Dave Navarro: Stop Testing Cosmetics on Animals

Uploaded by officialpeta on 07.01.2013

I like the extreme. I like shock value. I like things that slap people in the face and
wake ‘em up. I was on the set of some project where I was using makeup and someone mentioned
to me that it was cruelty free. And I said, ‘What does that mean?’ And they explained
to me that a lot of makeup in the marketplace is tested on animals in a profoundly inhumane
way. I’m Dave Navarro for PETA. When trying to do this photo shoot, I was really imagining
what’s happening to the animals in the labs that are doing this animal testing. They’re
not taking a bunny rabbit and putting mascara on it. They’re injecting a chemical directly
into its eye to see what kind of adverse reaction happens. And in many cases, parts of their
body is ripped open and they’re all alive and they’re all aware. It’s torture for
the animal, it’s terrifying and painful and probably one of the cruelest things done
in the name of vanity that can be done. If I brought a bunny rabbit to your home, like
a little white bunny and said ‘Here, check out this little bunny rabbit!’, would you
inject its eyes with chemicals? Probably not, right? Well when you’re buying the products
that do test that way, the dollar you put into that company’s pocket is telling them
that it’s okay to do this. So, I think it’s pretty important that you investigate the
products you’re using and find out whether or not they are on the list of products that
are tested on animals. It’s as simple as buying cruelty free makeup and telling your
friends about it and get word of mouth happening. I defy anyone to watch this stuff and explain
to me why it’s okay. Especially knowing that there are alternatives, there are cruelty
free products.