Kidlat episode 2 (with English subtitle)

Uploaded by MegaToonTV on 19.07.2012

Nobody could explain...
How she was able to see me.
Time passed, and I got to know her.
I learn about her name,
her address,
and what she does for a living.
I also learned that she's just an ordinary Earthling.
Yet it's unclear to both of us how she's able to see me.
Maybe it was destiny..
And it might be that the purpose would be revealed in the right time.
She's the first Earthling that I got to know.
I feel happy knowing that I'm not alone anymore.
I found a new inspiration with my mission.
She taught me many things.
About Earth..
and almost anything.
Me? I showed her my Amazing power!
We became close as time goes by.
I became close to this planet too.
Until one day...
I learned that there was a bomb planted on a crowded city.
As I was about to go find, and defuse the bomb.
I received a call from this lady.
She's pleading for help.
Her life is in danger.
But she's too far and out of the way from where I'm heading.
I'm not sure If my speed would be able to
Save them both.
I soon realize that I need to choose.
the lives of many or the lady that's close me.
I never expected things to be this way...