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QUDDUS: We have now reached the number one spot in our
Rock the Bells East Coast edition.
What can you say about Naughty by Nature.
And we got a chance to catch up with the guys to talk about
when Treach did a movie with 2Pac.
And they gave us an exclusive performance, too.

QUDDUS: Let's talk hip hop, gentleman.
We're here at Rock the Bells, obviously, bridging all kids
of generations.
Who are you excited about that's coming out representing
the new school now.
VIN ROCK: I saw a Little Tiger this morning.
QUDDUS: I think it's his Tiger, I think he just made
him little.
Ha ha ha.
DJ KAY GEE: But we did Australia with Big Sean.
Big Sean is hot.
I like Big Sean, yeah.
TREACH: The whole Young Money Click.
VIN ROCK: All of them are cool, man.
And I think a lot of cats are hard on the new
school cats, you know.
But I just think it's their time and their era.
You know?
VIN ROCK: You've got to let our kids have their
time and their era.
Imagine you're busting in your son's room saying that hip hop
you're listening to, that hip hop you're doing is whack.
QUDDUS: Right.
VIN ROCK: It's not what I grew up on.
QUDDUS: Right.
VIN ROCK: You will crush your little kid, so, I think, we
have to be careful with that.
You know, there's always been good and whack in hip hop,
even when we came out.
QUDDUS: You all just rocked on stage.
How did that feel?
How is it rocking now after all these years.
You've all been in the game for how long?
QUDDUS: Exact 21 years.
TREACH: 21 years.
Does it feel like 21 years?
DJ KAY GEE: No, it don't.
It don't.
TREACH: More like 21 months.
VIN ROCK: It's like we're promoting and breaking these
songs to this audience still, you know.
QUDDUS: That's good.
VIN ROCK: They're familiar, but they're not sold like to
30 somethings. you know?
QUDDUS: It's incredible that you all still
have got that energy.
DJ KAY GEE: It's the energy from the crowd, man.
They give it up, man.
When they give it up, when they're rocking.
They got their hands waving in the air and they're jumping up
and down, you've got to give them more.
VIN ROCK: For us it's a cardiovascular workout.
QUDDUS: Ha, ha, ha, ha.
VIN ROCK: I get a lot out of that.
QUDDUS: Now what's the song that all you guys
love to rock the most?
VIN ROCK: Believe it or not, people may think that "Hip Hop
Hooray" is our biggest song, but I think "Uptown Anthem" is
our biggest song.
QUDDUS: Could you all do a bit of that for me right here
exclusively for the Q Side?
Just bless us.
TREACH AND VIN ROCK: Hey, you could smoke a split with a
cliff but there's still no mountain hiiiiiiigh enough, or
wide enough to touch, the naughty nappy nasty nigga the
nasty trashy hoe happy pappy and, say what,
that's Happi to be Nappi.
QUDDUS: Mad, that's unbelievable.
That brings back so many memories.
That brings back Juice.
ALL: Yeah.
TREACH: Yes, sir.
QUDDUS: Right?
TREACH: You see, prop up.
QUDDUS: Pac was a good friend of yours, wasn't he?
TREACH: Very good.
He actually got me into movie Juice.
QUDDUS: Did you know what his process was
in making that film?
TREACH: Yeah, he stated uptown.
And he's originally from New York, before LA.
He came up in New York Harlem.
So he knew the whole swag, the barber.
He stayed up there.
All the juice he had in there, he bought off Canal Street.
There wasn't stage props, or nothing like that.
He got in the character and killed it.
QUDDUS: So now at this point what do you guys feel like
you've got to prove in hip hop?
At this point it's like a victory lap.
VIN ROCK: I just think it's about remaining creative,
expanding it politically, business wise.
Hip hop music, the whole culture was born out of the
streets, out of the not haves or the less haves.
And these guys, all of us, the whole culture has come up.
And to be breaking bread with Obama, and you can get the
president on a jet.
And you're a hip hop artist, man that's big.
VIN ROCK: It's about, you know, rehabilitating the hood.
QUDDUS: Aha, aha.
VIN ROCK: You know, housing, health, all of that.
And that's what you do to bring up the people, bring up
the nation.
And that's what hip hop should be.
QUDDUS: Absolutely.
You all have given us a great soundtrack over the years.
Keep doing it.
VIN ROCK: Yes, sir.
QUDDUS: All right, I appreciate it.
DJ KAY GEE: All right.
QUDDUS: Naughty by Nature, man.
Yeah, it's Naughty by Nature.
QUDDUS: I was so geeked to talk to Naughty by Nature.
Shout out to all the guys we caught up
with at Rock the Bells.
If you didn't see the West Coast addition, you can catch
up on that right here.
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