've all fucked each other.
So it should be equal.
There's no victim here.
We're all even stevens, huh?
BRIAN: Even stevens.
-Even stevens.
NICK: Even stevens.
-I fucked Steven.
NICK: Steven Evens?
-No, Evans.
NICK: The cousin of Devon?
-Good heavens.
BRIAN: It's almost 11:00.
NICK: Ashley, he's my best friend.
BRIAN: I thought I was your best friend.
NICK: Uh, anyone want some more wine?
-We're out of wine.
NICK: It's not that big a deal.
I'm not going to get upset about that.
BRIAN: You know what?
BRIAN: I can't believe you three would
abuse me like this.
NICK: Wait, wait, wait a second.
You're not the victim here.
I am.
I can't believe you three would abuse me like--
-No, no.
I can't believe you three--
NICK: Absolutely not you.
BRIAN: Yeah, you fucked Evan.
NICK: Stephan.
BRIAN: If anything, it's Rose.
I can't believe you--
I'm sorry.
I'm totally lost.
BRIAN: Maybe it is Ashley.
NICK: Oh god damn it, who's the victim here?
BRIAN: This chart shows all of our extramarital affairs.
While this equation factors in the gas money I owe Rose,
Nick's bread allergy, and the time Ashley scratched my
"Veronica Mars" DVD.
But it's all still so unclear.
NICK: What's that the corner?
BRIAN: It's from Pictionary last week.
-Yeah, that's how Brian thinks you draw jet lag.
NICK: What?
That's how you draw jet lag.
NICK: You can't use symbols.
BRIAN: We're off-topic, guys.
NICK: OK, guys.
We're going to solve this the old-fashioned way.
Whosever name I pull from this bowl is
the most abused among--
who the hell is Heather?
Heather's my real name.
BRIAN: What?
-I'm also from New Zealand.
BRIAN: Anything else you want to reveal?
-I also fucked Steven.
-OK, guys.
Any answers in your tea leaves?
BRIAN: Well mine formed
sort of a W. [CLANG]
BRIAN: No, I don't know what that means.
NICK: Huh?
What's even being revealed right now.
-Shut up.
NICK: Christ.
BRIAN: We're trying to figure something out.
BRIAN: You know what?
Maybe nobody's a victim.
Maybe we're just victimizing ourselves to
avoid bettering ourselves.
We keep looking for somebody to blame, but it's us.
We're the monsters.
NICK: Or is it the liberal media?
BRIAN: That's it.
Thank you.
ALL TOGETHER: Victims of the liberal media.
BRIAN: Also, probably violent video games.
NICK: Gay marriage.
-Oh, did you read the thing?
NICK: So scary.
-We're not responsible.
BRIAN: What do you think, Steven Evans?
-I just feel like maybe I should have left this dinner
party a while ago.
BETH HOYT: All right guys.
I'm here again with Brian and Nick from BriTANick.
That was their video, "Dinner Party."
Really funny.
I got totally lost in it.
Nate was trying to tell me something about the show and I
was like, sorry, what?
NATE: It's fine.
BETH HOYT: I've seen it like, three times.
OK, let's get more comments from you guys for these guys.
NATE: I got one, yeah.
DudeMeisterFilms asks you guys, how did you guys learn
slash develop your comedic writing?
Just thorough influences, or books,
or classes, or whatever?
BRIAN: OK, great.
Good question.
I mean, I guess, you know, we've always
really been into comedy.
I went-- we both went to NYU--
Nick for acting, me for film.
But I think for what we do specifically, it was just like
watching a lot of, like I think DERRICK Comedy is really
what got us into doing sketch.
And then--
NICK: Also, you know, like all the classic like, "Monty
Python" was a huge influence on us.
BRIAN: "Monty Python," I was a Jim Carey fan.
NICK: "South Park" is a huge influence.
BRIAN: Stella, Pixar, Coen Brothers.
I think UCB classes were really exciting.
That was really important.
NICK: We sort of, it's weird.
Because we started doing those after we did, after we started
writing together.
We were doing--
we took, like, improv classes there, which
were incredibly helpful.
But with sketch, we kind of just sort of figured
it out on our own.
BRIAN: Yeah.
I was making silly videos when I was like 10.
Like, that's just always what I was doing.
And, like, they're just just, they were
shit when I was younger.
But, like, just through time, just doing it.
Just like, if you want to do it, go out and film some stuff
with your friends.
It probably won't be very good.
But the 50th on you do will be.
BETH HOYT: That's what I was going to ask is when you were
watching all these--
as a child, all these funny videos and stuff, you were
making stuff then, and ideas were brewing.
BRIAN: Totally.
BETH HOYT: It wasn't like you watched it, and
then it came out.
BRIAN: It's a lot of experimenting with that, and
trying to figure it out.
And it really just like--
it's a lot of time.
It's just Nick and I coming up with an idea, and then just
like re-reading it over and over, sitting in coffee shops
all day, until it just makes sense.
Like really you just have to spend a lot of time with--
NICK: A lot of arguing with another person that you trust,
until you get something that you're both happy with.
BRIAN: And you know it's right when it's right.
BETH HOYT: How did you guys find each other?
BRIAN: Funny story.
NICK: Funny little tale.
BRIAN: Who wants to do it?
NICK: I'll do it, I suppose.
BETH HOYT: You can act it out?
NICK: Yeah, well, no.
BETH HOYT: Just tell the story the way you tell the story.
NICK: More of a story.
So we both, we both grew up in Atlanta.
We went to the same preschool.
We were in the same--
BRIAN: Baseball league.
NICK: Baseball league.
We went to the same performing arts summer camp, called
Atlanta Workshop Players.
We went to the same pottery class with
this guy, Mitch Borg.
BRIAN: That's right.
NICK: And then we never met in any of this until our senior
year of high school.
We went to different schools.
We introduced by a mutual friend.
And then we kind of realized, oh, we've kind of essentially
had the same life, up until this moment.
BRIAN: And we both were like big actors and comedy guys at
our separate schools.
It was like we became friends.
We went to NYU together.
Me for film, Nick for drama.
I was one of the very few comedic filmmakers at
prestigious NYU film school.
And I would always make comedies.
I didn't say that to brag about NYU.
I said it to be like, everyone wants to
be, a filmmaker there.
BETH HOYT: The serious ones.
BRIAN: Right, exactly.
And so then we just started kind of making funny videos.
And then by the end of senior year, we were like, oh, we
can, like put this on the internet and like, actually
launch a career out of this.
BETH HOYT: You guys, this is a tale.
BRIAN: It's crazy.
We've been intersecting.
There's a great photo--
I wish we had it for you guys-- of us at age 13 on
stage doing mime together at this camp.
NICK: And we don't know each other.
BETH HOYT: We don't have that, but we do
have Jon Hamm's penis.
NATE: JackHauer says, BriTANick, do you write, edit,
and direct your videos?
If so, how do you manage all of that?
BRIAN: Yes we do.
NICK: And how we manage it is we procrastinate, and we stay
up really late at night working for deadlines.
Deadlines is how we do everything.
BRIAN: When we write together until we get it right.
Then we get on set.
And we direct.
And then I sit in from of FinalCut Pro until it's done.
I mean, that's just how it works.
NATE: OK, JonathonMonty asks, describe your comedic style in
five words.
Let's go alternate.
NICK: Really, really, really, really good.
BRIAN: Absurdly fast-paced love brothers.

Does that make sense?
BETH HOYT: The love brothers is a little confusing.
NICK: Is love brothers one word?
BETH HOYT: I like it.
It's ambiguous.
NATE: JessicaCostca asks, will you guys ever
do a show in Boston?
BRIAN: We did once, right?
NICK: We did.
We will.
BRIAN: We loved it.
We love traveling and doing shows anywhere.
We did one because Brandeis, this college, brought us out.
But if you guys have-- if you guys are in college and want
us to come to your school, or something, have anyone contact
our manager, our agent, through our website,
And we'll, we'll go and perform anywhere.
NICK: Yeah.
If the money's right.
NATE: OK, another one.
AlexHasTime asks, have you two ever argued over a sketch?
BRIAN: Have ever once argued?
NICK: Have we ever not would be a better question.
BETH HOYT: Has there been one that you have not?
NICK: Every sketch you've seen is the product of us screaming
at each other.
BRIAN: There are still choices that I'm not happy--
BETH HOYT: Has there been one where you've been on the same
page the entire time?
BETH HOYT: Herpex.
BETH HOYT: Which one?
BRIAN: Herpex we were, was pretty--
NICK: I mean, but still we--
BETH HOYT: He doesn't agree.
No, I guess the answer is no.
BRIAN: We, it's constant arguing.
That's the best-- that's the way to make your partnership
work, is like, to fight for your ideas until you convince
the other person.
BETH HOYT: But yet it all comes back to--
say it with me, love brothers.
BRIAN AND NICK: Love brothers.
NATE: Jim asks, how did you get Danny Pudi Joss Whedon,
and Lowell and Rose McIver in your videos.
NICK: Right, Chris Lowell was quite a get for us.
BRIAN: Chris Lowell is one or our--
Chris Lowell from "Veronica Mars"--
NICK: We grew up with him in Atlanta.
BRIAN: He's coming on our show next week--
NICK: He's an asshole.
BRIAN: To perform.
We hate him.
We got-- we were wasted with him last night.
We're hungover now.
And it's his fault, mostly.
He fought us for an hour and a half.
We're good friends with Chris.
BETH HOYT: Big themes.
BRIAN: He's performing with us.
BRIAN: And then Danny Pudi we met the very first sketch show
we ever did in San Francisco, in 2008.
He was there with his group, Siblings of Doctors.
They're an all-Indian sketch group, which is a great name
for a group, I think.
And he, they met us, and we talked.
And they were so kind, and everything.
Then we visited "Community" like two years ago, and we
were like, hey man, you remember us?
And he was like, oh yeah, absolutely.
You want to be in a sketch?
And he was like-- he's like the nicest guy.
Danny Pudi is--
NICK: So nice.
So much more prepared.
NATE: I got another one.
asks, how did you all come up with BriTANick.
BRIAN: Who knows.
We were trying to figure out the name of our group and--
NICK: It was very early on.
It was one of the first--
I think we decided it before we even had a video.
It was like, hey, what we called ourselves BriTANick.
Because it's like Brian and Nick, and like
Titanic, but different.
Everyone'll get it.
Everyone will love it.
No one loves it, no one pronounces it right.
BRIAN: And we capitalize five of the letters in it to, like
make people understand how to pronounce it.
It doesn't work.
NICK: It doesn't work.
BETH HOYT: It works.
I think it's working.
I think it's working just fine.
I mean, other than that I mispronounced it, I think--
I don't think your name is going to hold you back.
BRIAN: Thank you.
NATE: Where can we see more of your stuff?
BRIAN: Oh, good question.
Hook us up with all your info.
BRIAN: B-R-I-T-A-N-I-C-K. It's there.
It's on the screen.
NICK: You can follow us on Twitter, if you like.
BETH HOYT: This is Brian's Twitter?
BRIAN: Yes, is me.
NICK: That's Brian.
and then that's Nick's.
NICK: Then that would be mine.
BRIAN: And then we also have a YouTube channel, obviously., written out.
You can get here from
NICK: is just that--
BRIAN: It's the best place to go.
NICK: You can see us live at the Upright Citizens Brigade
theatre in either New York or LA, depending on where we are
at the time.
BRIAN: We put the news posting on our website.
BETH HOYT: It sounds like you should go to their website.
BRIAN: Yeah, website.
BETH HOYT: All right.
Thank you so much for being here.
BRIAN: Thank you for having us.
This has been great.
NICK: Thank you for getting us drunk.
BETH HOYT: Absolutely.
You need to take your award, and go to the press line, is
what you need to do.
BRIAN: Are they doing photos.
BETH HOYT: Yeah, just a quick interview.
NICK: All the big press is here.
BETH HOYT: Yeah, they're just, they're
right, they're backstage.
BRIAN: They're right over there, like
three feet over there?
BETH HOYT: If you could just get in the press line.
BRIAN: Cool.
BETH HOYT: Thank you so much for being here.
BRIAN: Hey, great to see you.
BETH HOYT: Oh my gosh.
Don't forget your cocktail.
I'll see you backstage in the press line, because I
won an award too.
I'll just hold these.
BRIAN: See you later.
BRIAN: Goodbye.
BETH HOYT: It's plugged in, so just be careful.
That is our awards show.
Have fun watching the Golden Globes this weekend.
Congrats to all our nominees and our winners, especially
the ones that weren't able to be here.
Let me know when you can pick up your Bethy.
It'll live on my mantle until then.
And thanks again to BriTANick, our winners of best guest for
being our best guest today.
Go watch their videos after this if
you're not laughed out.
Now it's been such a fantastic year, such great guests, so
exciting to get to know all of you.
And I'll see you next week.
Dailygrace and Hannah Hart will be here on Wednesday,
along with many, many others, joining us for our final show
before we go on a hiatus.
I'll actually be going live on Monday and Tuesday at 4:00 PM,
just like old times to hang with you, and really get
personal, and answer all of your questions about our
upcoming hiatus, and just to, like, look at each
other, eye to lens.
Can't wait to hang.
And that Wednesday show is going to the epic.
Two words for you, OK, about next Wednesday's show.
You ready?
Joined by a slip and slide.
Oh my god.
Thanks for watching me, friends.
And I'll leave you with this, our honorable mentions video,
for those moments that didn't fit into a nomination category
for the Bethys, but that definitely do
deserve to be seen.
Thanks again, Nate, for being a great comment DJ.
OK, see you next week.
-Honorable mentions--
Beth and Trish balloon record, Tommy Wiseau and Gabe Delahaye
hug, Dares with Mitchell Davis, camerawork by Kurt
Braunohler, the Andrew W. K. Makeover.