Mount Vernon Spring Wine Festival 2012 Part 1

Uploaded by jessholy on 02.07.2012

In time, mind you…You are all here gathered to celebrate the wine growing
and making industry of the commonwealth of Virginia. And I want to tell you
it was hard in coming. If you are not familiar with the particular history of this time
The very first settlers at Jamestown, 1607, were charged with growing
wine. It took them two years to get the situation favorable enough for them to try
and they made some local plunk, as it was called. Not particularly
palatable; certainly not worthy of export back to Great Britain…the rest of Great Britain.
Then, of course, a few years later into the 1700’s, the middle 1700’s,
the Virginia House of Burgesses actually hires a Frenchman, a Mr. Andre, we called
him Andrew, Estave. He assured that he could grow wine making grapes here in
Virginia. And he fails miserably.