2010 Exemplary Migrant Student Recognition Ceremony

Uploaded by TexasCIE on 02.04.2010


At this moment, I am going to ask you to help me welcome the 2010
exemplary migrant students from the University of Texas
at Austin escorted today by the Texas Cowboys
Honorees, please come in.
PEGGY WIMBERLY: It is an honor to recognize your outstanding accomplishments,
your talent, and your commitment to your education.
The 2010 Student of the Year is from Pharr-San Juan Alamo High School, Rogelio Ortiz.
Throughout high school, he took advanced placement and dual
credit courses in rigorous subjects such as calculus and physics.
The 2010 Student of the Year is from Johnny G. Economedes
High School in Edinburg Texas, Sofia Velazquez.
She has received excellence awards in math, science, history, and english.
Her future goal is to study law and business at Harvard University.