2013 Audi A3 1.8 TFSI Review (English Subtitles)

Uploaded by AutoTopnl on 15.01.2013

Today we have the new Audi A3 with 1.8 TFSI
And I'll cut to the chase;
I think it's fantastic!
One of the reasons I think this is such a great car, is the interior
It's designed by Mattijs van Tuijl
It's very minimalistic, it looks great
It feels good too
Because there are so few buttons
They can put more money in the development of a button
All their attention and energy can be put in to making this one button
And it really paid of
Each and every button looks and feels really good
The new MMI system had been tweaked
It works even better
And the steering wheel has also been changed
This is what a steering wheel should be like!
The development of the MMI screen has had many hours
This isn't the most expensive MMI
There is a PLUS version, in which you get a bigger screen
But the system layout is the same
It rises up beautifully..
The screen itself is very thin and sharp
Looks really great
When the screen is down, you don't see any seams
Other systems with a rising screen have a chunk of plastic behind the screen
Not with this one
This sharp design has been translated to the exterior
It has beautiful LED lights in the front
You can see Audi is adjusting its "LED policy"
In the new Audi's they just crossed LED lights over the front units
I'm not a fan of that..
The old simple line of the previous A5/A6 was better looking
This car re-introduces this line
It's more minimalistic, more simple..
just better..
We have a red one, which really empowers the design
The only bad thing about thís car are its rims
They're 18 inches, which is bigger than they look
It's like a "goody-goody" Audi version of the Golf GTI rims
I think they're ugly..
You really should order different rims
We were introduced to the Audi Drive Select system in the A4
You can choose between Comfort, Individual and Dynamic
I think it works even better in this car
The power steering has been tweaked, resulting a system which touches perfection!
It steers really good!
But the nice steering wheel contributes to this
There are some expensive hothatches out there which steer less good!
It does understeer quit early, if you drive it at 100%
But is just isn't a true hothatch.. For that we'll have to wait for the S3
If you're interested in buying this car, I have one last surprise
The optional Bang & Olufsen system
For about €1200 you get one of the best audio systems available for a car
including the ones in the super sedans, like the XJ Supersport
This really is a must-have if you like music and good sound quality
This car is made for people who have quality as their number one priority
The car I'm driving is €50.000 (NL)
Which is a ridiculous for just a hatchback
But the strange thing is that it really feels like €50.000
It will be really hard to match this for Audi's competitors