Renato and Sarah's Wedding Day

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Ron: If it was under warranty?
Rick: Yeah?
Ron: They would have, um,
basically just given me a refurbished laptop.
A laptop, uh...
Rick: A refurbished touch.
Ron: Uh, yeah, iPod touch.
and they would have given Allyza
a refurbished classic.
Rick: Wow. Ron: Since they were both under warranty,
they could have repaired it,
for, I forget how much, like $69
Rick: Right. Some big number. Ron: Crazy number.
Or you could just buy a new iPod.
Rick: Well, what we have here are some new ones. Ron: We have a wide selection here!
But they were saying,
if you did that you could recycle
they could take our old iPods and recycle it,
and we'd get 10% off. Rick: Nice. OK.
But I didn't have like, this was
I forgot how much this was.
Rick: That's like $250.
I didn't have like, yeah, I didn't have like $200 bucks to spend.
Rick: I know. Who does?
Ron: But we figured, let's just, let's just think about it.
Mom: Really? Was it good? Rassi: It was beautiful.
Ron: They had sectioned off, ah, they had sectioned off a section for us.
Mom: Oh! Ron: For Sarah's...
Rassi: And they were right... Mom: The place was nice though?
It was nice, right by the Capitol.
You could see the Capitol there,
right across the street. Yeah, it was beautiful.
Rick: It's a camera!
Rick: Yeah, this is Mia's camera.
Rick: It's funny how you get the fingers in the lens.
Ron: I'm not.
I know you're not, but I always do,
and I look at it, is like, what is that smudge?
Rassi: Smells like citronella.
Rick: Yeah, it's going to be a nice tent, when that comes up.
All right.
Should I take this cloth down, or something?
Rassi: I think we'll be OK.
Rassi: They're going to have flowers and stuff on them later.
Bryony: Since Rassi and I are actually staying at the hotel...
with the families, we need to make sure that we get...
Rick: Yeah. Bryony: ...your all mom's going.
GPS: Turn Right on County Route MS.
Ron: Heh heh!
Rick: Do I gotta wear something?
Rick, you're gonna get one of those too.
Rick: OK. Thanks.
Renato: And Dan, you have one, so you have to pick one out I guess.
You're the mom of the groom, of course you need it.
Mom: OK. Bryony: If anyone needs, a mom needs.
Rick: There you go, Mom.
RIck: Renato, this is yours.
Oh yeah, I'm not going to wear that.
Rick: I don't think I'm supposed to be wearing it either.
Bryony: Nope.
Si Ricky!
Rick: What did you think of the ceremony, Ron?
Ron: It was actually really nice! Very short, which is great.
Ron: And devoid of any religious connotation.
Rick: Hello! HA!
Rick: A secular ceremony then! Ron: Yes!
Ron: So what did you think of the wedding?
Rick: I thought the wedding was beautiful.
Ron: Was that the first time you met Sarah?
Rick: No. I met her at least one, once
Ron: That's right, yeah, they came over to, uh...
Ron: ...stay over at your house once, right? Rick: They stayed...
Rick: ...for a wedding that they went to in Boston.
Ron: Yes. Rick: But it was to nice to see her...
Rick: ...and it was nice to see Renato...
Rick: ...yeah, I really liked the ceremony.
Rick: Well, I think it's going to be time for us to go to the party!
Sarah Buccheri: I just wanted to tell you about, uh...
Renato and Sarah's first kiss.
Well, the first I heard about,
when I started to hear about Sarah,
Renato was like
"Yeah, I've got this great hockey friend,"
"She's really great."
"She's teaching me how to play hockey."
So, Renato's a filmmaker,
and some of you probably already know that.
And he was making a time-lapsed 60-mm film,
in our friend Max's kitchen.
So Renato wasn't prepared for this,
this special event to happen during this film
and I guess they started chatting
and one thing led to another, and there's about
1/12 of a second, of them kissing, in this film!
Which I thought was really sweet!
And, I love to see...
...Renato and Sarah together. It's obvious
that they have a really deep affection
and appreciation and love for each other.
So it really makes me happy today
to witness them commit to each other in front of all of us.
It's really sweet and special.
To the health and happiness
of Renato Umali and Sarah Burgundy
Renato: Sarah and I are going to cut the cake, and then...
you can eat the cake...
and, uh, but we suggest eating more food
because the food will be taken away!
And so, uh, here we go!
We're going to cut it! Rick: Yeah!
And then we're going to feed each other with the cake. Rick: Yes!
Through our legs! [LAUGHTER]
♪ I'm forever yours
♪ Ever yours...
♪ Faithfully