How to Apply Makeup for Spring : How to Apply Makeup Foundation

Uploaded by expertvillage on 02.02.2008

Hi this is Vikram on behalf of Expert Village. Here I'm starting with a base now. As you
can see, I'm using my fingers, but if you're not comfortable with your fingers, you can
always go for a sponge or a foundation brush. I'm comfortable with everything. I'm more
comfortable with fingers, so I'm using my fingers. It's easy and quick. And here she
doesn't need so much foundation. She's already got nice clear skin. Here I put the foundation.
Now I'm going to mix it and merge it with this sponge. It's very easily available in
the market again, and you can get it from any cosmetic shop. If not this, then any foundation
brush. I can also show you that. There is one foundation brush you can always try with
this foundation brush. You can always try with this. I can show you with this and with
the sponge.