Me Grimlock Vlogging About TV, Episode 4: "Jesus H. Caviezel, This Boring!" (09/23/2011)

Uploaded by TVCriticGrimlock on 23.09.2011

If you one of those viewers who enjoy Burn Notice but wish Michael Westen had zero personality,
then me Grimlock got show for you. It called Person of Interest. It created by Dark Knight
co-screenwriter Jonathan Nolan.
It yet another CBS procedural where lead actor whisper his way through crime-solving and
do lots of squinting. In this case, he Passion of Christ star Jim Caviezel, who written and
directed to be as unobtrusive and unassuming as possible so that he not alarm and startle
elderly CBS viewers while they reaching for their pills.
Caviezel starring as ex-government agent recruited to stop crime in New York by Michael Emerson
of Lost fame. In this show, Ben Linus invented powerful machine that able to predict criminal
activity. Throughout premiere episode, me Grimlock kept wishing this machine could at
one point transform into car or truck or something. Anything, just to keep me Grimlock awake during
Person of Interest. Jesus H. Caviezel, this premiere episode boring!
Me Grimlock think J.J. Abrams got upset by failure of romantic NBC spy show he produced
last season, Mr. and Mrs. Undercovers. Abrams probably thought, "Hmm, nerds not like it
when me go for lighthearted approach and fill TV show with lots of black people, which too
bad because me like black people. Maybe me able to lure back nerds if me do complete
opposite of all that."
So when that Star Trek sequel coming out, J.J.?
Person of Interest one of several shows that make up Boring Procedural Night. It sandwiched
between clunky and way-too-serious revival of Charlie's Angels at 8pm on ABC and Mentalist
at 10pm on CBS, which airing opposite American version of Prime Suspect on NBC. Boring Procedural
Night tailor-made for those viewers who born without sense of humor.
Speaking of Prime Suspect, out of all those boring procedurals, it procedural with fewest
boring stuff, thanks to wonderful performances by Maria Bello and her co-star Michael C.
Hat. That hat got 10 times more personality than Jim Caviezel do.
Me Grimlock ending vlog!