How to install Mo' Creatures 1.4.6 [Shortest tutorial]

Uploaded by Piglettank on 01.01.2013

hello everyone! and i'm gonna show you how to install
mo creatures for 1.4.6
i leave the link in the description to this page you gonna wanna a scroll down
uh... to these four files
mo creatures mod forge client gui api and custom mob spawner
and download these for files
okay you gonna have to wait
couple of seconds
once you have the them downloaded it should look something like this
then to start menu
and type in %appdata%
and go to roaming
then go to .minecraft
bin, and right click your minecraft.jar and open with win rar
now you should have this thingy here
and minimize this 'cause you're gonna need to have it later
when you have your minecraft.jar open you should delete META-INF
be sure to always delete META-INF when installing a mod
uh... because otherwise it will
be black screen of death
to them open up your minecraft forge
drag all these files, even the META-INF to your minecraft.jar

let it procceed
and hit OK
you also wanna
open up gui api
and do the same thing
and select all these files you can just get control + a
grad them all
and dragged him into a minecraft.jar
hit ok
there you go we're done with that step
open up your bin you should have minimized it earlier

and go back to .minecraft
and go to mods folder. if you don't have this folder you can just create it
uh... got into mods folder and drag
or copy
custom mob spawner
and mo' creatures
and there you go, you're done installing the mod
sayonara folks and see you next time
goodbye everyone everyone