EYES SET TO KILL TIPSOUND INTERVIEW (Lots of noise so read description)

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What's up? I'm Anissa. Caleb.
Cisko. I'm Alexia.
TipSound - So, let's start out.
Ok. You guys are the core of the band right now, and you have gone through many changes,
do you still consider yourselves Eyes Set To Kill?
Alexia - No.
Alexia - Me and Anissa started the band together so it's always been us two soldiers. So it's
always going to be us as long is us two sisters.
TipSound - Have your motives changed at all or is it still the same band; because I recall
that the reason you named the band was because you were set on what you were going to do.
Alexia - Yeah, well we still have that. Our minds are set on to try to reach as many people
as we can.
Cisko - I think the hunger now is more. We're, the band is hungrier now.
TipSound - So you guys would say, you have evolved, you have progressed more than when you started.
Alexia - Yeah. Cisko - Yeah.
TipSound - Oh ok, so this is the question that is always asked, two girls, sisters;
how do you keep that up in tour? I mean, you guys tour in a van, do you always get in fights?
Anissa - No. Alexia - No.
Anissa - We really never fight. I don't even know the last time...
Alexia - We used to fight more when we were not in a tour together. But now that we're
always together, no.
Anissa - And when we do fight is about something that's not important.
Alexia - Stupid stuff.
Anissa - And we get over it.
TipSound - How do you deal with having two girls?
Caleb - Oh, they're cool. We've been touring since 2006. Cisko - They're like dudes.
Alexia - We're like dudes. They are more like girls actually.
Caleb - We've been touring for almost 5 years now. That's like, it's whatever, it's life.
We're just a family that travels. The .......family.
Cisko - Exactly. Love that shit!
TipSound - Do you guys get a lot of shit for having girls in the band?
Alexia - No. We never wanted to be a chick band so it was harder to get guys to try out,
because right when they find out we were girls, they were out. The only thing that's been
bad is when people shout out stuff like, "take your shirt off!", it's pretty stupid.
TipSound - You should be like, "take yours off!"
Alexia - I don't want to see them with their shirts off.
Cisko - We actually did that once.
Alexia - I told them to put them back on. Like, "take your shirt off!" and he started
and I was like "put it back on!"
TipSound - Other than that, do you guys ever get other girls trying to start drama?
Alexia - No, never.
TipSound - Dream venue, do you guys want to play like little shows, big arena tours?
Alexia - Madison Square Garden.
TipSound - How long have you had this tought?
Alexia - I don't know. As long as there's more than 10 people every night.
TipSound - What about an acoustic tour? A lot of bands are doing acoustic tours.
Alexia - I feel like that would be super fun, to do an acoustic set. Not even just me playing
acoustic, have Caleb play drums and bass, acoustic bass. That would be so much fun.
TipSound - Has anybody brought that to you guys? Would you guys consider it?
Caleb - It would be amazing for us to go on tour support of like, Dallas Graveyard?????
it would be the best thing ever. So much fun.
Cisko - Heck yeah!
TipSound - All of you agents out there keep this in mind, they want to do an acoustic
tour. All right so, home? Is this home? Is your house home?
Caleb - Our house is home I guess; Tempe, Arizona. But in the van, home is tour.
Alexia - Home is tour. Anissa - Being home is kinda like...
Alexia - Is one small vacation. Anissa - Yeah.
Caleb - It's refreshing for like 2 weeks and then you just want to get on tour. I have
a lot of respect for people that sit and do the same job everyday, I'd probably get tired.
Anissa - Well, they are used to it.
Caleb - Yeah and we are used to be in a different place every night.
TipSound - The new album. White Lo... I can't say that.
Everyone - Lotus. While Lotus.
TipSound- What can you say about it? If you can say anything.
Cisko - It's new.
Anissa - We just released a new song called "The Secrets Between", we don't know if you've
heard it, but it's out there. Cisko - It's actually out for free download.
TipSound - It's actually a pretty good song. Anissa - Thank you.
Cisko - You heard it? TipSound - Yeah. Cisko - Oh Awesome.
Anissa - White Lotus, the CD is not coming out until August 9th.
TipSound - Would you guys say it's different from your previous album which is extremely
different from your previous, previous album.
Anissa - Yeah. Cisko - I think is just more of an actual....
Alexia - I'm more excited about him (Cisko) being able to show people what he sounds like
on record, because everyone knows him live. So that's exciting; and for me singing the
heavier songs, I feel like we've always wanted to change just trying to do, if there's a
riff just scream over it instead of just trying to make it more....
TipSound - I don't know if you guys can release this information or not, but did you guys
have another guitarist play with you guys or did you do all the guitar parts?
Alexia - No. Caleb - Alexia did everyting.
TipSound - I read in an interview you did the melodies before lyrics.
Alexia - Yes. I filled in the lyrics? No.
TipSound - How about this record?
Alexia - I don't know but probably but for the first 2 and then after that I filled in
the other songs. Just because there's like, that's what you hear in the song, like Pearl
Jam or something, you can't hear what he is singing but the melodies are so good, that's
why people like it.
TipSound - Did all of you guys go into the writing?
Caleb - Oh yeah, I mean Cisko did a lot of melodies and collaborated.
Cisko - She lays down the foundation. Alexia - Like the blueprint.
TipSound - Did you guys ever start to just jam out songs, start playing and see what
Cisko - Yeah, we all live in the same house, so we kinda just go in there and jam.
Anissa - We get up in the morning jam and when is too late and we don't want our neighbors
to get mad so we stop at like 6:00 o'clock, do the same thing the next day.
Caleb - When we come off tour maybe we give ourselves 2 days of doing nothing and then
every day after that is just practice until 6, maybe 10 until 6.
TipSound - That's the reason you are so good. Do you guys believe that practicing
is something that will never fade away, that you'll always need?
Caleb - Yes, because I have to say truthfully we had like 1 day of practice for 40 minutes
this tour. It probably took us a good week to get solid on this tour.
Cisko - Because we came out of the studio, we started writing, went into the studio for
two weeks and then jump on tour, so we didn't have that much time to practice.
TipSound - Are you performing something new tonight?
Caleb - One new song. TipSound - The Secrets Between?
Anissa - No, it's actually one we have not released.
Caleb - But we played on the last tour so there should be youtube videos of it and
some off of this tour.
TipSound - Well you guys did great, we can't wait to hear the new record because that song
is amazing. Anissa - Thank you.
TipSound - I have one more question, you said you live in a house together, have you ever
thought about adopting a child as a band?
Anissa - Yes, we want to adopt a monkey. Caleb - Yes
TipSound - Do you have a name? Caleb - Popo.
Anissa - Popo. Caleb - Popo the monkey.
Cisko - We have one, Frankie.
Caleb - Well we just got another puppy. Well Alexia. A miniature Frankie.
Alexia - Frankie is short for Frankistein. He's got a cleft lip.
Caleb - A freak of nature, it's great.
Alexia - When he was first born, he was trying to eat off the food bowl, his head was too
big for his body so he would fall on his food.
Anissa - His legs are way too long for his body.
TipSound - Have you guys thought of bringing him on tour?
Cisko - We actually were going to. Caleb - On this tour, but no. It wouldn't be good.
Caleb - We would either have to let other bands take care of it or leave him in the
van with the heat, but if we leave him in the van he would eat something.
TipSound - I'm sure one of your fans would take care of him.
Cisko - Steal him. "Alexia's dog! I'm out of here".
TipSound - Thank you so much for the interview. Everyone's excited for the next record.
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