Xman 59 - Episode 129 [ENG SUB]

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Subtitled by: shortboy, cecil, ceph
Yutzpracachia's Love, Tony
Slick clothes
Slick moves
He is giving his all yet there are more surplus left kinda of dance
Tony's charisma is at his peak today!
Ha Myung group is not bad either, showing their skills whole-heartedly.
The return of the hero, Kangta
Kangta finally comes on X-MAN!!
His dance steps and execution is still as excellent as before
At last we see the solo break dance show of Kangta
Now Kangta receives X-MAN!!
A new and novice, Bae Seul Gi
A girl that is more like spring than spring itself
Breezy, Breezy
Interesting, Interesting
The return of the high-class guy, Tim
A comeback that took a long time
His new moves are also up a notch!
A ballad singing high-class guy's quality filled dance
Exhilarating girl, Bada
An eye-catching, overwhelming power dance straight from the beginning!
A guy that has been overwhelmed by her dance
An out going girl's body movement
Because of Bada, the whole atmosphere is up
The unstoppable small legged man, Yoon Jung Su
An uproarious entrance
Burden like eyes expression
Contentment, Contentment
Jung Su, does a heart throbbing move to show off his anxiety
Noel's individuality filled member, Kang Kyun Sung
He starts with a slick dance move
Intense, Intense
A rebellious personality, Kang Kyun Sung!!
X-Man's main man, Lee Seung Gi
First he starts off with some warm ups
Slowly it turns into a variety of moves
But the moves seems to flow not so smoothly...
But the dance is still good and handsome
Of course gotta dance the Chae Yeon dance
Satisfiying, Satisfiying
Dancing with all his might too
A guy who's mood is so good that he acts recklessly, Lee Sung Jin
Pathetic and Touching
Lee Sung Jin came out, of course Bada follows..
It is really not Bada!! As in who I like is really not Bada!!!
It's about time now that you two should warm up to each other
The return of the "I know" "I know" girl, Hwa yo bi
She is doing moves that's not like a Ballad Queen's...
Small moves, but intense...
A girl to watch out for in X-Man episode 59, Hwa Yo Bi!!
Myung Soo, don't tell me that you are planning to do that dance?
X-Man's Sexy Queen, Chae Yeon
That was my girl!! My girl..
Having alluring instinct that can't be hidden
An always bright and beautiful girl
Breezy, Breezy
If Chae Yeon smiles, this place is even more like paradise
Strength-filled team walk, Ha Myung
First is Myung Soo's 8 beat dance
Now is HaHa's "I won't die" dance
Lastly is Kim Jong Gook's "Love is" dance
This is a gift set from the Ha Myung Kook group
Ah! Kangta is also gonna join too?
Kangta's move seems to be signaling something...
He seems to have already known?
Kangta's suvenior from the collaboration, little groom's dance (like bride and groom)
Ha Myung Ta club!!
See ya's main girl, Nam Gyu Ri
Shy, Shy
Cute looks but stunning vocals
Interesing, Interesting
Kangta and Tony Special!
They are gonna battle it out here!
The two heroes dance battle
This song is very familiar to them, as well as us
Warriors Descent, H.O.T's debut song in 1996
The reunion of the two heroes after 10 years
Whether it was now or then, their dance still makes us exhilarated
Now the sentiments between those 2 are given a new meaning
Today's X-Man will have H.O.T. take full responsibility!!
[X-Man #59 Selection Process] It's spring time once again! Hello, this is Kang Ho Dong
[Are you X-Man?] [Kang Ho Dong cannot be the X-Man]
[And the secret behind Ho Dong’s action is?]
[It's his first appearance on the show, so will he be the X-Man?]
[X-Man's lucky charm, Chae Yeon?]
[Eh? Is Sung Jin the X-Man for #59?]
[She has a wide smile on her face...Gyu Ri?]
[Expressionless Tony?]
[Tim is rolling his eyes...Could he be?]
[Seul Gi sticks out her tongue. What did she hear?]
[The flawless pokerfaced, Kangta?]
[The wide-eyed Seung Gi!]
[She suddenly turns somber. The all-serious Park Hwayobi?]
[Kyung Sang's stiffened expression?]
[Haha who is looking around?]
[X-Man's VIP, Bada. Has the mission been given to her?]
Very good! Choose me for once!
[Choose me for once! Will it really be him this time?]
[Are you X-Man?]
-Yes, thank you very much [Will the experienced Leader Park bear the responsibility of being X-Man again?]
[Selection for #59's X-Man ends]
Who is X-Man?
Act like the X-Man
Maybe we loved before
If today I don't want to be X-Man
X-Man, X-Man, who are you?
Who is it?
We won’t die! We will survive!
We are, Ha Myung TA!
Now that the X-Man is chosen
Which of them is the real X-Man?
[New challengers, all-new X-Man]
[They will start a X-Man mission like never before]
[The truth between Sung Jin and Bada]
[And the untold story from H.O.T days]
[Let it all begin!]
Let's start with a warm up game
After a very long time, we have prepared a warm up game once again
A game to loosen up your body
Fighting Cocks
Guests will play the Fighting Cock game as a team.
Each player must knock the other opponent down to score points for their team.
Each time, we will call out 2 names First up, Kang team!
Our team is sending the guy responsible for the Wednesdays. And also for the one responsible for Saturdays
Our team's "3" and "6," Yoon Jung Su and Tony
Ok, Yoon Jung Su and Tony
And next, Park Kyung Lim
Park Myung Soo and the guy who conquered Asia, Kangta!
Something is wrong with Kangta today. He is acting a little weird
Should I do it? But if I want to do it enthusiastically…It'll look a bit…
First, Tony will cajole Kangta
-Now Kangta's turn to coax Yoon Jung Su -Kangta is quite good ok!
[And here goes Kangta...]
[Even watching makes Tony...]
[Embarrassed Embarrassed]
Because your average height has dropped
[The average height is being lowered]
What do you think?
[Aren't you supposed to coax...]
Now, lets talk about you first impression of one another
Now is Kangta’s first impression of Tony
Feels like having moisturizer on the skin
Seems like he has more hair than last week
[Faint Faint]
Park Myung Soo first impression of Yoon Jung Su
A modern guy who is fit and handsome
[Delighted Delighted]
This is your first impression?
Yes, it's true
It's the first time he's saying something nice about someone else
Now for the first impression of Kangta
No matter how many years goes by, he still looks the same
Hurry up and move on to the shortcomings
Actually we didn't want to start on the flaws, but we have no choice, we HAVE to.
Kangta, please tell us about Tony's flaws
He looks like a gorilla
Loosen up!
Nevermind! Look him in the eye
I don't like him the first time I saw him
Jung Su, go on a diet before appearing on TV
Yoon Jung Su must say a shortcoming, because this is a game
How can you talk about moisturizing here?
And now the game begins!
[First they observe one another]
[Tony is inching forward]
[He can't be shaken, the unrivaled small-legged Jung Su]
[And then, Tony attacks!]
[Myung Soo didnt even get the chance to attack, and now he's out of the game]
[Now Kang Team has 2 person!]
[Park Team only has Kangta left]
[Falls down]
[Park Myung Soo definitely violated the rules]
[Once again, it's 2 vs 1]
[Can Kangta fight against the 2?]
[The ultimate small-legged Jung Su is out!]
[Finally! It's the H.O.T battle!]
[It's Tony]
[And Kangta]
[Who will emerge winner?]
[And Tony wins in the first round of the H.O.T battle!]
Kang Team wins!
Kang Team sends Tim and Gyu Ri
And the Park Team
Bada and Seung Gi
Use a song to tell us how you are feeling at this moment and at the same time, warn your opponent
First, Tony to Kangta
You turn your head and it makes me sick
And next, Kangta will sing a warning song to Yoon Jung Su. You may begin.
Poor YJ hyun (brother), he has no neck
What will he do, if he loses this Fighting Cock competition?
Start singing your warning to Myung Soo
Please do not touch me (come near me)
Park Myung Soo to Gyu Ri's warning
Gyu Ri ah!
Please look at me. Don't you like me?
And now, Gyu Ri to Bada
Now that we are not related
Why is it still so hard on me today to face you?
Are you just emphasizing that you are not related now?
And now we officially start the competition
All the members here today sings very well, except for 2 persons...
[And the 2 exceptions are...]
Hey, you don't sing live right?
I'm a lip sync singer what!
So disrespectful! How can you say you are a lip sync singer infront of a senior?
So you are the lip sync senior eh?
Yes, l am
Bada to Tim
~How can you also stare at me like Sung Jin does?~
~Don't fall for me. You'll end up getting hurt~
[The Fearless Queen, Bada]
Lately, after Haha, Bada is the next thick-skin queen on the female side
[Agree Agree]
And finally Lee Seung Gi will sing to Tony
Do babes all prefer English names? (Referring to Tony as a woman)
And now for the face off between 2 teams!
[Once again, Myung Soo launches attack first]
[Everyone is looking for a weaker opponent]
[Myung Soo is disqualified even without doing anything!]
[Gyu Ri is out]
[Bada is persistent on bringing Tony down]
[And Tony falls!]
[Jung Su falls backwards towards his teammate Tim?]
[They fall like bowling pints]
[Jung Su and Tim are disqualified at the same time!]
Park Team wins!!!
And next we have the 6 on 6 competition round
And the "face" of our team, Chae Yeon and charismatic man, Lee Sung Jin
Normally Lee Sung Jin is very quiet, but once you call him a "charismatic man," he is all fired up!
And now, the Park Team
And in the Park Team, as long as there is Chae Yeon, there will be Park Kyung Lim
and R&B guy, Kang Kyung Sang
Tony will state one of Kangta's virtues, straight to the point please
Firstly, the look in his eyes is still the same as the H.O.T days
Next, Kangta to Tim
He looks good and he sings well
Tim to Lee Seung Gi
He looks really innocent and kind
Lee Seung Gi hasn't been this happy for a long time
To hear such a compliment from your opponent
His smile is so wide that we can see his full set of teeth!
Lee Seung Gi to Yoon Jung Su
I have a very good impression of senior, and senior is takes good care of juniors like me
He has a good physic and his slim legs are very strong
Although the show has been aired for quite some time now, he hasn't changed a bit
Even if he has gained popularity, he is still the same person
[Happy Happy]
Park Myung Soo face immediately lights up!
Gyu Ri, tell us about Park Kyung Lim's good points
After seeing her in person, I feel that she has a very small face
(Teasing her because she said "seeing the thing" by mistake)
She has a very nice personality. I'm one of your fans too.
An advance warning to all, you will have to talk about their flaws shortly
Chae Yeon has the ability to liven up the atmosphere
-Very lively, pretty, kind-hearted -Oh what's wrong with you?
[Seems a little apprehensive] And also very sexy
She has said everything that can be said to compliment Chae Yeon
That's too much already
And now, Chae Yeon to Bada
Bada looks very good even when she only has light makeup on
It's hard to find a female celebrity that appears on television with light makeup
But Bada still looks very pretty with light makeup on
Thank you
Next, Bada to Lee Sung Jin
He's very shy. Even if he likes the girl, he is still very shy in front of her.
Is that shy look very cute?
And at last, after prolong waiting, it's time to name the flaws
[Name the shortcomings]
First, Tony to Kangta
Kangta please look at him
Don't keep staring!
[You were just saying that the look in my eyes is still the same...]
Now Kangta to Tim
I really don't know what you are thinking about (Implying that he is secretive)
[The mysterious teenager, Tim?]
Are you trying to say that he is an empty vessel? (Implying that he is not thinking at all)
He is innocent and sings well, but he can be quite irritating at times
[Innocent yet irritating?]
Do babes all like barrels? (Implying that he is short and fat)
Just because he gained a little popularity, he becomes like this. That's why he has no friends
[Revenge is prohibited. Person is not allowed to take revenge against the person that insulted him]
Gyu Ri, you are very beautiful, but how can you not greet others?
[I greeted you just now...]
This is only a game...
Why didn't you greet me?
Just now I was saying that seeing the "thing" is prettier
It's true, but still not good enough for television
It's obvious that Chae Yeon taught her to say such a thing
Chae Yeon is the prime suspect
[Kyung Lim's arch enemy, Chae Yeon seems to be telling Gyu Ri something]
You talk too much!
You keep yakking and yakking and yakking non-stop
Well, although Bada looks good with light makeup
She must also consider how the others feel
(Implying that it's a torture for others to see her in light makeup)
[Revenge is prohibited. Person is not allowed to take revenge against the person that insulted him]
[Looks like Lee Sung Jinis going to get it good from Bada]
You get so excited even only after meeting me for a few times...
He is so stunned that he can't even say a word!
No...It's not true...
As innocent as he is, his brain is empty too.
Ok! Now channel your anger to Tony
Why are you wearing such a passé (out-of-fashion) earring?
He is so worked up because of what Sung Jin said to him just now
He suddenly got tongue-tied
And now, lets proceed to the competition
[Not very serious about it]
Hey what are you doing?
[Disgraced Disgraced]
[Although his heart wants to win...]
[Sung Jin's determination to win...]
[Sung Jin, extremely pretentious defeat]
[And because of the uneven mattresses, Bada is disqualified]
[Kyung Sang launches his attack right from the start, just like a powerful tornado]
[And Kyung Sang flies up..]
[And Jung Su is defeated even before he could raise his legs]
[I'm sorry, I'm sorry]
[And he is defeated, just like that]
[A highly anticipated face off between 2 very hyper guys]
[Even when Kangta falls and is disqualified, he still looks so handsome]
Are you ok?
[Face off between the senior and the junior of the Ballad world]
[And Seung Gi jumps up first!]
[And Tim counter attacks]
[Seung Gi went off grounds and is thus disqualified]
And the Kang Team wins!
And we'll have the 6 vs 6 Fighting Cock battle once again
Now the team can choose to substitute its players
First, Kang Team
Chae Yeon from our team, quick get out here now!
Ya, hurry go touch up your makeup
No! I must win this person (referring to Park Kyung Lim)
Hurry get out would you?
And Bae Seul Gi joins
Since Bae Seul Gi is already in here then who should...
[Worried Worried]
Yoon Jung Su!!
I'm not going out! I'm not leaving!
[Jung Su must be dying to join, which explains his desperate struggle to stay in the team]
Ok, ok...I just called your name that's all...(for fun)
[Relieved Relieved]
Lee Sung Jin
Lee Sung Jin...
[I'm so sorry, Sung Jin ah]
Lee Sung Jin...Quick get Yoon Jung Su out here!
[The team leader has ordered for him to leave!!]
No! Please! I don't want to leave!
[Kang Team - Kang Ho Dong in]
Ok! From now on, say both good and bad points
[Desperately trying to join...] Ok! From now on, say both good and bad points
Havent seen you for quite some time. You seem to have matured
As a junior, I really like you. I'm a fan of yours too
Really cute
Although she is still very young, she sings well, is pretty, and is well-mannered
I feel like I'm being sucked into those deep and expressive eyes of yours
He's a very nice senior.
He often treats me to dinner and drinks
A very compassionate senior
[A rare compassionate senior?]
It's a pleasure to live in the same apartment block as you
[So they are neighbors??]
He's got a lot of fans
For being able to maintain his popularity
I really want to congratulate him...
[Why the sudden congrats??]
[Lost Lost]
Talking about Haha, he's someone that X-Man can't do without
And having me as his target is very a good start
Congratulations on being a symbol of the new age men
He's someone whom I'm quite concerned about
[Concerned for him]
[Ecstatic Ecstatic]
Oh we can see his whole set of teeth again!
After a long wait, we finally attack on shortcomings
[Attack on shortcomings]
First, Lee Seung Gi to Tim
What team are you from? (Suggesting that he may be losing on purpose)
You can do anything, but please don't ever sing again
She is pretty and everything good, but she don't seem to have her own opinion.
Although his eyes are very attractive, they remind me of white kimchi
And up next, Kangta to Lee Sung Jin
Please, next time the bill comes, don't fall asleep
[He INVITES people for dinner, but someone else pays]
I can't help it when I drink too much
[Is that why he is a "rare" person?]
A very "RARE" person, Lee Sung Jin
Among the girls, Park Hwayobi is the most innocent
But both you and Kyung Sang are the same
How are we the same?
You just congratulated him just now
Your hair style...
Could you update it to the latest style in 2006?
[Faints Faints]
[The silly little girl, Park Hwayobi]
[What is the hairstyle of 2006...]
Regardless of what the hairstyle of 2006 is, Tony's hairstyle is definitely NOT it!
Oh this has a really big impact on Tony
Please do not wear an auntie-style wig anymore
[Auntie-style WIG??]
And now, Kyung Sang will channel his anger to Kang Ho Dong
Honestly, if all the guys in Korea were to look like you
then they would all be overweight, isn't it?
[Now we understand...]
It's ok, it's ok
[Tolerate, Tolerate]
Well, Bae Seul Gi's face is just like a flower
[Face like a flower??]
(A kind of flower that resembles the comb of a chicken)
I think...only you will dance that way...
[That kind of dance...]
[Lost, Lost]
-And let the competition begin! [Final 6 vs. 6 competition round]
Kyung Sang with his auntie-style wig
[Aunte-style wig...]
[They look like they are dancing...]
[Sung Jin is knocked down by Kyung Sang's knee]
Since when do I have auntie-style earrings!
[Auntie-style wig vs. Auntie-style earrings]
My hair is much better as compared to yours!
At least my hair is dyed!
[Kyung Sang's formidable attack!!]
[Park Team – Kangta joins]
[Yet another battle of H.O.T]
[Enthusiastic, Enthusiastic]
[The final 1-on-1 face off]
[Not giving way]
[Tony attacks first!!]
[Tony's specialty, "dodging," is counter-attacked by Kangta...]
[Kangta must have been really shocked for him to...}
[Disgraced, Disgraced]
[And the senior and junior of the Ballad world meet again]
[Tim keeps on attacking]
[Will Seung Gi end up like Kangta??]
[This time, Seung Gi dodges...]
[Ho Dong is the only one left...]
[Ho Dong suddenly attacks!!!]
[I must catch you!!]
[Ho Dong jumps up!]
[One strike from Ho Dong sends Seung Gi...falling off balance]
[Now there's 2...]
[Haha uses the "Backside Poking" attack...]
[Although HO DONG is a strong man, but 2-on-1 is really a little tough...]
[HaHa's killer move!]
And so the Park Team wins the Fighting Cock competiton!
[Fighting Cock champions - Park Team]
[A love story exclusively on X-Man only]
[The love battle between celebrities There is no giving way!]
[A grand stage that only X-Man will have]
[Definitely NOT TO BE MISSED!!]
[Group Challenge]
Firstly, lets take a look at each team's cheer
Park Team is up first!
Are you ready, Park Team?
Say, "We won't die!"
"Won't die," "Won't die"
1, 2, 3, 4
(They're singing to H.O.T's "Candy")
~We are prepared to bring Kang Team down~
[And the best R&B singers give them a "vocal" warning]
[But even these people...]
[A perfect ending...]
Are you ready, Kang Team?
Ready position...
[What kind of position is this?]
[Ah! The legendary "Big Brother" cheer?!]
Fighting! Fighting!
[Come together as one]
[Show Cream!]
[Changed his name to Show Cream again?!]
[The REAL Show Cream!!]
[Show Cream is recovering his power!]
Very impressive!
And now that we are all ready
Lets start Round 1 8 vs 8 group challenge
[Kang Team's first attack! Rolling stones! To clear all obstacles!]
[Rolling stones or...]
[Jostle, Jostle]
[Rather than calling it a stone, we should call it a BOULDER…]
[And the Ho Dong boulder rolls away?!]
[The "boulder" who ROLLED off the platform]
[It was almost a straight exit]
[Unexpectedly, Bada and Hwayobi trips on the "boulder" and is disqualified]
[No matter what, Ho Dong boulder still worked]
[Come, let me try too!]
[Kang Team is nonchalant...]
[He hasn't even completed his turn...]
[Myung Soo is still struggling to stay up, but he still falls in the end...]
[Park Team has 3 members being disqualified]
[Kang Team – Tim is up next]
[Park Team - Seung Gi moves forward]
[Wo~ Tim!!]
On fire!
[Tim, with a violent tendency]
[Strength VS Strength]
[Alas! Seung Gi is pulled into the enemy's ground]
[But is thrown back like a Ping Pong ball]
[To and From]
Park Team, use beauty to seduce him
Where's the beauty?
[Seduction? Park Team's Seduction plan is only left with Kyung Lim]
No! No! We don't have any beauty
Show them the other end of the world, Kyung Lim
[Kyung Lim! Use seduction. If not, use STRENGTH!]
[She still chose to use strength]
Why are you doing that?
[A rugged woman's only attack, is brutal STRENGTH!]
Come! Come!
[Her strength is truly amazing. Sung Jin is disqualified!]
Lee Sung Jin is disqualified!
[Park Team – Kangta steps up to the challenge]
[Kang Team sends Tony?!]
[A major showdown] [Kang Team – Tony VS Kangta – Park Team]
We have the 2 guys from H.O.T
They seem to be dancing once they heard the song
[AH! Really because of CANDY?!]
[Seems somewhat prearranged...]
[H.O.T Kangta]
[H.O.T Tony]
[H.O.T comes live again on X-Man!]
[After 10 long years...]
[Forever H.O.T]
[And everybody's dancing to Candy!]
[Suddenly the music stops, and the game resumes]
[Tony used the same interesting way of scaring the opponent like he did last week]
[Tony loses his balance instead]
[A close range attack]
[This time it's for real]
[Tony's power attack!]
[Tony was the one that lost balance...] [But why did Seung Gi...]
[Ridiculous, Ridiculous]
[Tony and Seung Gi, both disqualified!]
I'll surely win
[Chae Yeon seems extremely confident]
Oh hate me!
[Haha is still as thick skinned as ever]
[Chae Yeon, who is also as thick skinned, refuses to succumb. She steps up her attack]
[And now she even applies Judo]
[But she is eventually defeated by Haha's thick-skin power!]
What are you doing to her!
Drag her and throw her away!
[Exhausted Chae Yeon]
[Just then, Jung Su tries to help...]
[But with just a small push]
[Jung Su falls to the ground]
[And what is this?!]
[You should have just waited there~]
[Kang Team – Gyu Ri vs. Kyung Lim – Park Team]
[When faced with someone like Gyu Ri, the rugged woman...]
[Takes her down effortlessly...]
[But Tim springs an attack...!!]
[Seems like a strong battle between 2 men!]
[Rugged woman is not to be trifled with!]
[Just then]
[With Kangta's guerilla warfare...]
[Tim and Kyung Lim gets disqualified together!]
[No matter what, she is one great RUGGED woman]
[Kang Team – 0 VS 1 – Park Team]
[She's good...]
And now, Round 2, the battle between the guys!
[A new strategy?]
[New strategy - Human Pummel Horse]
[With the right distance and strength...]
[But on this side, Haha is also following suit?]
[First he attacks Haha [sits on him]
[After passing Haha, he sends himself right to the enemy's den]
[5 men]
[Picks Ho Dong up]
[Ho Dong is THROWN out of the boundary. Disqualified!]
[Disgraced Disgraced]
[Everyone is focused on the game]
[No one cares about Ho Dong]
[Even more cautious]
I'm taller right?
[And they are testing the enemy's grounds]
[But this is becoming…]
[Martial arts display?!]
[There's no contact at all, just plain movement]
[Jung Su launches a close range attack]
[His team members don't seem to bother]
[Caught i
[Caught in
[Caught in a
[Caught in a d
[Caught in a di
[Caught in a dil
[Caught in a dile
[Caught in a dilem
[Caught in a dilemm
[Caught in a dilemma
[Caught in a dilemma]
[Caught in a dilemma]
[Danger Danger]
Kangta and Myung Soo, who was crossing over Jung Su's back falls off and is disqualified!
[Jung Su pushes Haha out. Haha disqualified!]
[Kyung Sang also falls off as a result of the tangle. Disqualified]
[And at last, even Seung Gi is...thrown out]
[The sudden ALL KILL attack succeeds!]
[The 20 year olds are all speechless]
[The 30 year olds are extremely exhilarated]
[It's really an instantaneous All Kill]
[Now it's 1:1]
And now, the crucial tiebreaker match for both teams
The final group match begins!
[The old tackles the young lady]
[But his strength is worst then hers!]
Myung Soo hyung!
[Why did Haha volunteer himself out of the blue?]
Haha, come back
[One word from Kyung Lim and Haha goes crawling back]
[But, Ho Dong is not going to let him off so easily]
[Just then, Myung Soo falls to the ground and is disqualified]
[And on the other end, Haha...]
[Would rather just give up and get disqualified]
Are you ok, Haha?
[Look here!]
[Ok! Lets go!]
Not bad, Lee Seung Gi...
[A proper confrontation with an arm wrestling]
[Seung Gi, who is lucky to be still standing here]
[Seems a little scared to use both hands]
[Who has greater strength!?]
[Wo~ Seung Gi is amazingly strong...]
[Sudden change]
[Ho Dong was controlling his strength all along!]
[Follows Ho Dong's movement]
[Seung Gi has no choice but to follow]
[But, this is not even the right music for ballroom dancing!]
[What is Haha trying to do?]
[Tickle, Tickle]
[Even Kangta has joined in the fun]
[Ho Dong loses his balance, and falls]
[Kangta and Haha's combination tickle tactic is a huge success!]
[Scrambling to his feet]
No no! Seung Gi cannot take her on
You won't be able to focus
Here Seung Gi, come here!
Chae Yeon is taking advantage of you
[A cat fight breaks out between Chae Yeon and Kyung Lim]
Chae Yeon is making use of you
No, it's not like that!
All that she says is poison
Think about it...
What's he going to do?
[Chae Yeon starts her attack without any warning]
[Seung Gi is now agitated]
No, no!
[Sung Jin suddenly attacks]
You so desperately want to hold my hands?
[No, it's not like that...]
[No matter what, this side is still...]
Let me say something
Don't do this to me!
[Once again, Seung Gi is visibly shaken]
[The rugged woman who can tolerate no more!]
[A futile attack. Chae Yeon, disqualified!]
[It's always her, my arch enemy, Kyung Lim]
[Now, it's Kang Team's Sung Jin's turn]
Oh, then Bada, you go!
Why! Not fair!
[And Bada is worried because?]
This guy here, can't focus during competition
Focusing Focusing!
Don't just say it, do it! Show us some power!
Yes, I will!!
[Actually this is a good chance for Lee Sung Jin!]
This competition shows how sincere you are
Lee Sung Jin, please do your best!
Yes, of course!
Let's start together
Oh my god, they are holding hands!
[Irritated, Irritated]
[I knew it...]
It's for the competiton
Ok! Yes we know! Carry on!
Just hold hands!
[Ridiculous, Ridiculous]
[This confirms Sung Jin's one-sided love for Bada]
I understand that you like me, but we are recording now...
Oh they are hugging!
[Sung Jin confesses his love for Bada publicly]
[Sung Jin, who's madly in love with Bada, is disqualified!]
Yeah he lost!
[Sung Jin's touching love story...]
You like Bada, right!?
Kang Team – Jung Su vs. Kangta – Park Team
[The 2nd round's hero, Jung Su, goes for the palm-striking tactic]
[An unexpected push on the shoulder...]
[Uncle Jung Su's confidence is broken]
A proud disciple of Ho Dong
[Jung Su is completely different from what he was back in the 2nd round]
Jung Su is totally different from just now
It was a miracle just now
Kang Team: 3 member VS Park Team: 7 member
[A situation extremely favorable to the Park Team]
Seung Gi, relax and think of how to attack
[Tim suddenly grabs Seung Gi and pulls him over]
[Towards Tony?]
[Disqualified together again?]
[No! This time it's only Seung Gi who is disqualified.]
[Tony's miraculous save?!]
Tony, did you learn martial arts?
Lets all charge together!
[Tim and Bada gets disqualified together]
[Kang Team left with Tony and Gyu Ri]
[Tony might as well just lie down]
[What should I do...says Gyu Ri]
Why are you grabbing me!
[Leave Tony alone for the moment. Lets settle Gyu Ri first...]
[At this time, Tony springs up…]
[Oh god! Gyu Ri!]
[Full marks for personality, from Hwayobi's point of view]
[Hwayobi and Gyu Ri, both disqualified!]
[It's a 1 on 4 situation]
Lets do this like a man. We'll take on each other one by one
Let's start with Kyung Lim
[Fight like a man but start with Kyung Lim?!]
A proper fight, but he wants to start with me
[But the rugged woman is not to be trifled with!]
I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Are you alright?
[Kyung Lim was really concerned, but...]
[She falls pathetically onto the ground]
Tony is really a "proper man," eh?
[Now it's between Tony and Haha who both likes to go against the rules of the game]
[Haha who likes to roll up his pants]
[In that case, I will also…]
Oh pretty legs, pretty legs!
[He had to roll it back down]
[The Seduction tactic, rather than the Threat tactic]
[The strength of both team is lopsided]
[Once he get's onto Haha's side...]
[Haha is not strong enough for him! Disqualified!]
[In this current situation]
[It is Tony vs. Kangta again!]
[They are not giving way to each other at all!!]
[Tony keeps grabbing on to Kangta's leg]
[And because of this, Kangta loses his balance]
[At last]
[They fell]
[Kangta first]
[Kang Team – 2 vs 1 – Park Team]
X-Man's most popular segment
[Right from the start of the show, the atmosphere has been extremely good]
Chae Yeon
[X-Man's lucky charm, Chae Yeon]
She was the woman I dumped
[Crap. The two thick-skin members]
Since Kang Team sents Chae Yeon, we'll send...me!
[Where there is Chae Yeon, there is Kyung Lim]
You get things so easily
[They are both of the same age]
That's life
[They are each other's competitors]
It's because of your face (it's ugly)
-You luxorious little thing [There is no giving way]
You're not even sexy
-Putting on such thick make-up [Arch enemies of all arch enemies]
-And your friends with Chae Yeon, that's your minus [Arch enemies of all arch enemies]
-Come here!!! [Arch enemies of all arch enemies]
[Today, shall be the day to resolve this hatred]
[This, is a once-in-a-life-time face off]
To put it in simple words,
When Park Kyung Lim calls my name, it just ruins my life
Everything just screws up!
[The game has not started yet…]
Talk while you still can! Talk! Talk!
[Sexy diva, Chae Yeon]
[Powerhouse Queen, Park Kyung Lim]
[And now, let the battle of the "mouths" begin!]
These few weeks I have been giving you a lot of layaway
But you are getting from bad to worst
[And the battle BEGINS!]
That, is just my normal self. You haven't seen nothing yet!
But how can that be? Your face itself is not natural!
[Is it because of the makeup again?]
And you still have the guts to say that you are very NATURAL?
You take more than 2 hours to put on your makeup! That is no longer makeup! That is called a changing looks!
[The invisible line of separation between the 2]
Yes, that's good
Ok. I think you are aging quite quickly... Maybe you should start changing your looks too!
Go do up your chin first!
She don't need makeup. She should go for plastic surgery
[Making things hard for me]
[Danger, Danger]
Oh ya! Something freaked me out!
While we were in the resting room, I realized that you have 2 managers and 3 personal assistants
And everyone was holding very heavy things
And when I looked closer, I realized that they were all your makeup!
The resting room was filled to the brim with your makeup items that there isn't even a place to sit
Can you at least clear it up a little?
[Ridiculous, Ridiculous]
Because of your things, I can't even find a place to keep my food
[There is no empty space. You could at least spare me some space to keep my food]
After this round of "of course," I've got some things that I want to say to you
People always say that we are the ultimate X-Man competitors.
2 completely different sects, and a 2-headed horse carriage.
But the so-called competitors means to say that we have are both equally skilled.
So how is it possible that we are competitors? We are 2 completely different things!
I think I've sent you an SMS before...
I heard your programme on the radio while I was driving.
I heard your voice. Have you seen the message?
It says, your voice makes my ears ache, so I switched the station.
You mean it was from you? I don't even know your number!
[I'm not interested in you at all!]
[An undefeated rival. An unstoppable victory]
The two are still on very good terms though...
Kang Team!
Our team has a strong sense of togetherness oh!
[Beware! Tim]
Good! Good!
[She seems to have a thing for handsome guys...]
-Now you know why Hee Jun went to the army [But the romance success rate is 0%]
-I'm going to the army this year [But the romance success rate is 0%]
-As a junior, I really like you. I'm a fan of yours too [But this guy here today]
-Really cute [But this guy here today]
[Has an 'of course' promise to her]
[A touching moment like no other]
[And the romance starts now!]
You look like the prince charming that I have always been dreaming off!
[The ideal look]
[Cheery, Cheery]
Noona, have I done anything wrong to deserve this?
[Why are you doing this to me?]
[Danger! Knock Down!]
No! No!
[As usual, she reverts the knock down with brute force]
Ok, ok!
It looks like you are really a great guy. You are well-manners, tall and handsome
-You are really flawless. [Not giving up! She continues romancing him]
The other guys in your team can't even be compared with you!
And last week you were just romancing me!
Lee Sung Jin hasn't heard a compliment like this before, right?
No one has every said this to you? What have you been doing all you life?
Such a disgrace...
(Framed) What have I done to disgrace you?
Noona, regarding those things that you said in your dreams just now,
You can just call me by my name!
Just now you were saying that I am your prince charming.
But noona, you are the queen of my nightmares
I taught him this
You! Get back to your place! Go back to your place!
[The Never Ending Story of the 2 Arch Enemies]
Lets not use such a tone to talk to each other, ok? Lets sing, ok?
[Trying to be funny]
[This is definitely not a time for singing]
~I finally waited 'til the day I see you looking back~
~Tim, I Love You~
[Love confession to Tim]
Noon, you sure have a very special voice.
Why don't you sing with me this time?
-We'll use the song that Kyung Lim just sang [A love confession in the form of a duet...]
~I finally waited 'til the day I see you looking back~
See, this song is not suitable for you (Rejecting her)
[Very obvious that they are unsuitable for each other]
[Not suited for duet singing]
[Happy, Happy]
Kang Team!
Yoon Jung Su
[The relentless street vendor uncle, Yoon Jung Su]
Park Team
The only person that can bring him down, Park Myung Soo
[Master of Gags, Park Myung Soo]
Nice to meet you
Jung Su ah,
Where's that guy?
Jung Su ah! I caught his hand, but where is he?
[Caught his hand, but person is missing?]
You two are almost of the same height ok...
Oh! Here he is... Nice to meet you...
[Disgraced, Disgraced]
[Just because he is a LITTLE BIT taller...]
There is a slope right in front of my house
And I always thought about you when I pass that place
You, are a downhill road. (Losing popularity)
[It's only his 8th season, and now he is losing popularity?]
Jung Su ah, I'm Myung Soo.
You know that I've been doing quite well lately, right?
Well, I feel that you are quite popular lately, but I'm sure your popularity will slide soon enough!
[Myung Soo has met his match today!!]
Ok, I agree. Popularity is just like bubbles
It can increase rapidly but it can also burst instantly
After it has increased for some time, of course it would...
You are the kind that will not increase at all...
You will jus disappear immediately. How strange...
[An absolute danger for Myung Soo, who is at his peak in this 8th season.]
[Myung Soo's ultimate rival, Yoon Jung Su]
Hey, I have been into gags for 14 years now, and I've finally made it to my 8th season.
Popularity is something where it would be strong at its peak and when it's low, it will definitely show
You agree right? Kang Ho Dong, you agree too, right?
Well you should at least try...
[Why did he provoke Ho dong...]
Jung So ah, actually you have a good physic.
But why are you hiding your neck? (Implying that he is a coward)
[Neck hidden in body?]
Oh, bring it on out!!
[Excited, Excited]
Just raise it out a little. Just a little bit will do...
Myung Soo ah, you have quite a bit of scandals lately, right?
We are both in the gag business, so I hope that you will watch your behavior a little.
Have you been in a scandal?
Yes, I have!
I was in the headlines with Yumin.
You know, you really don't have what it takes to be a star
You should be protecting the other party. How can you just say it out so easily?
A celebrity's personal life is very important
Do you know Yumin had a hard time because of that scandal?
Well said!
Well, Jeong Seong Hui calls me everyday
[Are you saying it tortures them so much but they STILL call me everyday?]
Yesterday she even cried on the phone!
She said, "Jung Su ah, I really feel like killing myself. Myung Soo keeps pestering me! What should I do?"
And then I told her, lately I have been providing this 24-hour SOS service. Don't worry, we'll catch him
[24-hours SOS's emergency mission to catch Park Myung Soo]
Did you know, I tried your style of gagging style a long time ago?
Every since you started shouting, I dare not shout any more
Because every time I do, people will say "Why are you copying Park Myung Soo"
Why must you hog this style! Why!
When I make love bullets, nobody said anything!
[Makes sense. Jung Su's specialty is also shouting]
["The right to SHOUT does not belong to you only!"]
You always like to talk big
At least, when I'm losing popularity, I'll go and improve on myself. And not to mention, I've been gaining popularity recently
But you, when your acting career came to an end, did you even prepare yourself for the future?
(You're in such a bad shape) Why don't you just go to the gym!
Well, other than this programme, I'm also doing a health and fitness programme
[Jung Su, the host of another programme on another channel]
In that show, we have a special segment where we trace people who can't pay their taxes.
And you are the main target of that segment
[We will check if you paid your taxes]
[Yoon Jung Su triumph over the 8th Season master]
Park Myung Soo is an honest tax paying citizen ok...
Kang Team!
A woman who has a very depressed expression, Bae Seul Gi
[Retro dance queen, Bae Seul Gi]
Park Team!
Lee Seung Gi
[X-Man's version of "Usher," Lee Seung Gi]
Ah, you two are almost of the same age, right?
And what's with their age?
We are of the same age
Date each other! Date each other!
You must at least give me a status before talking about dating her right...
What are you trying to say!!
[Myung Soo lost to Jung Su and vents his anger on Lee Seung Gi]
Bae Seul Go, do you know who Usher is?
[Looks like Lee Seung Gi was quite hurt during the warm up game]
[Usher, Lee Seung Gi’s pain during the warm up game]
[I'm the X-Man's version of Usher]
I'm sorry about what I said just now
It's just a game. I really feel that you are quite a perfect person
I had to say something bad, that's why I just came up with that. But what I truly think, is that you are a great person
[Lee Seung Gi seems embarrassed for losing his temper just now...]
It's also perfectly normal to not know Usher...
[360 degrees change in attitude]
[The Usher who immediately loosens up]
You and Chae Yeon seem to have created a Love Line...
Chae Yeon made that up herself!
[What the...]
But if there is a vacancy in your heart, can I be the replacement?
[Heart Throbbing]
[Do you have a place for her in your heart?]
[The confessions of the same-aged, Bae Seul Gi]
[And the one-sided love of the noona, Chae Yeon]
[Who will Lee Seung Gi choose?]
Because I've already liked her for a very long time
[Liked her for a very long time...]
Don't tell me you want to end it with her?
I've got something to tell you
Just now, that attack that I used on you, was taught by Chae Yeon
[No! No!]
[How can you do this to me?]
Do you want to learn retro dancing with me?
Lee Seung Gi ah, noona will teach you!
[Will this dance do?]
But I'm already Usher...
[He who is already X-Man's Usher... shall not learn dancing anymore...]
Ok...then, what should I say...
Say you love him
Give me some status first...
What status do you need? Just go date her!
[Once again he loses his temper!]
What is a young punk like you talking about status for!?
Usher is good...
I'm not saying that we have to fall in love immediately
We can start with friends, then slowly take things to another level
From friends to lovers!
Are you willing to take my heart?
But I still like noona...
[But I still like noona Chae Yeon]
[Shy Shy]
[Shy, Shy]
[A secret love, that has been nurtured right from the start, is finally taking off]
You like an elder sister, right?
Don't tell me it's Kyung Lim
[It's me?]
[Can't be]
You know that's impossible, Kyung Lim
I see you do the retro dance very well
But you can't dance like that
Dance, must be gentle and soft
[He even quoted Chae Yeon's "Nanana Dance"]
[Chae Yeon’s Nanana Dance is even better than Bae Seul Gi’s retro dance...]
[A worthy Usher of X-Man. Wins with DANCE!]
Kang Team!
Kang Team's pillar of hope
Kang Ho Dong!
-Today's Kang Ho Dong's eloquence is at its peak! [Master of Eloquence, Kang Ho Dong]
Park Team!
The R&B soul, Hwayobi
[The rotating, Hwayobi]
[Shake head, Shake head]
The best Blue's singer, Hwayobi
The perfect man and Korea's symbol of manhood, Kang Ho Dong
It's really a pleasure to meet you in 'of course.'
-Nice to meet you, I'm Kang Ho Dong [Not a bad start]
Last time I could only watch your vicious attacks on TV, and today I get to witness it live.
So I can understand you better now... (grasp his thoughts)
[Grasp my thoughts?]
When and what thoughts?
A human psychology that is very hard to understand
When does he eat? What does he eat? And how much does he eat?
I don't think you suit the style of X-Man. We are a very playful bunch.
You are Hwayobi!
You're a "Tuesday" woman (Hwayobi sounds like Tuesday in KRN)
X-Man is a Sunday/Weekend program so what are you doing here?
What a lousy attack~
Uncle, your saliva is flying everywhere
[Uncle, you can verbally attack, but don't spit your saliva everywhere!!]
Are you a little angry?
This is only a game!
[Advance Warning! New kid on 'of course' next]
Well if you want to talk about being suitable for the show,
I think that person should be you, Kang Ho Do. Isn't it?
I think you should hurry go find your sumo wrestling tape
[Hurry go find your sumo wrestling tape...]
[Ho Dong has finally met his match!]
-I can just TAKE the sumo wrestling tape. Why do I have to FIND it? -[Oh, that's true...]
Hwa - Me talking about you like that makes you angry?
Yo - Yo you!
Bi - You feel damn good! (Bi means feel)
Didn't you know that there are a lot of good sumo wrestlers nowadays?
Although you are not as good, you can't act dumb and stupid as well...
You got to try to be perfect, just like me!
I heard on TV that you like to watch pornography
I prefer erotic dramas
Is it shown on TV?
No...I rent them myself
The TV station keep rerunning programs
I heard you like erotic videos
Then you must be on good terms with Jae Suk?
[What has it got to do with me?]
Jae Suk also likes to lock up and watch porn videos! You guys can really be good friends!
[Erotic video of Hwayobi and Jae Suk??]
What are you trying to say, huh?
I don't watch those kind of videos!
Yes, I do watch those videos
But what's wrong with that?
And, I don't watch VIDEOs, I watch DVDs!
[Have to specify that it's DVD, not VIDEO]
[Who can stop this woman?]
Occasionally I'll visit pornographic websites too, but what's wrong with it?
Ya! What's wrong with it!
[Guts, guts]
Can't I lock myself up in MY house?
[MC Yoo thinks about it and realized that he's been framed]
I use MY money to rent films to watch. What's wrong with it?
Yes, that's right, Hwayobi
Do you know how hard it is to rent such videos?
Yes! It takes a lot of courage too!
It's still against the law to do so!
What law!
I pay for the rental with my money! Even when it's overdue, I pay for the fine!
[Even pays the fine when it's overdue]
Tuesday is midweek. So the only day that can bring her down is the weekends.
Our team's weekend, Tony (Figthing Cock game reference)
[Yutzpracachia's Love, Tony]
In the previous game,
I mentioned that your hairstyle is not a 2006's hairstyle
I apologize if this has offended you
Since we're neighbors, if you have any good videos, please pass them to me as well
Why, have you been absent from community service lately?
Because at the place we stay,
There is a charity organization, and I've been helping them actively
[Charity organization near their apartments]
[She sure has a weird thinking]
At first I heard you went to rent the videos personally,
But after you got famous, I heard that you had them mailed to you
So now, is the postal way too indiscrete for you as well?
Because I heard that you recently opened a video store
[Because renting DVDs was so hard, so she is better off opening a video store?]
[Easy Breezy Tony wins!]
And who, from the Park Team, is going to take on Tony?
The heavy weight of our team
The star of Asia. The one who conquered the whole of Asia, Kangta!
[Star of Asia, Kangta]
[He seems accustomed to Ha Myung Ta already]
[A name that cannot be forgotten even if 10 years has past]
[The legendary group, H.O.T]
[And now, for the first time in history, they meet in 'of course']
Ok, Kangta will go first!
Firstly, I want to say, that I've been waiting for this day for a long time
Because this is where I can say disrespectful things to Tony hyun (brother)
[Oh! Not a very friendly atmosphere right from the start]
Well, round 11 years ago,
Well, round 11 years ago, during H.O.T's practice sessions
We were all very cold and hungry
The 5 of us would share a bowl of Zha Jang Myeon (Noodles), practice together
But you, had to order only soup and rice (odd one out)
[The legendary group's secret actually revolves around a bowl of soup and rice...]
[A story that was never published]
[Their untold secrets and story]
[Now, 10 years later, it will be the source of their most stifling battle]
[And now the legend of H.O.T will be written]
[H.O.T in X-Man will continue next week!]