Behind the Scenes: First Lady Michelle Obama at Cape Town Soccer Event

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Nozandulela Samela: Like you, I'm a mother, too, but unfortunately,
I'm a mother with HIV.
I found that out when it was supposed to be the happiest day
of my life when I went to the clinic to --
for my very first antenatal visit.
But unfortunately, I got the news that I was HIV-positive.
And right there and then my world just --
I felt like it was shutting down.
I had fears.
I didn't know what to think.
Most of all, I had questions.
What -- the biggest question was,
how am I going to protect this baby?
And I was so fortunate that there was mothers2mothers,
where I got to a sisterhood of support of courage and hope when
I got in and I was accepted with my HIV status and met other
women who were also HIV positive.
And with their help, I took my treatment correctly and
fortunately for me, my baby was tested HIV-negative.
And I decided right then and there that I also wanted to join
this army of mentor mothers.
And now mentor mothers are mothers who are HIV-positive,
giving support to other mothers who are newly diagnosed whether
pregnant or just newly delivered.
And since then I've been working with mothers2mothers.
Nine months after I started, I was promoted to be a
site coordinator.
And now I am working --
First Lady Michelle Obama: I'm not surprised.
Nozandulela Samela: And now I'm working as a communications associate at the
mothers2mothers head offices.
First Lady Michelle Obama: Wow.
Nozandulela Samela: Now, this is a true reflection of what we mean by empowerment.
Mothers2mothers took me from a level where I thought to myself
that, I am HIV-positive; there's no more life for me.
And I didn't even have a formal education that would provide me
with a good job.
But mothers2mothers took me from that level to where I am
now today.
And as I am standing here, I'm a voice of all the other women who
are out there living with HIV.
And I am so proud that I made it --
And thank you and your family because we regard you and your
family as our friends because, you know,
if it weren't for the help we got from the U.S. government,
mothers2mothers wouldn't be where it is today.