Woody Harrelson - Plush Fox's Final Fate

Uploaded by hsus on 08.01.2013

>>Woody Harrelson: How do you define “fashion” when what’s fashionable is constantly changing?
How does one keep up with an industry that is predicated on the idea of constant innovation?
Trends aren’t easy to stay on top of. But, fashion faux pas/improprieties should be.
Example. Well…let’s talk about other improprieties.
. .moral faux pas, if it suits you? Like this. Some call fur a taboo subject, but is it really?
I mean, we’re not cavemen. . .or cave-people, to be politically-correct. And, we wouldn’t
skin him. . .or make a coat out of her. . .right? I mean…they provide us hours of online entertainment.
So, we can agree as upstanding moral citizens that we don’t want to make fashion statements
out of the pelts of our family pets. Obviously. But, what would be the difference between
a family pet versus, say, another animal raised or killed for fur? They’re both cute. Maybe
you can’t cuddle with some, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t come to a consensus that
having their hides handed to them doesn’t hurt like hell.
I’ll spare you the literal site, but here are the gory details of how fur animals make
it…from there to here. Ok. . .so, some are trapped, by the millions
in the U.S. of A and Canada. . .among other places. . .and then killed by any number of
methods: crushed, drowned, shot in the head. Or, they can wait for the bigger kid to come
along for lunch money. But. . .many animals are raised for fur. Not like that. Like this.
. .their entire lives. That’s like telling a claustrophobic to live in a cubicle. . .at
a job they really hate. Then throw in a couple of equally disgruntled flat-mates. Yep!
After all that. . .only then will they face one of many gruesome fates, such as having
high voltage shoved up their anuses. You know, so they don’t mess up those beautiful pelts.
Is this luxurious yet? In the end, all are inevitably skinned. However,
in China, animals face this process while still alive.
At least this isn’t happening to those cute little viral dogs and cats. Well, I hate to
burst that bubble, but it is. So, what can you do to stop all of this? Well,
for the most part, I know most of you aren’t wearing entire families of wildlife on your
backs. If you are, try fake, faux, non-caveperson options. There’s really not much difference,
and loads of top designers use them. It’s that simple. The fur industry is cruel. Make
compassion your fashion.