Tamra, The Island: Full Episode 14 (Official & HD with subtitles)

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Episode 14
Are you okay?
How did this happen?
Park Gyu...
Your Hghness, please allow me to punish him myself!
Make sure
you kill him.
Park Gyu! Park Gyu! Park Gyu!
Park Gyu did nothing to save me.
So, does the exile think you're dead now?
How are you feeling?
He's feeling much better.
Beo Jin.
You may leave now.
I need to go to work now.
Take care of yourself.
Is there anything uncomfortable?
For letting me see Beo Jin again...
I am really thankful to you.
Is that so?
I wouldn't kill a slave I payed so much money for.
I guess he hasn't checked the pattern on his shoulder yet.
Do you understand now?
I am your master.
What do you want from me?
Beo Jin.
Why is Beo Jin here?!
From now on, if you work for me,
you will be able to leave on a boat with her.
Will you acknowledge me as your master now?
You'll let me leave with Beo Jin?
I will do it.
Whatever it is.
I told you not to come here anymore.
Did you already forget that?
want to see your face again.
William is dead.
The reason why I came to see you that day
was because of it.
I couldn't do anything.
So, I'm in pain...
And I'm sorry...
Why did you do that?
Even when you knew William was going to die,
why did you do nothing?
Was it because of me?
Tell me.
Was it because of me?!
Who are you looking for?
Is there another westerner living here?
How do you know my William?
I befriended him in Jeju.
A friend comes looking for him now?!
How can you call yourself a friend when you don't even know what happend to your friend?!
What kind of friend is it?!
What in the world are you talking about?
Can't you tell by this?
Condolences: Expression of sadness toward a person's death
William went to the next world.
The next world? What does that...
What's more, he was beaten to death...
Under the king's order.
Nobody knows where his body is either...
I couldn't even give him a proper funeral.
What kind of cruel world is this?
What's so wrong about being a westerner?!
And where is the contract?
You'll have the rest when you bring William back safely before the wedding.
Stupid boy, in the end...
It's what Yan threw away.
Looking a t the stamp marks, it looks like a contract document.
Yes, I think so. He threw it away after he found out about the westerner's death.
He must have thought it was useless because the westerner died.
What is this?
Oh, they are live abalones?
Why is the tribute from Tamna here?
I have to find the evidence.
Young Master, this is Bong Sam.
Come on in.
A letter came from Seorin merchant group.
Get out of here quickly!
I would like to invite you to Hong Bin Gahk tomorrow.
Seo rin merchant group
You look really like a different person.
I like old William better...
But what? What's the matter?
Actually, I found something strange in the warehouse.
It looks like a secret storage room.
There was the tribute, too.
Don't you think it is strange that the tribute is here?
Beo Jin...
Listen me to carefully.
From now, you must not tell anyone what you saw in this merchant group.
Do not tell anyone that I am alive.
Especially, to Park Gyu.
I may be able to find a boat that I can leave with you to England.
Until we can leave together, you must pretend not to know of whatever happens in here.
I'll tell you everything later.
Would you understand me whatever I do until then?
Hong Bin Gahk, Seorin merchant group
These are goods that are not recorded in the books.
It's really strange.
Since we are shorthanded in Hong Bin Gahk, the master ordered to help them.
I heard that you and crown prince studied together in Sung Gyun Gwan (The best educational institute).
I heard that you still meet and discuss about learning with the crown prince.
What is it that you want to say?
It's as you heard.
With the help of the crown prince and ministers of the government, opening the port of Chosun
to make Chosun powerful and rich through trading with other countries.
The dead prime minister...
Did he not approve of your plan?
He was a great man.
Is that why you poised him to death?
I heard he died of a heart attack.
Did you say "poisoned to death"?
It's too much to say.
You seem uncomfortable with the presence of me, so I will leave now.
Serve him with your best.
I'm sorry I made you wait.
Why did you want to see me?
How could you make a person who is busy preparing for the wedding wait?
This is a wedding gift.
Please accept this gift as a small token of my sincerity.
How did you come in here?
Am I not allowed to be here?
Do you even know what they do here?
Isn't this the largest merchant group in Chosun?
Here, they give me work and pay me.
There's no one here who looks down on me because I'm a diver.
I like this place.
Listen to me carefully.
If you see or hear something strange going on
in this merchant group, you have to let me know.
{William} You must not tell anyone what you saw in this merchant group.
Especially, to Park Gyu.
Hangyang is very different from Jeju.
You should not trust and follow someone simply because that someone treats you well.
Do you understand?
Go ahead first. I will go after I see you leaving.
You can go first.
Why are you sitting out here?
You are not fully recovered yet...
I feel fine now.
By the way, Beo Jin, where are you coming from?
In fact...
I went to Hong Bin Gak to give a hand.
I met the exile by chance there.
Did you happen to tell him?
I thought it would better to tell him...
The girl knew about the storage room?
Good job. You can go now.
Nothing will happen to Beo Jin, right?
Please promise me that.
Don't worry.
Nothing is going to happen to her.
What about my Gyu?
When I went to Seorin merchant group,
I saw the young master with a girl who works there.
It looked like she was the same girl that followed after him from Jeju.
I was worried that other people might have misunderstood if they saw it...
Of course, I don't see it that way though.
She must have been wondering how he was doing since he owed her family in Jeju.
I clearly understood what you mean.
You may leave now.
How dare you, a person of low class, still hitting on my Gyu!
You are a thing of the lowest class.
Whereas my son, Gyu, is a nobleman
from a prestigious family.
He is someone a thing of low class by birth like you shouldn't even dare to dream of.
If you meet him ever again,
I'll completely get you out of Hanyang for good. Do you get it?!
Why aren't you answering me?
Are you mocking me?!
Are you going to learn your lesson after you get flogged?
Never again...
I will meet him...
I understand...
Open the door.
We came from the department of prosecution to investigate!
Hurry, open the door!
Search thoroughly!
Sir, there's nothing.
It is comepletely clean.
It seems you couldn't find what you wanted.
Although I don't know what you are looking for...
If you just tell me instead,
I'll bring it to you directly.
Mother, how could you do such a thing?
The date for your wedding has been set.
It is the fifteenth day of next month, so do not forget.
You didn't forget you wanted this marriage yourself, did you?
I'll do as you said.
However, the only reason I accepted this marriage is not to get Beo Jin hurt. That's the only reason.
If you hurt her in any way,
this marriage will never happen.
My Gyu is still such a softie!
How did my Gyu get fooled by a girl like that?!
Why did I have to meet him like that?
Nobles and peasants,
they are all people...
There was another storage room inside the storage room.
Storage room?
Where is it?
Tell me in detail.
Now, it looks as if I lied to the exile...
Even if I tell him that's not true, it will pointless...
Anyway, where did all those goods go overnight?
Beo Jin.
The wind is nice.
Perhaps, I may be able to find a boat that I can leave with you to England.
Until then, Beo Jin... Whatever I do, you'll understand, right?
Did you tell the master that I told the exile about the room by any chance?
You really did it?!
Park Gyu is the one who tried to kill me.
He probably had no other choice back then.
It was before the king, so what could he possibly do?!
If you trust me,
we can leave together.
I don't care about Park Gyu now.
Are you sure you're not misunderstanding something?
Have you forgotten?
The exile was the one who tried to save you!
The exile also tried to split us up.
What happened to your face?
Who did this to you?
It's not that...
I just made a mistake... That is why...
It's not a big deal.
Don't worry about it.
The person who did this to you...
I'll won't leave the person alone whoever it is.
Don't hide anything from me.
I have a lot to do, so...
I'll see you later.
Don't you see the sun is still out?
The sun is going to go down anyways,
so why don't you just leave it?
You told me to never come back.
And now you came here with alcohol?
Are you kidding me?
I just wanted to drink some traditional Jeju drink I used to drink with you in Jeju.
Do you think it is easy to find Jeju traditional drink in Hanyang?
Please, come over here and get a drink I pour for you.
The way you drink always looks wonderful.
How is the life in Hanyang?
It's not so good.
I can't get a job because I'm old, and a woman, and of low class. Good Heavens!
There are so many things I can't do in Hanyang.
Beo Jin... How is she doing?
Is she settling in well?
Now is not the time, yet.
There is a rule among the divers.
Never harvest an immature clam.
To my eye, it's not the time, yet.
Although it is not ripe yet, if you really want it, just be patient and wait.
When the time comes, it will be full and ready to harvest.
Then, somebody can go inside and harvest.
Until then, you can leave it, so
it grows a little bit more.
These days,
I miss
the time when I lived in your storage room
an exile.
Since you got your hair from your parents, are you not going to pluck them? (Korean Proverb)
No, you need to pluck them out.
Look here.
If you put the serum on cloth and wait for it to harden,
you can get rid of them in one sweep.
I thought we were missing some and there they are.
Thank for you for your hard work.
My lady...
Have you been well?
By your favor...
I think I have seen you at the Seorin merchant group headquarters before.
Oh, yes.
If you work there,
you must have good taste.
The fifteenth day of the next month
is my wedding.
Is that so...?
So I need some silk to send to his family as a wedding gift.
Would you pick it out for me?
How about this one?
The rule for the colors of a wedding gift is red and blue.
Do you want my marriage to go wrong?!
Of course not!
How dare you pick such bad silk for my wedding?!
Since your bad taste did this to the silk,
you must compensate for it.
Why are you doing this to me?
You don't even know your misdeed of forgetting your place?!
What in the world is going on?!
Young Master...
If you try to lay a hand on her again,
I will not forgive you.
It hurts, let go of me.
Let my hand go!
The Sanbang village's girl, Beo Jin, I know
is a girl who doesn't lose to anyone!
Why do you just take that kind of humiliation?!
Whose side are you taking now?
She is..
your fiancee... Exile.
How coud you do this to me in front of your fiancee?!
if you really want to take my side,
just leave me alone.
How beautiful!
Really beautiful.
Just like a peasant, you are working with rotten rice.
I put enough there, so go back to Jeju quietly.
What an insolence...
Don't go around talking nonsense after eating good meals.
Why do I have to listen to you?
How dare you looking at me like that!
I'm such a lowly diver, so I have no manners.
Don't even dream about putting your daughter in family as a concubine.
That's a load of bullshit!
Stop talking garbage and get out of my house now.
And you still think your child will be safe?
Do you think I'll let you do something harmful to my child?
Piss off!
What the heck are you doing?!
What are you doing to my mom?!
Laying hands on me...
I can take it.
But, not on my mom!
What are you?
Who are you to do this to my mom?!
If you have energy to do this to us, exercise strict control on your precious son.
What did you just say?
I have no interest
in your son, not even a little bit.
So, relax yourself.
The one who came to my house in Tamna was him.
And, the one who invited me to live in his house in Hanyang was him.
I had no heart in it!
you have no right to act like this to me and my mom.
I will let you get away this time.
But, if I ever hear anything strange again,
you will be flogged to death.
Don't forget it.
Beo Jin.
Don't worry a thing about that pig-like lady.
Eat some.
Raise your head.
Raise it!
I feel ashamed to see your face...
How dare she laid a hand on you?
If you're going to live in Hanyang, you'll have to be strong.
You have to be tough to survive. Although you are of low class, you shouldn't be live like a fool.
Be strong and don't let them put you down.
I was worried that you wouldn't be able to live like a human being since you looked so naive.
Now that you've settled in here this much, I won't worry about you anymore.
Because of me...
You had to face something awful like this...
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Have some of this.
(Location: Korean Folk Village)
If you really want to be on my side,
please leave me alone.
Your honor.
What are you doing in Hanyang?
By any chance...
Did you come to take William?
You must know about his death...
So, you know, right?
Juding by a somber look on your face, you must have let him die.
Watch what you say!
To save his life...
I pleaded His Highness risking my own life.
To save him from death penalty...
To revoke the king's order...
I did all I could.
I should have protected him more...
In the end, I wasn't able to do so.
This will be the last time we meet.
Was it really to take William?
I only came to Hanyang to as a delegate of East India Company.
We're in the middle of doing business with Seorin merchant group.
Seorin merchant group?
What business are you doing with them?
Chosun has not permitted opening the port yet.
The master of the merchant group is coming!
William didn't die.
Did you deceive me when you knew he was alive?
Beo Jin, trust me.
Shoud I stay alone from tomorrow on?
The promise that you'll leave together with me, it's still valid, right?
Let's start the business now.
That girl won't be able to escape death.
Beo Jin, please be safe.