[2011.02.04] K-pop no Leitura Dinâmica (K-Pop in Brazil)

Uploaded by TaisB on 04.02.2011

The Leitura Dinamica already showed that
k-pop starts to be understood and propagated
by the brazillians.
Mainly because of the internet.
And is precisily the web that just transformed
one of the head korean artist in viral.
K-pop is a musical phenomenon.
The oriental musicality
The visceral dances.
The effects that fill the eyes
All this maked the fans' head about korean music.
So much that "Bonamana" from Super Junior
got a tremendous achievement.
15 millions of access on the band's official
channel in you tube.
That's right! 15 millions.
The number impressed even the web's analysts.
The video is the most viral of the 2011 season.
That is K-POWER!
In a minute we show the others kings' of the internet.