Short Film - Love: A Boy Girl thing...

Uploaded by devastated13 on 26.10.2012

How can he do this?
Propose? (Scoffs)
Worked out right?
Everything fit together perfectly.
Tell me What happened? TELL ME!
You know right? We planned everything.
I wanna hear it from you. NOW!
You know what..
We don't talk as often as we used to.
What? We were on the phone for almost an entire hour yesterday.
Yeah but still do you remember
the necklace you gave me.
Uh What did you say?
Hey , look at this text na... Its so funny.
See this is What I was talking about.
I feel as if i dont know you anymore!
Why are you creating a scene?
Okay. So if I say something its a scene right?
Stop shouting.
No.You know What , this is not working anymore!
What? What do you mean by not working anymore?
Maybe if you listen more attentively to What I'm saying you'll understand
You know what? just go to hell!
Fine.Go to hell.
Why are girls so insecure??
Just hate her!
Cant take her anymore!
If you don't like girls , go gay.
I'm Avilasha by the way.
Hey I'm Ripu.
Hey , Hi.
Oh. Hi !
What, What are you laughing at?
Nothing much.Just that your skills amaze me.
I know I suck.
Could you please help me?
[phone rings]
Okay. I'll see you in two minutes?
Bye !
Finally, We can be together!
We have been made for each other
Whatever I did was just for you.
I Love You ♥