92% of Young Afghan Men Haven't Heard of 9/11; Free Membership Contest

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Show members? Email us and we'll get to that. All right, Louis, do we want to get to our
Afghan, Afghani story? Louis: Yeah, that's a good one. David: So there was a finding,
there were some findings from a number of different polls, and there was a survey done
by the International Council on Security and Development. 92% of young Afghan men don't
even know about 9/11. This was done mostly in Helmand and Kandahar provinces, which really
is where a significant portion of young men are involved in the anti-United States insurgency
that has been keeping the U.S. busy there for a long time. So the country that produced
the 9/11 terror attacks has a population where apparently almost none of the people fighting
against the U.S. have even heard of the worst terror attack in U.S. history. Significant?
Louis: Maybe just a reflection of the teachings over there. David: Well, it's a reflection
of a lot of things. There's no media, there's no education in many cases. Louis: Lack of
media, of course. David: There is lack of literacy. But imagine not knowing about 9/11,
seeing that the U.S. soldiers are there, talk about motivation for insurgent actions. I
mean, we're trying to figure out how we can get the insurgency to die down 10 years after
9/11 happened, 9/11 has nothing to do with why 92% of those young Afghan men are fighting
against the U.S. Louis: Well, I suppose if I were trying to convince a young man to take
arms against U.S. soldiers, I would not include the fact that they might be there because
of an attack that happened on their soil, right? David: But suppression by the people
in charge of the insurgency, if there even are such people, I don't think that there
are, is not going to make it so 92% have simply never heard about 9/11. Louis: No. Yeah. It's
still a shocking number. David: I mean, has the near-constant warfare there for years
and years made it so people are just blocking out the truth, or do you think that fundamentally
the information has just not reached them? Louis: I think the latter is more likely.
David: The information's just not there. Louis: Sure, yeah. David: At this point, honestly,
once I started thinking about it, it's hard to even blame them. It's been 10 years since
9/11, and the people who actually did this from Afghanistan appear to be long gone. So
imagine you never found out that 9/11 is the reason the soldiers came in who knows how
many years ago at this point. It's been 10 years, and the people who actually perpetrated
the crime aren't even in your country anymore. I don't even know why we're there. But they've
never heard about 9/11. I've heard about 9/11, I still don't know why we're there. They're
fighting us because we are there. It doesn't have to do with 9/11, it doesn't have to do
with "they hate our freedom", as we hear so often. They barely even seem to know about
our freedom. Certainly don't know about 9/11. 60% said both that if the U.S. does leave,
the Taliban will take over, great, and that the local police are working with the Taliban.
So there is no end in sight here, clearly. There's no solution in sight, there is no
winning in sight. There's not even a definition of winning in sight. The question is whether
the U.S. should continue to be a part of a situation with no solution. 40% think NATO
forces are there to destroy Islam or Afghanistan. Continue building the house of cards, Louis.
It's been 10 years since the attacks they never heard of, which forced us to go there.
The people who perpetrated the attacks are gone from the country. And they believe, almost
half, that the reason we're even there is to destroy either their country or their religion.
Yeah, this one's going to go well. Louis: Damned if you do, damned if you don't. David:
Just another four years, Louis, like Obama and Biden are telling us, no more than four
more years. I think with that strategy, asking for four more years is going to become very
difficult for Barack Obama and Joe Biden. How can we possibly convince them to be on
our side, for lack of a better term, if they don't even know about 9/11? If they think
we're there to destroy their religion? There is no winning, is there, Louis? Louis: No.
I don't imagine there is. And the language barrier certainly doesn't help. David: Let's
get out. It's just, it's time to go. Let's just get out of there. Louis: Sure. I'll agree
with you on that. David: You're fine with that. Louis: That sounds OK to me. David:
Well, Louis is in favor of it. Louis: Of course, you know, you let Taliban take over, and let's
face it, that's not a good thing, but what choice do we really have? Announcer: The David
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