Proactiv Insider: Celebrity Makeup Artist Amy Nadine

Uploaded by Proactiv on 14.02.2012

This is on camera roll 4. This will be Amy Nadine interview take 1. Marker.
Is my name on there?
Hi, I am Amy Nadine and I am a celebrity makeup artist in Los Angeles.
As a makeup artist I see all types of skin. I see stressed skin from flying. I see hormonal breakouts. I see flakey dryness.
I see skin that hasn't been exfoliated in a long time. I see it all.
No matter how beautiful the make up is, if their skin isn't totally clear or smooth or they are dealing with breakouts,
my makeup becomes more of a mask instead of letting their inner personality shine through,
which always breaks my heart a little bit.
now more than ever in my business with high definition and such strong lights, clear skin is more important than ever,
which is why I recommend Proactiv to my clients.
Because before we can even get to makeup, I have to get their skin as clear as possible.
The amount of money you spend on foundation and concealer and powder, if you just spend a fraction of that on Proactiv,
you can have that clean happy skin and just spend a little money on mascara and lip gloss.