Think Retail 2011 Sizzle Reel

Uploaded by thinkvoices on 11.09.2011

MALE SPEAKER: Good morning, everybody.
And welcome to Google.
Welcome to Think Retail, 2011.
AVINASH KAUSHIK: More than any other
thing, I just love retail.
I just love retail!
I think that in the past we're so used to making decisions
based on faith.
And I think that that's--
when you think about TV, and radio, and magazines, our
ability to make smart decisions and find the insight
we need from marketing is quite limited.
MALE SPEAKER: They say that from the beginning of human
history all the way up through 2003, that's about 40 exabytes
of information that was produced in all of human
history up to 2003.
This year, the world is producing about 800 exabytes
of information.
SAMEER SAMAT: The Think Conference is a really great
milestone each year, because we get to see how the retail
community is really adapting to the world of online.
MALE SPEAKER: How many people here have a mobile website or
a mobile application?
Right on.
There is no other room where Google brings customers
together in a vertical where that would have happened.
SCOTT LINZER: What's really important is understanding the
behavior and what the client's looking for when it comes to
customer insight.
What does the customer really intend to do
when they're online?
BRANDON PROCTOR: It's really funny to me the fact that as
marketers for the first time, we just--
we don't suck at giving the customers what they want.
AVINASH KAUSHIK: I walk into a company and I asked them, do
you measure economic value of your online efforts?
If they don't, I know they're losers.
Insights that you get from your data are super-critical,
because in many ways, it allows you to fail faster.
And that, I think, is the real gift of the internet.
You don't have to rely on faith.
You can fail faster and fail forward.
MALE SPEAKER: Your television is channel 0 to 300.
YouTube is channel 301 to 3 million.
And over time, more and more viewership is going to take
place in a YouTube-like environment and in a digital
And that creates incredible opportunities for brands to
connect with consumers in a very compelling personal way.
JULIE KRUEGER: It all has to focus around the consumer,
which is marketing 101.
So even as we have new opportunities and vehicles,
and new avenues and apps, and links and all of that, it
still has to start with the consumer and what's going to
be relevant and meaningful to them.
And if you're not there, and you're just hyping a
particular technology, you're not where the
consumer needs to be.
KYLE KEOGH: You can get to the point where we are finally
fulfilling the promise of the right offer at the right time
to the right person.
And now you can actually really do that.
ANDY MANTIS: At the end of the day, people want a more
relevant experience.
You want something that cuts through all the clutter.
And if we're enabling companies to speak in a more
valuable way to consumers, I do think it's providing
consumers that opportunity to also learn new things and
learn things in different ways and hear them in a way that's
more meaningful.
CHRIS MCCANN: For us to have the opportunity to be included
in the circle of one of our customers is a privilege.
And it gives us the opportunity to be part of that