Far Away Strays Live Music Concert Episode : CIMU

Uploaded by Cimu2 on 05.09.2012

Welcome everybody, this is Jeannine and Laura again. Hi everybody. We are your host for the music web series CIMU – Columbus Indie Music Union.
And today we actually have a new band to present. It is Far Away Strays with us. Hi Guys. Good, how are you guys feeling? They are going to perform 2 songs for us and since you guys are pretty new why don’t you guys tell YouTube viewers about yourselves. Introduce yourselves and how did you guys meet?
I am Sean Parker, I play the guitar and vocals. I am Bobby Walsh and I play guitar. I am Chris Brooks and I play bass and cello. How is it going I am Nate Guerra and I play drums. Awesome, so how did you guys meet. What is the story behind it?
We had known each other through high school. Crossing path to gigs around the area we had established the friendship to friends of other bands that brought us together. We kinda established a little history there and we decided to start a project when everybody went on to the other things.
That’s where our friendship started we had a project together and it was going steady for a little when it kinda took a hold when some other serious life things came. We focused for some other bands for a while. But recently we have crossed path again and yeah.
We left our other project just for a lack of devotion, drive we found these guys that shared an equal ambition. I think it is a really good group now.
So I hope that you guys wont leave this project. Yeah lets hope. Nate, what do you think? It’s doing well. You guys wanna tell us what your song is?
This first one is of our title track EP “Rivers will rise”. It’s more upbeat, stronger song. Great. Let’s hear it.
Awesome.. I love this song, last time I heard you guys, for three days I was literally, but the river will rise..It had some hooks in it..
So what is it about? The song is about 2 brothers who had committed some pretty heavy crimes and lived this live of sin. I guess outlaws you could say. And one of the brothers wants to break into freedom and a life of innocence. Basically. He wants to get out of the biz. It’s not working for him.
So do you guys have any Columbus acts that you would like to check out when you aren’t playing shows? Locally here? Yeah.
There is a band called this is my suitcase. Yeah they are great. I am actually friends with couple of them and really into their sound. I really like the band Wolf Ram Heart, Karate Coyote, Phantods, My Darlings. What about the drummer? What does he like?
I actually just moved here. BTW the drummer just had a surgery he had his gallbladder removed he might be little in pain or passion, similar. Alright what is your second song?
The second song is “Wool over my eyes” it is the very first one that we pieced together – Bobby and I and presented to these guys and had a pretty good turn out. Let’s hear it.
Great performance guys, Thank you so much for coming out and performing for us and all our viewers. So what is next for you guys what are your plans for the rest of the year?
Once the EP is released we are planning to some upcoming campus shows in Columbus. We also have a show in Dayton you can go and check us out on September 19th with a band life after lived of. 0:12:12.210,0:12:39.130 Do you guys have a website? We are currently getting our website but you can check us out at Facebook. Far away strays our Youtube channel and twitter and Reverbnation. We have all that info in the description area bellow if you guys like them go like them on Facebook, go to the show, watch youtube and all that good stuff right?
And thanks again everybody for tuning in, see you next time. Bye.