The Dictator Official Trailer 2012 - Sacha Baron Cohen

Uploaded by filmisnowextra on 21.12.2011

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Just try and imagine Armie Hammer,
who recently was in The Social Network as one of the Winklevoss brothers,
with his hair shaved and prepared for a vengeance mission.
This is the new role he will interpret in By Virtue Fall,
which also casts Eric Bana.
The movie is co-written by the screenwriter of Up In the Air Sheldon Turner.
Hammer can also be seen in The Lone Ranger,
in Clint Eastwood's J. Edgar and
in Mirror Mirror, the remake of Snow White.
Angelina Jolie will maybe be in the new action movie
directed and written by Luc Besson.
The project doesn't yet have a title and the plot details are few,
but the critique has described it as a thriller
“rooted in true scientific elements”.
Besson has built his career in creating female characters with a strong personality,
from Le Femme Nikita of 1990,
Leon of 1994 and his most recent The Lady, which is now screening.
Jolie should close the deal before starting
to work with Ridley Scott to Gertrude Bell's biopic.
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