2013 The North Face Osito Jacket Review by Skis

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Hi, I'm Brigitte
and welcome to Slope Style. I'm with Alex from The North Face and we're
here to talk about the Osito Jacket. Alex, tell
me about the Osito Jacket. Why do so many women just love this coat?
I think it all starts with the fabric. It's a fantastic high-loft silken
rochelle fleece that comes in a multitude of colors. You have a great assortment of it.
The other benefit of this fabric is that it takes color very well so things come out very vibrant,
very colorful piece and it's a great value. Yeah and
the one thing I have noticed about this fabric, I own one myself,
is that it is very soft, it's very silky when you touch it.
It's almost like that pillow pet
silky Cookie Monster fleece to it. You just want to snuggle up
and sleep with it. It's just so soft. It is and the other benefit of that too is
when you wear it with a shell or you wear on a situation when you need a little extra warmth,
that fleece will trap a little extra air because it is a high-loft fleece so there actually is
a technical advantage to that soft fabrication. And what about the fit? How
is the fit on it? We would classify this as a stand fit; not too snug,
not too boxy. Fits a lot of different body types very, very well.
It seems like this coat has a lot of features too. It does. You know, with two handwarmer pockets,
a cinch cord at the waist so that we can make sure it fits well,
elastic around the cuffs and a zipper system where we can zip this in and
out of our compatible shells. This is a fully feature jacket
at a great value. And the one thing I like about it too, this jacket does have
so many colors to choose from, I mean, you could match a lot of things. Too many options.
So, great value too. Great price on this coat.
That's just awesome. Can't go wrong. Thanks, Alex. I'm glad you came here today
to talk about the Osito. I'm Brigitte with Slope Style. Thanks
for watching.