The Not-So-Nasty DIY Ring Flash

Uploaded by NastyClamps on 16.05.2011

Howdy folks! It is your good friend, Mr. Nasty Clamps
with yet another Nasty video. Actually, today's video isn't all that Nasty.
I'm not going to show you any clamps or anything like that.
But I do want to talk with you about a product that
I've been testing out. UhhhhÉ Designed by a friend of mine.
And actually just released, that I think you're gonna like.
You probably heard about by now. It is the DIY PhotographyÉ
And you can see the logo right there. The DIY Photography Ring Rlash.
And this is just the coolest thing imaginable. UhhhmmmÉ This is a kit.
If you take a look here, we've got a little bit of paper,
silvered paper, and kinda' a hard plastic shell.
It comes shipped to you flat, and then you put it together.
Takes about ten minutes to put together, orÉ If you don't follow instructions well, like
me, probably about fifteen or so. But it goes together very easily.
You pop a camera into it. You pop the strobe into it.
And then it's either a triggering device or a hardline PC cable.
And you've got a professional quality piece of equipment,
that does not cost a whole lot of money. UhhhhÉ One thing you might have noticed is
that I've just modified mine just a bit.
And that has to do with how I shoot and just what
sort of equipment I use. I use these Vivitar 285 strobes, they are
awesome, and they put out ton of power.
They've got a great white balance to them. But they are big.
And just a little bit bigger than what this flash would like to seeÉ
What this ring flash would to see. I took an Exacto knife. I sliced along there.
I then put some Velcro in there. It works great.
To hold the strobe, I'm using a ball bungee. And then to secure the pocket wizard on the
back, I'm using a hair tieÉ Hair tiesÉ You know
what those are. If you've got long hair, or had long hairÉ
If you HAD long hair, uhhh you probably have a few of those lying around.
Anyways, this set-up works great. I cannot recommend it enough.
I've been testing it out for more than a month, taking some great photos with it.
And if you get it, you will too. SooooÉ The DIY Ring Flash.
Courtesy of DIY Photography or, Check it out.
Stay Nasty!