Homeless Realities part1*

Uploaded by samhighfield on 04.07.2010

Just see what you can get
Just mingle it all in together
I think it makes a decent shot that...
oh yeah yeah
just thinkin' if it's quite wide
we're just trying to get a bit of everything in it
a bit of the modern With the old
so yeah just get the camera, you could do a wideshot
here ya' where's the camera gone?
here ya' where's the camera?
hello? hiya... yeah yeah not too bad....
It's HIM!
y... y....you haven't Worked all day for that
what you gonna do?
you ain't gonna do shit
come on let's go
you should look after your money better
I'm Faith
Hey, l'm C.G.
You got some pretty cool moves there
Thanks but.... it's made me hungry though
why do it?
It's better than robbing or....crime
You ended up with plenty ofmoney today didn't ya?
look C.G. l know what it's like to Work really hard
for something and get nothing back from it
I don't have much but...here... have this
see you around C.G.
see ya
so how's it been today lovelies?
Hey Faith
It's been a bit dull today because the social
have knocked me off my benefits again
I'd rather be on the streets than with my parents
they always said I was worthless...
so you wanna make some money then?
yeah definately
alright, sell some of this gear
and I'll give you a cut
do Well, and I'll bring you in as part of the family
and we'll take care ofya
WHAT! Your just preying on our desperation!
l knoW people like you, asking a bunch ofus
to do your dirty work as if we don't matter
don't do it guys he'll send you someWhere dodgy
and you'll never come back
so you don't wanna make money then?
look Faith, dirtywork or not
l'm dying here.....l'll do it
DON'T DO IT! He'll get you doing all other
kinds of stuff for free or he and his gang'll batter ya
or he'll get you addicted to some drug and
then you'll do anything to feed your addiction
stay off that stuff it's a downwards spiral
we are gonna be off these streets
it's not worth the risk
You thinkyou know it all don't ya?
Your no angel Faith...
I seen ya rob them guys the other day
I didn't rob anything
Hold on, that's the guy!
speaking of Which...
Are you sure?
God damn it's a girl man
why are you chasing me?
I think you know why 'cause you stole my camera!
I haven't got any camera!
yeah not anymore because you sold it to buy more crack!
COme On...
Ignoreyour dad, he doesn't mean it
come here
You stay away from her!
for dough yeah?! for dough? for dough?!
check my man! coming out of there what's that!
what's going on?
AHH! I don't know man...
come on let's go...
what we need for this show is somebody who's got
what we need for this show is somebodywho's got
that burning undiscovered talent
somebody who really needs that break
yeah but I don't think we've seen anyone quite
right for the production yet...
I don't think we've seen anybody who's quite right for
the production yet
I know, I just don't want the role to go to
somebody who's been through those private
performing arts academies I just want it to go to
someone whose really had to struggle and work
hard, to kind of be where they where they've
got to today, you know they work hard
at those acadamies but I'm after someone who
hasn't had the advantages or the support
that they've had
yeah like you?
yeah yeah l guess so like meyeah
l'm really hungry doyou fancy getting something to
eat before we go to the studio?
Have you seen these guys over here?
look how the_re lighting everyone up!
yeah but they look homeless they're all beaten up!
yeah but it is called the Streets GotTalent isn't it?
yeah but....
could bejust what we need?
yeah...ok go and talk to them but leave
the valuables IN in the car
Relax relax relax
l'm not the police l'mjust doing a production
calledThe Streets GotTalent
the adverts are everywhere
but...isn't that for like, professionals and stum?
yeah l mean, we're only buskers
l'll be thejudge ofthat
The audition is in there in two hours
lfyou want to make the change, you'll turn up
oh my God you won't believe it
it was so sick tell him
you know the adverts for the streets got talent?
the director hasjust come up to us two
we've got an audition in an hour!
myface is gonna be up on there
l sayyou get it
that....is you
what's up?
you'll never guess, Faith, she's got an audition
for that HUGE competition in town
and the guy came up to her himself
she's getting a new dress now
ooooooooooooooo! it's faith
oh my God, is it you?You lookamazing
Yo shall l dash her face, shall l dash her face?
yeah man, yeah man
did ya see that?
now look at ya! now lookatya!
what? what? what you gonna do?
you know what, you must thinkyour a big man
but at the end ofthe dayyour nobody
everyone's given up on ya
your got nobody, you've going nowhere, you're nothing
they's noteven gonna likeya when they _nd
outyou've put rat poison in theirgear
Rm POlSON?!?!
yeah l betyou didn't knowthat one
Rm POlSON?!?!
That's what l thought...
COme On....
whatdoyou think? thatone?
l like thatone 78 really but
but that one...
whatdoyou think?
l don'tthinkwe've quite found ityet...
l think...yeah.... l'm not sure...
waitwe made it!
oh....wasn'tthatthe girl we sawearlier on?
yeah haven'twe seen you before?
yeah l was speaking toyou earlier beforeyeah
yeah come in, come in
whydon'tyou give ita go, go for it
show uswhatyou'vegot
comeon, geton the stage
time _o....
and li....
time _ows and li....
lfl only had thechance to saygoodbye...
the breeze has brushed away the tearsoftime gone by...
you gave up your life to protect mine...
oh man! hold up!we're herewe're here!
wah!You made it!
Yo Faith, you kick in Faith you goahead
Maybe oneday, we could be famous
maybeone day, wecould be the greatest
'til thatdaycomes, manwe gotta make it
we have gotta make it, we have gotta make it...
wow l'm blown away, whatdoyou think?
yeah absolutely!
so much courageguys, to get in here, come in here
andjustget up on stage and dowhatyou did
especially from where you guys have come from
right up to here, blown away, so impressed
so....what do you think?